Pinjara Khubsurti Ka, 5th August 2021, Written Episode Update: Mayura and Omkar’s lives are in danger

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Mayura asking Omkar to leave her father’s hand. Omkar leaves Mr. Goswami’s hand and says did you see, this is your daughter, with whom you have done wrong. He says I am leaving you on her insistence, and will forget that you are her father. Mr. Goswami says she is my daughter and asks how can she choose a poor guy. Mayura tells Mr. Goswami that her relation with Omkar is for births and says you didn’t know this. She says where is Vishaka? Just then Vishaka comes and hits decoration piece on Omkar’s head. Omkar faints and falls on Mayura. Mayura holds him and asks her dad, if he saw Vishaka’s truth. Vishaka says I didn’t have any way left to separate Omkar and Mayura and says even you don’t want your daughter to elope with the street guy. Mr. Goswami says yes and asks guards to lock Omkar in room. Vishaka takes Mayura to the mandap and tells Ishaan that she knows that he loves her so much, and says she is doing this for his love. Ishaan starts taking rounds with her. Mayura tries to stop Ishaan and faints. Vishaka says it is a drama. Ishaan says no Maa. Bela asks if she is ……..Mr. Goswami says she is our daughter and can’t do anything wrong. Ishaan takes her to room and asks DM to take care of her, till he brings doctor. Once Ishaan goes, Mayura gets up. DM is relieved. Mr. Goswami tells Vishaka that they shall delay the marriage for now, as Mayura is not keeping well and refusing for marriage, though Ishaan is a nice guy. Vishaka says then this deal will also not happen. Mr. Goswami says can’t we move forward thinking it as a destiny’s call. Vishaka says you might lose your business and everything. She threatens to ruin all his business if this relation breaks and says I have many contacts, and you are fighting elections, what will happen when the people will know that your daughter has married to basti guy. She says one has to give small sacrifices to achieve big and says I am not asking you to sacrifice big and says Mayura is not willing to marry today, but will thank you in future. Mr. Goswami says why she is insisting for marriage. Bela says she agrees with Vishaka ji. Ishaan comes there and says Mayura is still unconscious. Vishaka says so what will happen, asks him to lift Mayura and take the rounds. They go to Mayura’s room and find DM tied to chair. They ask where is Mayura? DM says she tied me and went through the window. Vishaka says lets check outside. They come out. Mayura comes out and tells DM that she will go to Omkar. Vishaka tells Mr. Goswami that Mayura can’t go anywhere without Omkar and tells that she is still in the house. She says we shall keep tight security where Omkar is locked. She thinks to do something.

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Naina tells Omkar’s mother that he is not found, we shall search him. Omkar’s mother gets a call and tells Naina that Omkar is kidnapped by Mayura’s family. Naina asks who has called you? Vishaka ends the call and thinks Mayura’s weakness is Omkar, and his weakness is his mother. She thinks who can do so much for the basti people, what he can do for his mother. Mayura hears Sachin asking the guards to give tight security.

Omkar gains consciousness and thinks don’t know how my Mayura will be? He tries to open the door. She sees tight security and lights the curtain with fire. The fire alarm rings, Mayura hides. The guards standing outside Omkar’s room go to check the fire. The Pandit ji tries to go hearing the alarm bell. Vishaka asks Pandit ji to go back. Mayura comes inside Omkar’s room and hugs him. Omkar asks if she is fine? Mayura signs yes. He says I don’t want to go away from you in this birth, had done many mistakes in last birth and will not do such things now. He says I will give you much happiness which I couldn’t give you in last birth and tells that Vishaka’s end has come near. Mayura says we have to leave from here for now, as Vishaka and my Dad’s goons are near. Omkar says we will be together always and asks her to come. They come out. The goon attacks Omkar. Omkar asks him to let them go else he has to make him understand in his style. He beats the goon. They start walking outside. Sachin and the goons come to the room where Omkar was locked. Sachin shouts asking where is Omkar and asks the goons to search him.

Vishaka comes and claps seeing Omkar and Mayura. She says you both are trying to elope, very good. She says Mayura, your fire trick was wonderful to divert everyone’s attention and Omkar, you have beaten our goons. Mr. Goswami, Sachin, Ishaan and others come there. Vishaka tells them that Mayura and Omkar was eloping without telling us bye. She says you are not saying bye to anyone. She claps and her goons bring Naina and Omkar’s mother on knife point. Mayura and Omkar gets shocked. Omkar shouts Vishaka as she asks them to tell them good bye. He tells Vishaka that you have problem with us and asks him to leave his mother and Naina. Vishaka says I have problem with you, my son Ishaan was about to marry Mayura, but you interfered and now your Mummy has to pay for this. She takes knife from goon and holds it on Omkar’s mother neck. Omkar says no Vishaka. Vishaka says you give two choice, today I will give you give choice, either choose your mother and friend or Mayura, choice is yours. She acts to feel pity on Omkar and says one side is valley and other side is well, whom he will choose Mayura or Mummy. Mayura asks how many people’s lives, she will destroy and asks her to fight with them. Vishaka says she has no time to hear her. Mayura asks Omkar to save his mother and tells that Vishaka told herself that she wants to get me married to Ishaan and then send us to London and get me killed in road accident. Mr. Goswami asks what Mayura is saying, you want to get her killed. Vishaka says when you asked, I will tell you. She says she is tired of acting to be good saas and tells that she is not foolish to make her enemy as her bahu. She says your daughter Mayura is absolutely right, I have done all this planning. Mayura cries. Mr. Goswami is shocked.

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