Sasural Simar Ka 2 15th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Arindham’s evil intentions behind gifting joker to Simar

Sasural Simar Ka

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Aarav telling Simar that Labuni went and will not return now. Simar thanks Mata Rani and hugs Aarav, says they have won. Aarav says this happened due to your strength and trust, you took risked and came here. He says today I was very scared. Badimaa says thanks to Mata Rani, you are fine, you didn’t know what you have done. Simar says she has brought Aarav ji back. Badimaa says Aarav is best. Sandhya apologizes to Badimaa. badimaa says you both have been targetted by Labuni. Chitra says sorry. Giriraj says we request you not to talkm to us in Bengali. Badimaa says we shall return home, as our house is safe. Arindham comes there and touches Badimaa’s feet and keeps his head on her hands. He tells that if he had a family then they would be like them. Aarav tells Badimaa about Arindham whose family was killed by Labuni. Badimaa gives him strength.Arindham calls her Badimaa and says Labuni did wrong with me. Aarav says Police still feels that Simar is the murderer and says you don’
t want innocent girl shall be punished. Arindham says he doesn’t want her to be punished and appreciates Simar for whatever she has done for her family risking her own life. Simar says she has done this for the family. He asks are you for real and salutes them. Badimaa asks Arindham to come to their house for any support or need. Gajendra says our family is yours now. Arindham says you people look like my family, and says they are not dead, they are near me and says they are not present physically, but their feelings are here. He says my Dadi was like you, soft spoken and soft hearted woman. He tells Gajendra that his dad’s personality was like him, and says my mother was like Sandhya. His entire family was caring. He goes inside the circus and asks the joker if it is ready? The joker nods its head. Arindham brings it out and asks Simar to accept joker as the gift. Badimaa asks her to accept it. Simar takes it and thanks him. Badimaa says lets go home. Simar and Aarav are about to leave. Aarav says it was all 
wonderful too. Simar says Arindham collided with us and everything happened. The joker looks at Arindham as Aarav drives off.

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Badimaa comes home and sees no light at home. Simar says di and dewar ji had come before us, and the door is open. They find the smoke. Aarav says I will check. Vivaan jumps and hugs Aarav. He says it was surprise and asks her to come. Simar keeps the joker on the chair. Aarav appreciates Reema and Vivaan for the arrangements which they have done. He appreciates Reyansh too. Gajendra says well done. Simar tells Reema that she was scared and asks if there is any celebration. Reema says yes, celebration is Simar. Badimaa says she said right. Reema says we shall cheer for Simar, we are seeing this day due to Simar’s bravery and our trust. She says we shall party. Arindham is watching them from the joker’s eyes in the globe. He says new story is going to start and says all that glitters is not gold, this family shall be tested as the matter is about life and death. Aarav brings Simar downstairs. Everyone comes ready for the party. Vivaan says we will celebrate this day as the Oswal family birthday. Reyansh asks B

adimaa how is this idea? Badimaa says above super. Everyone claps. Arindham says don’t know when he celebrated his birthday. He says happy birthday. Badimaa says Happy birthday to Oswal family. Arindham says happy birthday to Chaudhary family. Vivaan, Aarav and Reyansh ask Badimaa to make them have cake first. Badimaa applies cake’s cream on Simar and Aarav’s face. Simar says Badimaa you too. Badimaa says she learnt from them. Aditi comes there with Geet. Badimaa hugs Aarav. Arindham says Dadi. Gajendra says Sandhya ji, I am happy to see you back. Arindham sees his parents in them. He sees Vivaan and Reyansh and says my brothers. He then looks at Geet and says Gudiya. He says here is my family.

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