Sasural Simar Ka 2, 21st January 2022, Written Update: Simar accepts Badi Maa’s challenge

Sasural Simar Ka 2

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Gagan hiding under the bed before Sandhya could see him. He takes his shirt under the bed. Sandhya finds a button. Aditi pretends to sleep on the bed. Simar asks Vivaan to give her water bottle, so that she can bring water. He gives her water bottle and says thank you bhabhi. Sandhya asks Aditi to wake up. Aditi pretends to wake up and asks why did you wake me up early morning. Sandhya says I want to take some decisions for you, so that your mind don’t get bad like others. She asks her to freshen up and come down, as her Papa and her, want to discuss few things with her. She goes. Aditi hugs Gagan and says if mom had seen you, then don’t know what had happened?

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Simar comes to the kitchen and thinks why Maharaj ji and others haven’t come till now. She calls them, and gets water in the jug. Reema asks what are you doing here? Simar says she came to get water for Dewar ji. Reema asks her to appreciate herself and says due to you, all the Servants were thrown out of the house at midnight, and says your first morning became the dark night for them. She says they were welcoming you and was thrown out due to you. Simar is shocked. Reema says what do you think that we will forget whatever you do, and says this time, your every decision, misbehavior etc shall be bear by someone, like Servants have to bear this time. Simar thinks why Badi maa had thrown all the Servants, they didn’t do any mistake. Gagan tells Aditi that whatever happened last night. Aditi says Gagan. Gagan says I shall leave. He asks will you agree to marry someone else. She asks why are you interested to know. He says I don’t want to lose you. Aditi says nothing will happen and asks him not to worry. Gagan is about to leave from the window. Aditi says they have to agree, I will convince them and this is my promise to you. Gagan thanks her. Aditi says I love you. Gagan leaves through window.

Simar comes to Badi maa and says your anger is with me. Badi Maa asks who are you? Simar says their mistake is that, they came to blessed me. Badi Maa asks who are you? She says you are uninvited guest of the house, who is not allowed to roam in the house, but trying to teach me a lesson. She says your morning became a dark night for poor. Reema and Chitra bring something for Badi maa. Simar says it is not right that many houses are ruined due to me. Badi Maa tells Chitra that what you had said, that she will plead infront of me and will shed crocodile tears. Simar says I am ready to plead and pleads infront of her, not to snatch their work from them. She says I am sure that you are like sunrise and will not let any injustice happen to them. Badi Maa says if you care for them so much, then leave this house. She says I will bring them back. And will increase their salary and will keep the celebration for them, but for that you have to leave this house. She asks do you agree? Simar looks on. Aarav wakes up and asks Vivaan, where is Simar? Vivaan says Bhabhi went to get water from the kitchen. Badi maa asks Simar if her love vanished and tells chitra that she was right about her, and says she has forgotten about the weak and poor people. She says I have identified you very well. Aarav says if Badi maa sees Simar then she will taunt her to death. Vivaan says I didn’t think of this. They run out of room.

Simar says neither my tears are fake nor my pain for them (Servants). She says some people’s thinking shall be changed, which I will change. Aarav and Vivaan come there. Simar says I am the bahu of the house and will not go away from here. Chitra says why don’t you tell directly that there is no value of Servants in your sight. Vivaan says you are not bahu of the house, bhabhi, but you are badi bahu of the house and you said right, that you will not go away from here. Simar says I request you being the badi bahu of the house, to call the Servants back and says I take the responsibility on myself for whatever happened last night, and says I will bear whatever punishment you give to me. She says I will bear everything being the badi bahu of the house and asks her not to trouble the poor. Badi Maa shouts at her and says you are nothing, and unwanted guest of Vivaan’s room. She says I can call the Servants, if you are ready to do anything for them. Simar says I am ready to do anything. Badi maa asks her to hear first and then decide. She says this Oswal Mansion, is handled by 10-12 Servants, as per my wish. She says cleaning, taking care, gardening etc is done by the Servants and tells that all the work of the house shall be done by you alone. Everyone is shocked. Badi Maa says you have to do 12 Servants’ work alone, and asks do you agree?

Aarav comes to Simar and says there is a limit to bear, you don’t need to answer anyone, come with me. Badi maa asks Simar to listen fully and says you have to do all the work for 4 days, and no mistake shall happen in these 4 days. She says if you could handle the house well, without any complains by anyone, then I will give the place to Servants again. Aarav says you want Simar to do Servants’ work, unbelievable. Badi maa says let her do the work, she tells everytime that she is badi bahu of the house, let her do the work. She says else she shall accept that she returned here to live a lavish life here. Aarav says enough and asks her to come. Badi maa asks Simar to go and hide in the hole, and says don’t try to teach me what is right and wrong. Aarav is taking Simar from there. Simar leaves his hand and goes back to Badi Maa. She tells that she is ready to do all the work alone, with all the dedication, as this is my house, I am this house badi bahu, this house’s housewife and says only the housewife gets the chance to take care of her family members. She tells that a house wife is the homemaker and it is her good luck, that she could see everything prospering infront of her. She says she is not the Servant, but will become the key. She says I accept your condition. She says for next 4 days, this house responsibility is mine, I will use all my efforts to take care of this house. Badi maa tells Chitra and Sandhya that their tension is over, they got new Servant for Oswal Mansion. Sandhya feels bad, while Chitra smiles.

Precap: Simar is in the kitchen and folds her hand to do puja. Badi maa asks Reema to call the ladies and get the makar sankranti kite competition organized in the garden. She says she will see how Simar manages the Servants’ work alone.

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