Sasural Genda Phool 2 5th April 2022 Written Episode Update

MUMBAI: Rano stops Ishaan and question him why is he escaping from her sight? He denies it! Rano asks Ishaan to stop his drama. Is he sign in the divorce paper yet? She asks him to don’t dare to say he doesn’t have time because he has time to go to office, play with them but not to read the papers! She questions him Is he don’t wanna sign in it? She says that its a fake marriage why don’t he sign in it?

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Is he loving Titlee true? He asks her to stop talking nonsense. Rano pressuring him to sign in it reasoning she don’t have enough time to listen him. She might cancel this wedding within one month. Ishaan about to leave but she is torturing him to answer her and sign in the paper. Doesn’t he remind the promise he gave to her? Ishaan nods to her, he clears to her he wanna talk with Titlee first. Rano question him what’s the need to talk with her?

Ishaan tells her she is his wife whether she accept it or not? Still she is his wife it’s not easy to sign in that papers without giving heed to her feelings. When the right time coming he will definitely sign in it. He pleads with her to don’t pressure him again for this matter and leaves. Later Indar returns to home and informs to Rani that his promotion is on the way. But he scared of police verification. If they come here they will find out about Titlee. He is scared to loss his job. Rani assures to him nothing will go wrong.

Indar complaints that he has no idea why did his parents accept Titlee as their daughter in law. It’s foolishness. He don’t see any good things with her. Rani questions him Is he expecting them to hate Titlee like the way Indar and Rano hating her? She adds that he is not gonna understand her at all. He is adamant in his decision that Titlee gonna ruin everyone peace here. Rani disappointed with him.

Later Rani gives water to Ambarnath. Gayathri says that they are lucky to get all the daughter in laws with a good heart. She gives credits to her in laws for that. Rani appreciates them for accepting Titlee as their daughter in law. Gayathri complaints that she has no idea whom will make Rano understand this all. Rani asks them to convince her. If she get a one chance she will definitely win her heart. Gayathri adds that she too misunderstood her at first but later she find out her as good. Ambarnath says that they wanna do something which make Titlee win her heart.

Ishaan keeps thinking about Rano’s word and worries about Titlee. He doubts why is he thinking weird it seems Rano’s word is true. He can’t able to sign in divorce paper too. Later Eilesh informs to Disha that he arranged loan for her mom’s operation. He needs all papers for it. She gets a phone call from goon. He demands her to pay amount in two days or else her son will be die. She wish to arrange money asap.

Meanwhile Titlee noticed Ishika is sad. She confronts her what’s bothering her? She shared to her that she got message from her ex. Husband Karan. She shares to her that Karan don’t need a wife but a show piece. He won’t let her to open her mouth. He used to torture her and beaten her. She shows the wound to her.

Titlee gets angry to hear it and wish to beat him back for this. Ishika shares to her she went to online date but her bad luck its also Karan. After that she deleted her account permanent there but he don’t trust her at all. He is keep asking him Is she roaming out with someone or chatting? He won’t let her leave him to live peacefully. Titlee shares one plan to her to put an end card to Karan. She consoles Ishika and assures to her she will help her to start a new life. Ishaan hears it all and gets emotional.

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