Sasural Simar Ka 2, 11th January 2022, Written Update: Badi Maa announces Vivaan as the New CEO of Oswal Group

Sasural Simar Ka 2, 11th January 2022, Written Update: Badi Maa announces Vivaan as the New CEO of Oswal Group

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Giriraj and Chitra coming home and apologize to Badi Maa. Badi Maa lets them inside. They come inside and apologize to Badi Maa. Giriraj emotionally blackmails Badi Maa and asks her to forgive Chitra, as she is sad without Vivaan. He asks for a chance. Badi Maa says she will give them a chance, but if they do anything wrong then? Giriraj promises that they will not do anything wrong. Chitra says your heart is big. Giriraj apologizes and touches her feet. Chitra also touches her feet. Badi Maa keeps her hand on Giriraj and goes. Giriraj hugs Gajendra. Gajendra says welcome back. Chitra tries to hug Sandhya, but the latter stops her. Reema says welcome back Mummy, I knew it is easy for you. Chitra says we shall be focused for tomorrow.

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Door bell rings. Avinash opens the door and sees Aarav and Simar standing. He goes back and stops Gagan. Simar gets inside with Aarav. Indu says I don’t know this newly married girl. Simar asks don’t say this, you can beat me and scold me, but don’t say this, I am your daughter. Gagan says your daughter and son in law come for pag phera rasam and you are treating them badly, this is not right. Vivaan asks the Servants, where are you taking my stuff? He comes to Aarav’s room. Badi Maa asks them to hang Vivaan’s clothes in the cupboard. Vivaan says this is Aarav Bhai’s room. Badi Maa says this was of Aarav, but now yours. Vivaan asks them to go back to his room and keep the stuff. He tells that he is Aarav’s younger brother and nothing can change that. Badi maa says ok, I will not change your room, and reminds him of his promise that he will do whatever she wants. Vivaan says I remember. Badi Maa says I need your support and even your Mom and dad. Chitra comes there with Giriraj and others. Vivaan hugs Chitra. Chitra says we came for you, this time is difficult and you need mom and dad at this moment. Giriraj asks him to obey to elders.

Aarav folds his hands and asks Indu not to blame Simar, as it was his mistake. Indu says one cannot clap with one hand and asks them to leave now itself. Simar sits down and asks her not to separate herself from her. She says I am your daughter Simar, just look at me and give me a chance, I will make everything fine. Indu says you are not capable to make anything fine, and says you have become selfish now. Simar says this is not selfishness, but love. I love you, Papa, Bhai and even Aarav ji and can’t leave him. She says I am guilty and will apologize to you all, until you forgive me. Gagan asks Avinash to forgive and bless them. He says they got married and haven’t done any crime. Indu says we don’t want to hear anymore and asks them to go. She says if you utter any more word from your mouth, then will see our dead face. Aarav holds Simar’s hand and they walk towards the door. Simar keeps looking at them while she is going with Aarav. Aarav also looks at them. Avinash says if outsiders are gone, then close the door. Indu closes the door on their faces. Simar touches the door and goes from there.

Badi Maa tells that life’s one rule is change and my house is changing fast. She says I am habitual to fight alone, although my ego is hurt. She says I want my family’s support and wants to move on together. Vivaan says I will do as you say. Badi maa announces the new CEO of Oswal Group of Industries and says he is Vivaan Oswal. Reema smiles and then controls his happiness. She thinks this is more big than the keys, and thinks Vivaan shall not refuse.

Aarav and Simar pacify each other. Simar says my house is Oswal Mansion now, I will bear everything with a smile, and will win my sasural. Aarav asks do you know what are you saying, this is very difficult. Simar says we have done a big mistake, and that’s why we have to take extra efforts to win them, she says she will try until she makes the house as sasural simar ka.

Precap: Aarav and Simar come to the Oswal Mansion. Guards stop them. Aarav says I don’t need anyone’s permission to go inside my house. Guards push them and they fall on the ground.

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