Bigg Boss 15: Exclusive! Kashmera Shah talks about Pratik’s game and disagrees with Tejasswi and Abhijeet point of Shamita using Nishant to go ahead in the game

Kashmera talks about Pratik’s game and also reveals that she loved women who admit to their love to the whole world and that’s one quality she loves in Shamita and what changes she would want to see in the next season.
 Kashmera Shah

MUMBAI: Kashmera Shah is a huge name in the entertainment business. She is a well-known actress in Bollywood and has been part of several Hindi and Marathi movies.

Kashmera has also been part of many reality shows on television. She has participated in Bigg Boss Season 1, Nach Baliye Season 3, and Love Lockup Season 1, where she participated with her husband Krusha Abhishek. She was also seen in Bigg Boss Season 14 as a challenger. 

The actress has done prominent roles in blockbuster movies like Jungle, Hera Pheri, Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge, Kahin Pyaar Na Ho Jaaye, Wake Up Sid, and Yes Boss.

After being a part of Bigg Boss, Kashmera has always been very vocal about all the seasons and she keeps sharing her views about the show, contestants, and episodes on social media. She gives us an insight into what she thinks of the episode.

TellyChakkar got in touch with Kashmera and asked her about Pratik’s game and she also revealed that she doesn’t agree with Shamita and Abhijeet’s point of Shamita wanting support from Nishant and Pratik to go ahead in the game. 

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Pratik was seen as a very strong contestant on the show and especially from the OTT days due to things he lacked somewhere in his game in Bigg Boss Season 15?

Pratik’s game is coming across as very fake and he is trying to be in the good books just because he knows how to play the game and since the finale is near he wants to win. He always says to play fair and that he has always played that way, but I disagree he has never played fair in the game not in OTT nor in Bigg Boss 15. He could have got the ticket to the finale before Karan and I was supporting him but then he didn’t play over there, but now I feel that he is playing for the audience and not being real in the game. 

Abhijeet and Tejasswi feel that Shamita has reached the finale of the show because of the support of Nishant and Pratik and if she hadn’t the support of them she wouldn’t have been able to come this far? Do you agree with their judgment? 

I completely disagree with Tejasswi and Abhijeet's point that Shamita has taken the help of Nishant and Pratik and come ahead in the game, as no one can take anyone's support and go ahead and everyone has to play alone. There is no way that Shamita has reached the finale because of Nishant and Pratik and it's evident that Tejasswi would say that as she is very insecure about Shamita. 

Many times the audience’s felt that when it came to Tejasswi and Karan’s relationship, it seems like Teja was walking the steps of Shamita in OTT, as on that show she wouldn’t allow Raqesh to talk to Divya and get insecure in the same way how Tejasswi creates a scene when Karan talks to Shamita? What is your take on this?

There is no doubt that she is not insecure about Shamita not because she is interested in Karan but she is just insecure with Shamita’s aura.  Whenever Karan and Shamita talk she does create a scene and believe me when they come out I doubt she will allow Shamita to talk to Karan and the actor also made it very clear that he is not talking to Shamita because of Teja and its very sad to see that after living in such a huge house also there is so much insecurity. Initially, also Teja was close to Vishal and that also Karan had a problem with so seems like they both are made of each other.

So I doubt that Karan will ever let Tejasswi talk to Vishal so it's fair enough for Tejasswi to not allow Karan to talk to Shamita. 

The season couldn’t gain the TRP’s though the start of the season was fabulous later dropped down what do you think could be the reason for it and what changes would you like the makers to bring in Season 16?

I am very upset that this season of Bigg Boss didn’t do well, I loved the season. I think the reason could be because Bigg Boss has gone live and it's available for the audience 24 X7 and that’s the reason why the audience didn’t watch the episode on television as earlier when the live feed wasn’t there people used to wait to watch the episode but now everything is seen on the live feed.

In the future seasons, the makers should concentrate on the reality of the show and shouldn’t forget the essence of it and the constants who come in shouldn’t become a pair like Ishaan and Miesha who became a pair on the second day and that looked so fake that I got lost interest in the couple it might be genuine seem liked they wanted to become another SidNaaz.

It very rarely happens that a couple becomes popular in Bigg Boss show and infarct that’s one of the reasons why I admire Shamita and Raqesh’s relationship in OTT that Shamita was brave enough to tell everyone that this was the guy she is in love with as not many Bollywood actress admit to their relationship.

I love women who have the guts to come out and acknowledge their love, its similar to the way I was in Season 1 where I was honest enough and told everyone that I was in love with someone younger than me Krushna and that’s one thing I like about Teja also as she also admitted that she is in love with Karan but right now Shamita is ruling my heart. 

For more news and updates from the world of television and Bollywood, stay tuned to TellyChakkar. 

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