Rishton Ka Manjha, 21st January 2022, Written Update: Arjun and Diya convince all people

Rishton Ka Manjha, 21st January 2022, Written Update: Arjun and Diya convince all people

MUMBAI: Scene 1
Arjun says all those people would be very scared after Dr. Sen’s murder. we have to go to the two badminton players. Let’s see what they say.
Amitabh says what new drama has he started now? What papers is he talking about? Madhuri says he found out some Anjali Agarwal gave statement against him. What if he finds out it was me. He will hate me. Amitabh says what’s in those papers? And who stole them? madhuri says I did.

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Scene 2
The players come outside th camp and say who called us? Arjun comes and says I did. They say we don’t want talk to you. Arjun says don’t go like this. I know you both were part of that inquiry panel. What happened? Please tell me. they say please our jobs are lost. We are trying to find jobs still. Arjun says you both lied for jobs. Karan promised you and still you’re jobless. Diya says please speak the truth and help us. If police find about it, they can send you to jail but Arjun wants to save you. Manoj says Karan pressurized us. We didn’t have a job. Karan promised us a job. We knew we did wrong with you. Arjun says he’s wronged all of us. I will bring all people he blackmailed together. He ruined many lives. Will you both help me? They both say yes. Arjun hugs them. Diya says do you know any Anjali Agarwal? We don’t know who that it.

Amitabh says this has names of people who gave statement. Thank God you stole them. Madhuri says he has other proofs too. He says I am sure he doesn’t have anything else otherwise he won’t have asked for 7 days. we have to know their plan. We can handle things. Just don’t let anyone know your name was Anjali before marriage.

Scene 3
Arjun meets a coach. He says sir I really respected you. Please help me. I know Karan must have blackmailed you to give statement against me.

Amitabh comes to Karan. He says you were worried about these papers right? Here you have them. Karan says well done. You stole them? He says that’s not important. Without these proofs Arjun can’t do anything. Arjun meets another man and says sir how long can you lie? I want you to get this off your conscience. Karan used you. It’s your time to stand against him. This si the only chance to expose him. He says I am ready to give statement against Karan.

Karan says I am sure Arjun is still trying to find something. I am sure he isn’t trusting anyone in the house right now. He can ruin your life. If he finds out about Anjali Agarwal.. He puts hot cut in Amitabh’s hand. Amitabh screams. Karan says your family would burn like this.
Diya says none of them knew Anjali Agarwal. Thank God we have many people with us now. Arjun says we will find her.
Karan says you were never with Arjun. Your wife gave statement against him. Go and stop him from doing the press conference now. Amitabh leaves. Karan calls his men. He says these are all the people who gave statement against Arjun. Call them and ask them to meet me.

Scene 4
Kush says you are so selfish. She says I didn’t steal those papers. I can’t accept it. Madhuri says in heart I stole them. She says Kush, she’s swearing on her kids. A mother’s love shouldn’t be questioned. He says Niharika has to answer my question. I won’t give her divorce but she has to stay away from me. Enough. If she wants to stay here she has to work in this house and do everything. Depika says this isn’t right. Niharika says okay make me a maid. It won’t get you your papers. Take all of this. Give me servant’s uniform. She cries. Diya says Kush.. Kush says she’s played enough games. Madhuri says give her another chance. Papers weren’t in the house. What if she’s right. Arjun says I feel bad for you bhabhi. Those papers were important for me. You never conisdered us your family. Their game will be over. Like Tina Karan will also be in jail. The truth will be out in 7 days. What would happen to you?

Scene 5
Karan’s manager says none of those people are in the city. They are all out of city. Karan says that means they’re all with Arjun. Arjun met them already. Now he will see my game.

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