DIWALI 2022: Celebs talk about their fondest childhood memories and reveal their plans for the Diwali festivities

DIWALI 2022: Celebs talk about their fondest childhood memories and reveal their plans for the Diwali festivities

MUMBAI :   Prateik Chaudhary
For the last 1 year I have been celebrating every festival, every occasion, even my birthdays with my team Sindoor Ki Keemat, So this Diwali I will celebrate with my team and family. After shooting I will go home, do pooja, spend time with family, eat sweets and enjoy the festival with my family. Diwali is one of my favourite festivals. Diwali is the festival of lights that is celebrated with much joy and enthusiasm across the country. "It is a time for cleaning houses, and getting together with neighbours, family, and friends. On this occasion, diyas and lamps light up the entire country and the sight is truly beautiful. There are many, but one I remember the most is my dad used to buy us crackers a lot, but still I was never satisfied with those limited crackers, so I used to steal money from my dad's pocket and buy more crackers, I was really fond of it when I was a child. But now I am totally against it, I think it's not good for the environment. Second, I also remember that I used to be very naughty when I was a kid and used to do a lot of mischief and at one time  I  burnt myself while doing stunts with crackers.

Anuj Sachdeva
I wanted to celebrate Diwali with my parents in Delhi, but I have a dog Simba here whom I have adopted and can’t leave him alone here. So I will be here in Mumbai and my parents too can’t come as my mother recently went through a heart surgery. I will be keeping a party on 21st October for my near and dear ones and the people whom I have worked with. So it’s something I will be looking forward to after so many years. Diwali is very auspicious for me. I used to read the Katha, do the Lakshmi puja, and worship in the temple with my family. Diwali is an occasion of hope and welcoming good times. This is the time when celebrations start and welcome happiness. This time we are pandemic free so I am happy that we can go and meet the people and hug them without wearing the mask and that’s the feeling of closeness and look at their smiles without the mask. I have been missing all this. My fondest memories have been eating a lot of sweets and the freedom of doing everything and going to meet our relatives. That was the time when all of us used to be celebrating together and cracking jokes. I miss my dada and dadi the most

Saanand Verma
I'll be in Mumbai on Diwali and definitely, this year's celebration is different and everybody will be very joyful and tension free. The celebration will be like before. I'm really looking forward to diwali. Significance of Diwali is that it is very important and big. It's something which signifies our tradition, our history and it is my most favorite festival. I'm always excited about Diwali. We perform Puja in our house. Puja of Maha Lakshmi and we use some eco Fire crackers. We lit a lot of Diyas and decorated the entire house. It's amazing. My childhood memory regarding Diwali is not great but very sad because we were not financially very strong. I remember during Diwali I didn't have any firecrackers to enjoy and my neighbours were enjoying it and I was very sad. So I will never forget that night. But now I really enjoy and have a great time and God has made it up to me and all the sorrows, negativity, and sadness associated with Diwali from my childhood have disappeared now and I'm the happiest man on Diwali.


Nyrraa M Banerji
Diwali plans have always stayed the same since childhood. On Diwali evening we do Lakshmi Puja and Bengalis do Kali Puja at 12 o'clock at midnight. We do chauda (14) diya the pre Diwali eve where we invite the Goddess Lakshmi to come into our house and visit us and bless us. We make sweets, go to Pandals to take blessings and we do meditation so that we reach the highest vibration at that point and ask the universe to bless us with a lot of abundance and opportunities. I'm going to be In Bombay this Diwali.

Diwali is the best festival for the family. We plan to celebrate it full on. In the lockdown also we celebrated but in a small manner but this year, parties and get together are in the cards. Diwali means a lot to me as it’s the one tradition I have kept alive from childhood. It means many things to me, but to sum it up, let’s say it is going back and touching base with my childhood. Diwali also means a lot to me as I was born on Choti Diwali so it’s also my birthday celebrations according to the Indian calendar. I will be in Mumbai with my family. We do pooja at the office (with my core team as everyone else is busy) and my friends are like family. In the evening we do ghar mein pooja followed by lighting Diya’s and then chilling together with fam and friends. My Fondest childhood memories are meeting family and getting together for traditional card sittings at everyone's house. That is how we as kids got to know them as relatives. We had sessions at everyone's houses and we looked forward to the 5 crazy days of Diwali.

Arun Mandola
I am very excited this year but I will make Diwali in Mumbai only. I am not going to my home town because I just went home in Dussehra so this Diwali I have some very social plans. I am gonna distribute sweets to poor children and some gifts to those who are not able to celebrate this beautiful festival. As I learned from my childhood, Diwali is a very auspicious festival. I always wait for Diwali because you get the opportunity to eat sweets and delicious food. Apart from this whenever the Diwali festival has come the positive energy has changed around you but honestly speaking I enjoyed a lot of Diwali at my hometown only because Delhi is more LIVE and energetic compared to Mumbai in terms of festivals. People are too busy to decorate their house and rest are busy shopping. This is speechless for me to describe my happiness for Diwali because it’s one of my favorite festivals.

Ishaan Singh Manhas
Like every year, this year I will be celebrating Diwali with my family in Delhi. And if I get an extra day's break from my shoot then I will attend the card parties hosted by my old friends in Delhi. Diwali is the festival of lights. It symbolizes the victory of good over evil, light over darkness. For me, it's the festival when my family comes together for puja, celebrations and a special family dinner. I will be in Delhi, my hometown. When I was a kid, the pollution level in Delhi was lower. Those days fire crackers were not banned and I and my family and my childhood friends used to burn all kinds of crackers. Those were the days when diet didn't matter and I used to eat lots of Diwali sweets. Family friends used to visit our home with gifts and I was always excited to see those gifts. Me and my friends used to attend all the popular Diwali Melas/Fairs in Delhi which had games and food stalls and rides on giant wheels.


Rohit Choudhary
I celebrate Diwali with my family and kids at home. We play cards, burst crackers and spend some quality time because during our daily routine all of us are busy so during Diwali we all get together.  Diwali is the festival of lights and is the biggest celebration in the entire world. The logic behind this celebration is good over evil when Ram Ji returns back to Ayodhya. We decorate our home and do Lakshmi and Ganesh Puja and have lots of fun.I miss those fun childhood days with my friends when all of us used to have a blast. We decorate our home and do Lakshmi and Ganesh Puja and have lots of fun.




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