Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 6th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Dev gets to know about Daksh’s hatred

MUMBAI: Dev video calls Roma while Krisha is there. He says I was thinking of gifting a ring to Jaya like yours. Roma says I can send my ring to your office. Dev says you can just show it to me. She shows the ring to him and he takes a picture. Dev thanks her and ends the call. Krisha says see, I was telling you that her fingers would turn pink if she is lying. She shows the screenshot and Roma’s fingers are pink. Krisha says I had applied some chemical on Roma’s hand and applied that solution on the bag of medicines. Then Roma tried to clean her fingerprints from the bag but her hands turned pink. Roma planted those medicines in my bag otherwise why would she try to wipe her fingerprints? I am not lying. there are a lot of things about Roma that you don’t know. I promise to show her real face to you by tonight but don’t tell her anything till then. Dev leaves from there.

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Aarav comes home to find Kach and Minakshi meeting Naintara’s parents for their marriage. He is shocked while Kach does the rituals. Aarav says I am sorry but I can’t do this marriage. Kach says what? Aarav says I love someone else, he says sorry to her parents and leaves. Naintara’s parents feel insulted and leave from there. Minakshi says he destroyed our plan.

Roma brings Dev to the balcony and shows it decorated. She says I have done all the arrangements. They sit to play a movie but Jaya comes there with the family. Jaya says we are all here to give company to Dev. Krisha smirks at Roma. They all sit to play the movie but Krisha stops Roma and asks her to do her opening act. Roma looks on. Krisha says do it. Jaya asks Krisha to stop doing all this. Krisha says I will leave in 5 minutes. She asks Roma if she has forgotten her lines? I have already recorded the lines. Krisha plays her voice note in which Roma confessed that she was involved in the smuggling case and she lied about Daksh being tortured by Krisha so that Dev would hate her and become hers. All are shocked. Roma asks Dev to listen to her. Dev grabs her and says I thought you were a friend. Roma says I was just trying to win you over. Dev shouts at her that I am a married man, get lost from here. Roma says your biggest problem is that you can’t see who loves you and who wanted to hate you. Do you know what Daksh took you as? He hated you, he was your enemy and wanted to kill you. Dev grabs her and tries to harm her but Krisha stops him and says leave her. Dev shouts at everyone to stop bad-mouthing Daksh. My brother was everything to me. Krisha shouts that he was your biggest enemy. You can kill me to stop me but I will tell you the truth now. I will show you the proof. Roma finds her Pendrive with Krisha. Krisha puts on a video in which Daksh is talking to Roma. Daksh told Roma that we can separate Dev and Krisha forever, I want to take away love from Dev. I can’t see him happy now. Then the clip shows Daksh locking Krisha in the room and torturing her. How he told her to dress up as Maya otherwise he would kill Dev. Then how he shot himself so Dev would hate Krisha thinking she killed him. The video ends. Krisha says now you see Daksh was behind all this. He plotted all this and Roma did the recordings. Daksh was playing with all of us. Dev cries and says my brother.. He killed himself so that I would hate Krisha? He won even after losing his life. I started hating Krisha. He sadly leaves from there. Krisha goes behind him. Roma tries to go to him but Jaya stops her. She tells Roma to get lost from their house, if Daksh was alive then we would have punished him. He is no more but you are still here and will pay for your deeds. She calls security. Roma tries to plead but Jaya shouts at the guards to take her away from us. Kach nods at her so Roma leaves.

Dev recalls the video, Krisha tries to stop him but he leaves in a daze. Krisha says I know you are hurting, I am always with you.

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