Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 3rd June 2022 Written Update: Vamika stops Jaya from stating that she is her mother

MUMBAI: Episode starts with Krisha removing the engagement ring from Devraj’s hand and declaring that their relationship is over. She was about to go, when Devraj stop her and takes the ring back stating that the memories of her will always be there with him. Vamika gets furious seeing their bond, while Krisha goes away from him. Vamika makes Devraj wear the ring, while the latter does the same. He keeps staring at Krisha, which irks Vamika but she controls her anger. Krisha wipes her tears seeing them getting engaged and goes upstairs.

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Here, Ugra signals Raghav to execute his plan while he goes towards Devraj and congratulates him. He somehow manages to message Vamika via Devraj’s phone and ask her to meet him late at night. She decides to clarify everything with Dev. Meanwhile, Raghav tells Ugra that their first step of the plan is successful.

Detective Sudhakar searches for Vamika’s identity. He meets an old man, who takes him inside his house, stating that he will notify about Vamika’s truth. Whereas, few mens follows him. Sudhankar gets inside the house of that old man, who warns the latter that it’s dangerous to ask about Vamika so openly and insists Sudhankar to be aware.

Elsewhere, the old man notify that Vamika is the daughter of Laxmi, who’s husband used to work with Virendra Singh Rathore but the latter betrayed him for money. He continues that Laxmi forced her husband to betray the king and then the latter get caught. Laxmi kidnaps the child of Virendra’s brother in order to save her husband. Virendra tries to rescue his nephew and in the process Laxmi’s son and husband died in the fire accident.

The old man notify that Laxmi blamed Virendra for her husband and son’s death and denies to accept that everything happened because of her greediness. Sudhankar ask for Laxmi and her family’s photo, to which the latter gives him the picture and Sudhakar gets shocked seeing Laxmi to be Jayalaxmi.

Ahead, the old man tells how the goons of Laxmi killed his son and warns Sudhankar to be careful. Whereas, the latter assures that it’s his job to be surrounded with danger and tells that he will be fine. Meanwhile, he goes out of the house and decides to tell Krisha about the truth.

Vamika goes to meet Devraj in the middle of the night. Raghav orders his goons to attack her and kidnaps her for sometimes. He gives them money and goes away, while Vamika gets shocked seeing the goon. She gives her jewelleries to them, but they still tries to abduct her. She tries to save herself and runs from there, but falls down and gets injured.

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Further, Krisha and Rati gets worried for Vamika and becomes shocked seeing her in danger. They rushes to rescue her and beats the goons to save Vamika. They gets help from some strangers and takes Vamika to the hospital. They also gets tensed for the baby, but Vamika denies to get checked up. In order to save her lie, she goes away from there, while Krisha gets suspicious about her behaviour and shares it with Rati. Whereas, Rathores gets worried seeing Vamika’s state. Jaya confronts her and shows her concern stating that she is her daughter, while Vamika prohibits her from saying it openly and reminds about their plan. Whereas, Jaya proclaims to find the culprit and determines to punish them.

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