Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani, 16th June 2021, Written Update: Shaurya announces his marriage with Anokhi

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Rama asking is Anokhi fine. Shaurya says yes, she makes others fine also. He says I have a request, can I call you Papa ji, like Anokhi calls you. Bhalla says yes. Shaurya thanks and hugs him. Bhalla and Rama bless him. Shaurya says I should take a selfie as a proof that you have given the consent, its a joke, please come. He takes a selfie with them. He leaves. Rama says he came home for the first time, shouldn’t we give him the shagun. Bhalla says yes, go and stop him. Rama stops Shaurya and says take this shagun blessing from us, Anokhi is lucky that she got a diamond like you, you value her dreams and respect her. He says Babli will give you all the info of functions, you shouldn’t tell this to Anokhi, I want her to worry a bit and then get too happy. Rama asks but why.

Shaurya says I won’t trouble her. She blesses him. He leaves. Anokhi is in the college. Tej says you are a sensible girl, you will do what is for your benefit, tell me if you want to stay in the hostel room. Anokhi says you can’t snatch it from me, its your responsibility to not let Shaurya feel sorrow. Tej nods and smiles. She goes. Shaurya says you dealt with Saberwals as you liked, I will deal my way, just wait and watch. Devi says Shaurya didn’t come home since yesterday. Tej says you want Shaurya to sit in front of you always, you got what you wanted, Shaurya and Anokhi’s relation broke. She says yes, but Shaurya got away from us. He says its because of you, you couldn’t become his mum. Shaurya comes. Devi asks where did you go. Shaurya says I won’t go without informing you, can you make a cup of coffee for me, till then I will talk to Tej. Devi says but… Shaurya says coffee. She goes. He goes to Tej and says this matter is related to Anokhi, you have blackmailed her for me and my happiness.

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Tej asks who told you. Shaurya says it doesn’t matter, you fell so low, you offered her money to make her go away. Tej says I did this for your happiness. Shaurya says you did this for your ego. Tej says I have done a lot for you. Shaurya says yes, but wrong is wrong. Tej says fine, go and tell anyone about it, that I m wrong, I want to see what you can do. Shaurya says then come and see, what I want to do. He takes Tej with him. He asks everyone to just come. Shaurya says I know you all are busy always, you can get some time for me. Gayatri asks what’s the matter. Shaurya says I will tell you, I m going to get married again. Devi looks at Shagun. Shaurya says that too with Anokhi. Shaan smiles. Kanchan says congrats. Shaurya says thanks, at least someone congratulated me.

Alok asks what are you saying. Shaurya says I have no time to get busy, you also get busy in arrangements. He asks Kanchan to prepare the costumes for the family. He says dance functions should be done well, Devi and mom can decide which rasam they will do. Devi asks mom? Shaurya says yes, mom, Aastha Saberwal. Devi and Tej get shocked. Kanchan, Shaan and Gayatri smile. Shaurya says she has to come in the marriage, right dad. Shaan says absolutely. Shaurya asks Devi to have water. Devi says just I m your mum, Aastha shouldn’t come in the marriage. Shaurya says sorry, I love you and respect you, but this can’t happen, you should be happy seeing my happiness when I get love from both my mothers, we will do rasam as a complete family, I won’t stop you if you don’t want to become a part of your celebrations. He asks Tej to be ready to welcome his bahu. He goes.

Shaan says we all will be glad if you come in Shaurya’s marriage happily, we shall celebrate. Anokhi is in the college. She looks for Shaurya. She sees him. He says you didn’t leave the college, I will share a good news, I have a meeting, wait for me. He goes to Shagun. He says I will fake our marriage, you regard me a friend, right, won’t you help me. She asks what’s the plan. He tells his plan. She agrees. He says thanks. He goes to Anokhi. He acts rude. He says you have just one work, to study, I have ten such things. He gives her sweets. She asks why. He says I m happy that I m getting married to Shagun. She gets angry. He holds her hands and makes her away. She turns to go. He says you asked me to move on, I m moving down and marrying Shagun.

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Precap: Babli provokes Anokhi about Shaurya’s marriage. Shaurya says we will take Babli’s help for wedding planning, you help her out.

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