Tera Mera Saath Rahe, 17th January 2022, Written Update: Priya to come to the wedding

Tera Mera Saath Rahe, 17th January 2022, Written Update: Priya to come to the wedding

MUMBAI: Scene 1
Gopika finds a chit. She reads it and smiles. Saksham looks at her and shows her a flower. Chiragh comes there. Saksham hides. He goes to his room. Chiragh sees Priya’s call on Aashi’s phone. She takes it. Aashi says you wanted anything? He says you are in touch with Priya? Why did you call her? You can give her location to the police. Aashi says yes, we are one team. I have partnered with her. Chiragh is shcoked. She says she’s a travel company owner. I am planning Gopika and Saksham’s honeymoon to surprise them. You can call and ask her. Chiragh picks the phone and sees it. He says I trust you. This name makes me angry. He leaves.

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Gopika comes towards Saksham. Chiragh comes in front of her and says let’s go. Gopika says I am coming. Saksham says Gopika.. Have you had a boyfriend? She says there was one, his name is saksham as well. That’s why I said yes for this relation. He smiles. Nikhila comes there and says I told you, you both can’t meet before the wedding. He says I was asking Gopika.. Nikhila says give her the rose. I didn’t see anything. She leaves.

Scene 2
Aashi comes to the store. Priya comes there. Aashi says you look so poor. No makeup. Priya says shut up. I need your help. Aashi says after all that you did? Priya says you were a part of it too. I want Saksham, and you have to help me. Priya shoves her.

Saksham gives the flower to Gopika. He says the romance done before the wedding is the best. We can go on a perfect movie date. He bows down and gives her the flower. The song rataan lambiyaan plays. Gopika hugs Saksham.
Aashi says I will get you arrested. Priya says I will take your name too. Aashi says let me call the police. Priya plays her video of saying she was helping Priya. Priya says you can’t mess with me. Aashi is shocked. Priya says now? I want an access to Saksham’s wedding. Saksham will get married to me and Gopika out. She burns the card.

Scene 3
Priya comes out and says she’s after me again. Chirgah is outside. He says what are you doing here? Aashi says I came to get wedding things. Chiragh says I am not an idiot. Who did you come to meet? He says don’t come with me. Aashi says I came to meet Priya. He says are you out of your mind? The girl who tried to kill Saksham. A girl comes and says Aashi your purse, you forgot your purse. She says to Chiragh hi I am Priya. He’s shocked. Aashi says you accussed me. He says I am really sorry. I got confused. I will never doubt you again. I will get you a new designer saree. Aashi says let’s go.

Scene 4
Haldi starts. Aashi and Chiragh come. Saksham sits. Gopika comes on the stage. Saksham looks at her and smiles. Everyone does the ritual and applies haldi on Gopika and Saksham. Gopika holds Saksham’s hand. Nikhila says to aashi I gave you this responsiblity and thought you won’t do any mistake. But I am shocked you did everything well. Well done. Smile now. I will give you money for your business. Aashi says in heart for the first time she’s trusting me and giving me money. This Priya will ruin it for me.

Aashi calls Priya and says they’re trusting me for the first time. Don’t ruin it for me. Nikhila agreed to give me money too. You can do this later. Priya says you will get kicked out of that house once they find the truth out. Aashi says tell me your plan at least. Priya says I am coming in 2 minutes. She says I am coming Gopika and I will take Saksham from you.

Episode ends.

Precap-Saksham comes close to Gopika and applies halid on her. Priya asks Aashi to mix the powder in Gopika’s drink.

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