Shubharambh: Raja experiences bad luck planned by Mota papa

MUMBAI: Raja says the shop will remain under my name but we will work like we had been doing, I shouldn’t have misbehaved with you, I will fulfill my responsibility. Asha says I wanted to throw them out of the house but your father used to respect them a lot, you are right Raja. Raja says we will keep them here with respect. Hitank will keep handling the shop as he did, Gunvant can join if he wants. Phupha says I have never seen anyone like Raja. Hitank asks Raja if he wants that? Raja nods. Hitank hugs him and eyes Gunvant. Raja asks Rani if he is doing right? He turns around to see Rani missing.

Rani comes to her house. Her sister is surprised to see her crying.

Asha looks at her husband’s photo and says I am so happy to see Raja is just like you, I wanted Gunvant and Kritika out of the house but I am happy that he is the shop owner now. Raja comes there and asks if she has seen Rani? Asha says she might have gone to her house, you have to bring her back at any cost. We have got a new start in life because of her only, I will welcome her with open arms and accept her as my daughter in law. Raja says I will search for her.

Rani tells her sister that can’t I come here? Her sister asks if she had a fight with Raja? Rani says Raja found out of Gunvant and Kritika’s truth. Her sister says it’s good, they will come on roads now. Rani says Raja didn’t do anything but I will have to do something now. Raja comes there and says what you will have to do Rani? I have been searching for you and you are here? Rani ignores him and goes to the kitchen. Her sister Chukki asks Raja to sit down and have a tea. Raja says no, we have to go back to the house. I am sorry, I shouldn’t have asked Rani’s parents to take her back, I will tell them sorry. Chukki says you can go back with her, I am happy. Rani doesn’t answer. Chukki says you both can talk, she leaves from there. Rani avoids Raja at all costs. Raja looks on and brings out the golden shoes that she gifted him in childhood. Raja says you remember these? They made us meet in childhood only. We can start a new life again. Rani says how many times will we re-start? You said the same thing when your family blamed mine for stealing. You made me feel that I was wrong, I was called a thief and insulted just because I am not rich? You said that I am poor not by money but by heart and soul. Would have behaved the same way if I was rich? Raja says it’s not like that, let’s go back home. Rani says which house? Where I am insulted and made a joke of because I am not rich? Where my husband doesn’t take a stand for me? You never understood me. They always blamed me for stealing. Raja says I know you didn’t steal and took the blame for Utsav. Rani says you are saying this now but when I tried to make you go to the shop so you thought I was just greedy? You always took me wrong and thought I am just a greedy person. When I tried to open your eyes against Gunvant, you called me names and said I am a greedy person, you threw me out of the house, why did you do it? Raja says I am really sorry, I was wrong but you know I was blinded by Gunvant and Kritika. Please forgive me. Rani says I can’t lose my self-respect for my marriage, you can’t keep insulting me just because you trust your family, you met me before wedding, you knew that I am a hard-working person and I said yes to your wedding proposal only because I liked you. I told you clearly that I don’t care about your wealth but when I married you, your family kept insulting me because I am poor and you never stopped you, you remained silent when they called me shameless. I had to bear everything, you threw me out of the house but I didn’t leave as they would have never told you the truth and I didn’t want that because I love… Raja looks on.

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