Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani, 1st June 2021, Written Update: Shagun learns Shaurya’s marriage truth

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Anokhi saying we shall take help. Kanchan says Shaurya and Anokhi aren’t reachable. Gayatri comes. Kanchan says Devi is faking a heart attack to pressurize Shaurya. Gayatri asks do you have any proof. Kanchan says no, I m sure, I will find a proof. Gayatri says this can go against you. Devi comes and talks to them. Kanchan says I will never join their team. Shaurya and Anokhi don’t find anyone to take help. He says wow, there is no one. She says we shall go back to the car. He holds her hand. He says let this storm get calm, then we will go. He hugs her. Aisa laga….plays…

They have a romantic moment. Shagun is on the way. Shaurya says you won’t listen to me, what’s the problem, we are husband and wife now. Anokhi says its good to hear this, but I m scared, if anyone knows about this, what will happen, you don’t understand. He says I want to share many things with you. She says I had also scared my fear and insecurities, you had tried once and then gave up, you didn’t wish to sort your issue with Aastha. He says yes, what shall I do, just because she is my mum, you don’t know what that feeling is, when a 4 year old kid just calls his mum, what’s the feeling when she doesn’t come, I wished she was with me. He cries. He says you think I didn’t try, don’t I want my mum to be with me, you think I m stubborn, Aastha is no less, it was parents’ issues, who had to bear, I had to get punished, I feel alone, every child has a right on his parents’ love, you don’t know how it feels. Anokhi says I didn’t know you ….. He says I didn’t tell anyone till now, let me say, it hurts me, its not a good feeling.

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She hugs him. She says so sorry, I can understand it won’t be easy for you, its pain and anger of 25 years, it won’t end in one attempt, one meet, you shouldn’t keep pain and anger in your heart, it harms the person, when you are angry on someone dear, it hurts even more, I have many complains with my dad, you have a chance to fix relation with your mum. Shaurya says your dad was with you in joy and sorrow, my mum wasn’t there, I missed her a lot. She says if you don’t have concern for Aastha, fine, but remove this pain and anger from your heart. He says you address me by Tum, it looks affectionate. She agrees. Shagun reaches the hotel. She asks about Shaurya and Anokhi. The guy says Anokhi is coming with Shaurya. Shagun says we have to find them. Kitty says I m tired, we will go and rest. Shagun says I will manage. She goes. Shaurya sees Anokhi sleeping and smiles. He kisses her hand. He goes to arrange a mechanic. He calls someone. He says how will my car get fixed, it will be a big problem if Anokhi doesn’t reach on time, I didn’t plan this.

Anokhi hears this and asks did you plan to make me miss the bus. She scolds him. She asks how will we reach the seminar now. He says don’t worry, I will arrange something, trust me, nothing will spoil. She says I trust you always, you break it always. He says its not fair, you know its not like that. She says we got stuck here, is this fair, I m the group leader, I couldn’t reach there on time, you are a Saberwal, you are SIAC head, it doesn’t matter to you. He says you are also a Saberwal, I have married you, as my wife, you won’t have any problem, its my promise, don’t take stress, you know I love you. Shagun looks on shocked. Anokhi asks is this your change, you followed about rules and regulations, you are breaking all rules today, don’t know why I have believed your word as truth, why I trusted you, just make me reach the seminar venue, it will be a big help. Shagun calls them out. Shaurya worries.

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Precap: Shaurya comes home and asks is everything fine. Devi asks him to answer, did he get married to Anokhi. He says I love Anokhi and married her. Shaan looks on.

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