Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 18th February 2022 Written Episode Update: Daksh forces Krisha to act as Maya

MUMBAI: Scene 1
A man comes to Devraj’s house and says I have heard a lot about your family but I am sure there are many secrets buried behind luxuries here. Jaya asks who are you? He says I send bad people behind the jail. He says I am special investigation officer Akhil Mehra. I am here to investigate a case. Jaya says what brought you here? Akhil says it’s Maya’s accident case. Devraj looks on.

Raghav tells Rati that I used to miss your tea in the jail. Ugra comes there and says you must taking care of Rati. I came here to meet you. Raghav asks her to leave. Ugra sees a dress and says Aarav gifted this to Rati. She leaves. Raghav looks on.

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Jaya asks Akhil why are you investigating about Maya? Akhil says I know Maya’s family and they are worried that she has been missing for a few days. Then I found out about Maya’s accident and then her identity was removed from everywhere. Someone must have been behind it. Devraj asks what he wants to say? Akhil asks if he was with her at the time of the accident? He says I was not. Akhil says but it was his car, I saw the accident site and she couldn’t be alive if she was in an accident. Are you hiding something from me? Krisha comes there, dressed as Maya and says you are talking about me? Akhil looks on and asks who are you? Krisha says you are investigating about me and you don’t know me? I am Maya. Devraj glares at her.

Devraj shouts at Krisha why did she come there when he told her not to? Krisha says he was blaming you so I had to come there. Devraj says I could have handled it. Krisha says I know but you have hidden about Maya’s missing, if he found out then you will be blamed for removing her identity. I know you won’t let anything come to Daksh so you will get in trouble. Devraj says I won’t let you live a lie anymore, I will tell everyone the truth and you will live as Krisha only. Krisha cries and says I became Maya to save Daksh before so I will become Maya now to save you. Devraj says I can’t let you do that. I will tell the truth to everyone as I can’t make Daksh lie about you too. Krisha says you have done a lot for him so I am sure he will do this for you. He can lie that I am Maya.

Daksh hears all that and asks Roma if she talked to Akhil? Roma says yes, he blabbers a lot but he is a good actor. Daksh says soon Devraj will lose Krisha. Roma asks if he wants to send Devraj to jail? Daksh grabs her and says the plot is mine so you just have to trust me.

Scene 2
Devraj is sitting alone. Krisha comes to him and says you don’t share your worries with anyone. Devraj says no as then you will try to make things right. You have introduced yourself as Maya so we can’t move back now. Just stay out of this matter. He starts leaving but Krisha says where are you going? You have to stay here. Devraj says you are Maya now and we can’t live in the same room. Krisha says who would check? Jaya comes there and says no one is checking but Devraj has many enemies in this house who would be plotting against him. We can’t give them any proof that they can use to blackmail Devraj. I don’t want to separate you both but I don’t have a choice. She tells Devraj that I will talk to Daksh as if an officer talks to him then he should know what he has to say. She leaves from there. Devraj sadly looks at Krisha and leaves.

Daksh tells Roma that everything is going as per my plan. He says they are thinking that the investigation would be over as Krisha presented herself as Maya but no. Devraj and Krisha fooled me so it’s my time. I will trap them between Maya and Krisha. Everyone would be confused who is who and Devraj would go crazy as Krisha is his peace so I will snatch her from him. Roma looks on. Daksh says don’t worry, eat some fruits. Roma says you can do anything you want but Devraj shouldn’t get hurt. Daksh smirks and says don’t worry, just ask Akhil to contact me.

In the morning, Jaya talks to Daksh. Daksh says how can I lie and say she is Maya? Jaya says Devraj lied for you for days so you can’t lie for some days? Daksh says but she is not Maya. Krisha and Devraj arrive there. Krisha says once this is over then everything will be fine. Jaya says once the investigator gets his answers then he won’t come back. Akhil arrives there and says I had to come here. Jaya says why are you back? Akhil says I had more questions but I will question Maya alone. Devraj says but she is a lady. Akhil says I brought a lady constable. Krisha says sure and goes with her. Devraj looks on.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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