Sasural Simar Ka 2, 24th January 2022, Written Update: Simar accepts the big responsibility of makar sankranti celebrations

Sasural Simar Ka 2, 24th January 2022, Written  Update: Simar accepts the big responsibility of makar sankranti celebrations

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Aditi saying Simar, that she wants to be a good bahu like her. Sandhya comes there and says you are taking advice from someone who couldn’t become a good daughter. She comes inside the kitchen and asks Aditi, what you have done with your hair. She asks Simar not to make her daughter as her. Aditi says Bhabhi was making food. Sandhya asks why? She says I had told you that you will not touch my things and will not make anything for us. Chitra comes there and asks Sandhya to handle herself and not to take tension. She says I have solution for your problem, and says they shall do partition of the kitchen. Sandhya is shocked. Chitra asks Reema. Reema says yes, mummy ji is right, until when we will suffer due to Simar. Sandhya says no partition. Simar is shocked. Reema asks Sandhya to think about herself and says if anything happens to you, then? She says this partition is needed. Sandhya says ok, this kitchen partition will not happen until I am alive, but when I am working in the kitchen, this girl shall not be there near me. She says one more thing and asks her not to touch her utensils, which she has kept separately. Just then the spoon falls down. Simar picks it. Sandhya says I told you not to touch it. Chitra and Reema blame Simar.

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Reema asks Simar to go from there and not to touch Tai ji;s stuff next time. Aditi asks what are you saying? Simar says if you learn from me, then you will become bahu like me, you will not be allowed to touch the utensils etc. She goes crying from there. Badi maa is standing outside and comes to Simar. She asks if you was chopping the onion or feeling ashamed. Simar says I was cutting onion. Aditi says bhabhi made all the food for everyone. Badi maa says get all the food distributed to the food and make the food again. Aditi says why again? Badi Maa sits on her chair and says I forgot to told that puja prasad has to be made, so garlic and onion shall not be used today. She says food has to be made today. Aditi says Bhabhi is working continuously since morning and says she has not taken any breath. badi Maa says she can rest for sometime, and then shall clean the kitchen and wash all the utensils, then make the food. Vivaan says food is already made now and says you should have told before. Badi maa says don’t be surprised, if I forgot to tell her. She asks Simar to take rest and then make the food. Aarav says Simar, you don’t need to make food again. Badi maa says she don’t have to do anything, just she has to accept that she can’t make food again, and it is not her sasural. Simar says she will make the food again, without using onion and garlic. She says first the utensils will be cleaned and washed, and then food will be made. Aarav says they are troubling you again. Badi maa says Aarav said right, I want you to accept that this is not your sasural and it is not your capability to do the things. Simar asks if til laddoo have to be made for Sankranti. Badi maa says no, not just laddoo, there is a full list and asks Reema to read the list. Reema looks at Vivaan. Chitra asks her to read the list. Reema reads the list of sweets and food to be served to 21 ladies etc. Simar smiles. Badi Maa asks if you have courage to take up this big responsibility. Simar says not courage, but trust and says Sankranti puja will happen as you want, this is my promise to you. Badi maa goes from there. Sandhya hears and gets surprised as well. Reema keeps the list there and goes. Aarav says it is not an ordinary thing. Simar says I will do. Aditi says Badi maa has done a big conspiracy.

Chitra and Reema appreciate Badi Maa for trapping Simar so badly. Aarav tells Simar that I will decide for you and says no. Simar says no and says if you decide then I can’t cut your words. She says I am doing this for all of us, for this family. Aarav says this is not possible to do all the work alone. Reema says half of the day will be wasted to find 7 ann. Simar tells that she wants 7 ann/grains. Badi maa tells that the khichdi of 7 ann will be prepared in a big utensil, without any mistake. She says she has to make food for all the ladies too, and her one mistake, and that girl is out from the house.

Aarav asks Simar where is she lost? Simar says I was planning for tomorrow and says my focus is on planning and execution, says it is not about my victory or defeat, but about the Servants’ jobs and our return. Badi Maa says makar sankranti is our customs and tells Chitra and Reema, that they have to take up all the responsibility to make the food for the puja, after that girl is defeated. She asks them to search the 7 ann else they have to pack their bags too. She asks will you not appreciate me now and asks them to start the arrangements. Chitra goes with Reema.

Simar says I am starting the work with Mata Rani’s name and it will be all good. Vivaan says what to say now, whatever happens, we are with you. Aditi says we are always with you. Simar smiles. Chitra tells Reema that the sword turned to them, which was on Simar. She says if Simar fails then the sword will turn to us. She asks Reema if Simar can do. Reema says she don’t know. Chitra says we have to do all the food for 21 women, for house and the serving and making is different too. Reema gets worried too. Chitra says do whatever you want, but we shall secure our positions.

Vivaan tells Aditi that they shall do their basic work, to help Simar. Aditi says it is a good idea. Vivaan asks her to hear his full plan.

Later Simar comes to room and asks Aarav, if he is so angry that he will not talk to his Simar, and will not hug her. Aarav turns to her, and says how can I refuse for hug. He says my lovely wife and hugs her. Simar says when you call me wife, I feel secured and life long belonging feeling is related to it. She thanks him.

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