Have you missed your favorite show last night? Here we offer you a complete written update

written update.

MUMBAI: Missed an episode of your favorite show? Well, we are here to update you. Read on for written updates on all the shows you love!

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Kullfi Tries to Tell the Truth

The episode starts with Amyra stopping Lovely from signing the divorce papers. But Lovely tells her that she is doing it for her betterment.

Sikandar is shocked to see the divorce papers signed by Lovely. The lawyer lies to Sikandar that Lovely wants the divorce. Mohendar tells Sikandar to just forget the divorce and reconcile with Lovely.

Kullfi sees Sikandar is in much pain and asks him not to fight. Sikandar is upset for leaving Nimrat. Kullfi realizes that he is upset for leaving Nimrat and hugs him to console him that it isn’t his fault. Sikandar thinks Kullfi loves him a lot and can’t hear anything against him.

Kullfi wants to reveal the truth to him that she is his and Nimrat’s daughter. She goes to him and finds him sleeping. She doesn’t disturb him and decides to tell him the truth later. She gets ready for her school and tells that she will equally love both her fathers, Tevar and Sikandar.

Sikandar goes to drop Kullfi to the school. Kullfi tries to tell him the truth.

Ishqbaaaz: Shivaansh Is Introduced

The episode starts after the leap. All the celebs give good wishes for SSO. Shivaansh comes, wearing a stylish floral embroidered black suit and golden shoes.

Shivaansh doesn’t belong to any film family, his father Shivaay Singh Oberoi was a leading industrialist. With whatever happened with his parents, anyone could have broken down.

But Shivaansh learned not to lose from his father and to smile from his mother. He got swag from his mom and style from his dad. When they see Shivaansh from heaven, they would feel proud. Junior Khanna, the bodyguard, stops the fans.

Shivaansh says my dad used to say that kids become strong when they get hurt, smile now, what shall we do to make this pain away.

Dadi says my son. Nani asks her not to cry. Dadi says I am missing Shivaay and Anika a lot. Nani says they were ishqbaaaz in real sense. Shivaansh wasn’t born when there was a threat on Anika, Shivaay did everything to find her.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik Shocked to Know About Naira's Pregnancy

The episode starts with Naira receiving a sweet birthday surprise from her family. The Singhanias arrive at the door, shouting ‘Happy Birthday’.

Naira receives many blessings and love from all. Kartik tells everyone that the most special part of the surprise is still left. Kirti suspects if it can be related to Naira’s pregnancy.

A special seat comes for Naira and Kartik himself takes her to the seat. Naira again tries to inform Kartik about her pregnancy and asks him to go to their room first. Kartik accepts Naira’s request and goes upstairs to check the room. Meanwhile, Luv and Kush begin the party with their magic show.

Luv and Kush present a soft toy with their magic and gift it to Naira. Naira hugs Luv and Kush to thank them. Kartik is moving towards their room but due to a call he doesn’t go to the room.

When Kartik takes much time to return, Naira goes to look for Kartik in the room but can’t find Kartik there and starts searching for him but Luv and Kush take her back to the party. A man in a tiger costume enters the party.

Sitting on its knees, the tiger says I love you my sherni. Naira realizes that it’s Kartik.

Naira receives a series of surprise from Kartik, and later, they start dancing together. As Kartik turns Naira while dancing, Bhabhimaa warns him and says Kartik, don’t swing like that. It may harm the baby. Kartik is shocked.

Everyone is astonished. Naira cries to see everything messed up.

Kartik reaches his room and sees the surprise Naira prepared to inform him about the good news. Naira also comes there to explain Kartik.

Kartik tells her that he’s upset with her. But Naira gets astonished when Kartik completes his sentence and says I am upset as I came to know about this good news after everyone else.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Madhuri Exposes Naveen’s Truth

The episode starts with a flashback showing Anurag shouting at Prerna for not listening to him. He tells her that he knows the reason why she is marrying Naveen, to save the family from the loan.

Prerna tells Anurag that the load in very big and she can do anything for her family and she doesn’t deserve love in her life. She breaks down in front of Anurag, he doesn’t let her make the wrong choice. He apologizes to her and makes her faint. Prerna tries to reach the mandap to know what happened with the marriage.

Madhuri reveals the truth in front of the entire family, and tells him that she is married to him, and they have children too. She tells them that she regrets believing Naveen.

Naveen says that he is evil and hurts Madhuri, that’s when Anurag comes and tells Naveen that he is devil and should be jailed.

The family members ask Madhuri why she came out now and told the truth about Naveen, to which she says that Anurag made her realize her mistake and she was blinded with his trust.

She told that Naveen’s obsession for Prerna was increasing and she was getting insecure and that’s why she wanted to speak the truth.

Mohini feels ashamed to support her brother. Anurag tells Madhuri to reveal all of Naveen’s evil deeds.

Madhuri tells them about Naveen’s greed. She reveals that Anurag is at least giving them respect, after what they have done with him. Anurag sympathizes with Madhuri. He tells the family that he has kidnapped Prerna to stop her from marrying the devil. Naveen tries hard to convince Mohini.

Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi Tries to Question King Again

The episode starts King asking Pragya if she knows Aaliya and Tanu from the past. Pragya becomes tensed and decides to tell him the whole truth about her past.

Just then Swarni Dadi falls down so King and Pragya immediately rush to her rescue. Dadi tells them that she is fine, Abhi goes to her and tells her to rest for a while.

He then gives her a helping hand while Dadi asks Pragya also to come and hold her other hand and so both take her to a nearby seat. Meanwhile, Kiara and Sunny are having dinner at her place when Sunny calls Disha to find out if she was talking about Kiara's father only. But Disha bumps into Tanu and drops her phone, which breaks, leading to Sunny's call being cut.

Tarun and Neha are stressed out about how their families aren't getting along with each other, he takes Neha to the food area and they both go under the table. Tarun then tries to explain to her that everything will be okay once they get married.

Neha continues to be upset about the whole situation when Mitali overhears them and sees them under the table and Tarun is probably being dominating towards Neha. She then uses this as an excuse to call out Tarun's mother and family over his character. She insults Tarun's mother, King and their family and calls everyone to see the scene for themselves. However, Tarun and Neha quickly rush from the area fearing that someone might catch them. Mitali makes a fool of herself as she could not spot them under the table.

Abhi then tries to get a drink with King so he can talk about Kiara and find out the truth. But Pragya stops him and takes him to the dance floor instead. King and Pragya then start dancing while Abhi keeps staring at Pragya.

Abhi comes and tells King that Pragya as hidden a lot of things from him, and asks Pragya if she will tell him or should he do the favour.

Mitali tells Rajveer about the whole Neha and Tarun scene and how Abhi and Pragya's interference has resulted in their daughter's wedding. Mitali was accepting Rajveer to support her but instead he says that they should support Abhi and Pragya.

Rajveer has returned and he won't let bad things happen to their daughter. He won't let Neha get married to Tarun. Abhi suggests that they should all play truth and dare game.

Kundali Bhagya: Janki Gains Consciousness

The episode starts with Rakhi tells everyone that she is very happy that Janki is recovering. Sameer tells that once she becomes fine she will expose the person who has attacked her, and Rishab also hopes to catch the culprit soon. Prithvi overhears their conversation and plans to run away from there.

Srishti prays that Janki gets all right soon. Prithvi is worried and doesn’t know what to do and he tells Sherlyn that if she exposes him in front of everyone then he will be in trouble. Sherlyn also comes confused saying that Janki is alive.

They both start to plan what they will do now and what will happen to them if she get better, she tries to calm, him down but he is very worried and asks her to not believe in him so much, he gets paranoid.

Karan and Preeta have an argument how bigger fan is Preeta of Karan. Karan gets mad and when Preeta goes away he doesn’t follow and moves away while still being angry. Sherlyn is trying to calm Prithvi down but he cannot remain strong and falls down. They all enter the room and are very happy to see Janki awake.

Preeta sees Janki and breaks down into tears.

She says that Janki took a lot of time to get well and they all were waiting for her, Sarla asks why she took the bullet as it w ament for her and she must not have come to her aid, Karan asks her to not cry and that she must remain strong for her family.

Preeta asks Janki to tell the name of the person who had tried to kill her and does she remember the name of the person, she asks her what she wanted to tell Karan and what was it.

Prithvi thinks that now everything is finished for him and he will be dead because of her, Karan sees the reaction of Prithvi and Janki, Srishti again asks the name of the person.

Ishq Subhan Allah: Zara Arrested

The episode starts with Kabir being hurt with Zara’s words as she keeps telling him to earn money and or else she will beg. Kabir offers namaz and sees Zara also going to pray along with him and he tells her she can’t pray beside him and she has no right to do so.

He accuses of many things and then realizes that it’s only a dream and prays to God that I keep thinking about Zara and broke my prayers for first time today, I have to do something.

Zara is dancing around, and she is happy and dances because Kabir asked her to give him 50 rupees so he can take her home in his car. Zara says maybe he is worried about me getting cold here and come to see me.

Kabir comes there and Zara tells him that when you ask for something from heart then God brings it to you and you are here, how much you will take for romantic drive? Kabir drags her from there.

Shahbaz tells Kashan that this 500 crore debt has become a problem for him, Kashan says not to worry they will find a way. Shahbaz tells that even after all this if Kabir is taking Zara out then he has lost the battle.

Kabir brings Zara to the dargah, and tells her to beg, Irfan sees this and gets angry and tells Kabir that he can’t do such a thing with his daughter, Zara tells him not to interfere as it is between her and her husband.

Kabir is hurt but looks away. He leaves from there. Some beggars are standing with her. Police comes there and gets all the beggars arrested, Zara tries to run from there but the police catch her arrest her.

Irfan comes there and tells Zara this had to happen see where your husband as left you, and Kabir is also shocked to see this.

Ishq Mein Marjawan: Aarohi Leaves

The episode starts with Aarohi saying this is Abhi’s Guru Maa. How are they related to your mom and you? Tell me. Deep says I don’t have answers for you. I don’t know this woman. I am seeing her first time. My mom never said anything about her. Throw this photo away. I didn’t know you came here for this. I thought you came here to talk about your revenge.

Wasu says she would come back. Doctor says she is very scared after seeing something or someone. Wasu gets a text. She says is it that unknown person who knows about my trunk. Aarohi says how could I think deep would answer and tell me anything. That man can never help me.

Aarohi packs her bag. She says I couldn’t find my. It says you gave up? Maybe your ego isn’t letting you see the truth. You can’t see Deep dying. Your heart and mind would stay here. Can you leave him? can you go away from him when he is in that condition? She says yes I would.

Tara takes the phone from Wasu and says I will check whose text it is. Tara says why are you so scared? Abhi says some secrets keep scaring us. They become dark inside us. Tara says shut up. You are stressing mama. Tara gives Wasu water. Tara says you can share with me mama. What is that secret? This secret would drown deep.

Tara comes to deep and says time to go out. She is going out with deep. Virat comes there and calls someone. Deep and Tara are on bike. The bike breaks. Deep says we have to get out of here fast. Virat comes there. Tara and Virat point gun at each other. Aarohi is on her way. She meets and accident while Virat shoots deep. They both faint.


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