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MUMBAI: Scene 1
Akhil has tied Devraj to a chair and a man comes there. His goon says I am here with an ambulance so no one will doubt us. Akhil says let’s take him away.

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Aarav and Krisha are in the car. He traces the car which took Devraj away.

Roma is locked in a room and thinks why did Daksh lock me here? Is Devraj in trouble? She calls Akhil but his phone is off. She says I have to go and meet him.

Jaya prays for Devraj. She gets a call from Krisha who tells her that we found out about Devraj, we are going there. Krisha and Aarav get stuck in the traffic jam. They see an ambulance going from there. Devraj is in the ambulance but Krisha doesn’t see him. She feels something but doesn’t do anything. The ambulance gets stopped by a policeman. Akhil gets stressed. The inspector asks where are they going? Akhil says we are taking a patient to a hospital. The inspector says I have to go there so I will ride with you. Akhil gets tense and gives him a lift. The inspector says I have seen you somewhere. Akhil says I have a common face.

Krisha and Aarav arrive at the site and look around for Devraj. They find a cell and Roma is there. Krisha says what are you doing here? Where is Devraj? Roma says actually Daksh.. Daksh comes there and says I am worried about Devraj, the inspector took him away. Krisha is confused.

Akhil brings the inspector to the hospital and says I have to go away now.

Daksh hugs Roma and whispers that I took your photo when you were bribing Akhil so don’t open your mouth. Aarav asks Roma what’s her connection with Akhil? Roma says I don’t have any connection with me, he called me and asked me to talk to Daksh so I did. I came here to find out about Devraj as I am PI too. Daksh smirks and thinks I knew Krisha would find this place but I am ahead of her. The flashback shows how he got the message from his man that Aarav met Krisha and told her about Akhil’s location but he gave him an instruction to shift Devraj from there. The flashback ends. Krisha cries and says I don’t know where Devraj is. Daksh smirks.

Akhil brings Devraj to a morgue and leaves him there. Devraj wakes up and tries to free his hands.

Krisha tells Aarav that Akhil is dangerous, he can do anything with Devraj. Aarav says nothing will happen to him. Krisha says you are right, let’s look for the clues here. They find a jeep there and look for documents. Krisha searches the jeep but can’t find anything. Daksh gets Akhil’s message that they have shifted Devraj to a different place. Aarav gets a ping on his phone as he was tracing Akhil’s phone. Daksh thinks Akhil shouldn’t have turned on his phone. Aarav says Akhil’s phone is on again. he checks his location. Daksh thinks I have to distract them. She hurts himself and says a snake bit me. Krisha tends to him and says we have to take him to the hospital. She tells Roma to take him away while I look for Devraj. Daksh thinks I can’t leave her alone. Daksh says I am fine, I want to look for Devraj too. Krisha says I can’t take the risk. She asks Aarav and Roma to take him away. They start leaving with Daksh.

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