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MUMBAI: Missed an episode of your favorite show? Well, we are here to update you. Read on for written updates on all the shows you love!

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Kullfi and Amyra Locked Together

The episode starts with Kullfi being angry with Sikandar as he did not pay attention to what she was going to tell him. She then murmurs that he is her father but he is unable to hear her. She repeats it but before she can complete her sentence, Amyra comes running to her father.

She hugs him and asks him to never leave her or her mother. Sikandar asks her to concentrate on her studies.

At home, Lovely is with her divorce lawyer, who asks her a few questions on Sikandar and if he has cheated on her with another women. She tells him that Sikandar is not that kind of a man and he never met Nimrat after he married her.

The lawyer says she will have to lie in the court. At school, Amyra insults Kullfi and even throws juice at her. Later, their friends lock them up in the room. Amyra keeps shouting at Kullfi. She tries to look for help and climbs up a chair which is about to fall but then Kullfi saves her.

Amyra asks her why she did such a thing to which Kullfi tells her that she didn’t want her to get hurt. Amyra has tears in her eyes but still she blames Kullfi for ruining her life.

Amyra gets unwell and Kullfi helps her overcome her stress. Lovely and Sikandar reach the school to pick up Kullfi and Amyra and they end up fighting again.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik Worried About Naira's Pregnancy

The episode starts with Kartik telling Naira that he was hurt that she told him about the baby at the end, and Naira is surprised and shocked to hear this.

Kartik expresses his happiness over becoming a dad soon. Naira and Kartik are happy and celebrate their special moment together.

Kirti makes everyone smile and all of them congratulate each other as Naira is going to be the mother soon.

Kartik apologizes to Naira and she then shows him the report of ultrasound. He gets really happy. Both of them click a picture and then realize that their family members are waiting for them.

They go and take the blessings of their family members. Everyone is happy and all of them rejoice. Naira is being taken care by her Dadi and Nani. Naira is seen talking to her unborn baby and she is expressing her happiness. Kartik hears their conversation and joins them soon.

Kartik is seen looking at the ultrasound report. Manish knocks at his mother's door and talks to her about his excitement of becoming a grandfather soon.

Later at night, Naira wakes up in pain and faints. It is shown that Kartik had seen a bad dream. Kartik gets worried for Naira’s pregnancy.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Prerna Learns That Naveen Is Married to Madhuri

The episode starts with Anurag narrating the entire incident on how he made Madhuri agree for this plan.

Naveen keeps insisting that Madhuri is his sister-in-law but Moloy says everyone is telling a lie and he is the only person who should be believed. Madhuri also tells them how she was helping Naveen.

Naveen asks Mohini to believe him and that her son is lying. He asks for proof and then Anurag’s friend enters and he tells everyone about Madhuri and Naveen’s marriage certificate.

Anurag also shows everyone the fake passports of Naveen. He tells how Ronita was Naveen’s wife and she wanted to tell the truth to everyone.

Madhuri then tells everyone that she had stolen the passports from Anurag. And Naveen actually marries women and sells them abroad. Prerna’s parents are in disbelief and they thank Anurag for saving Prerna. Her father slaps Naveen.

Just then Prerna, who is unaware of this, wakes up and calls her sister Shivani. Shivani goes to meet Prerna and tells her what is happening and how Naveen is now married to Madhuri.

She tells Prerna how Anurag helped them in saving her life from Naveen.

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah: Jethalal Doesn’t Come Home

The episode starts with Bagga and Nattu Kaka eagerly waiting for Jethalal to come with an idea to save the shop.

They think that Jethalal is with Bapuji. Jethalal enters the shop and informs Bagga and Nattu Kaka that they have decided to sell the shop to Soorma Bhai.

Nattu Kaka and Bagga blame themselves for all this mess. Jethalal asks them not blame themselves as he is to be blamed too.

He asks them to shift the things in the shop and godown to Gokuldham Society. Bagga and Nattu Kaka remember the good times they had spent in the shop.

Bawri comes to meet Bagga when she asks him what happened. She comes to know about the shop and feels bad. Jethalal asks Bagga and Nattu Kaka to reach the society and he leaves.

Bagga and Nattu Kaka reach the society with the goods but are shocked to find that Jethalal hasn’t reached home yet.

Babuji also gets worried and thing of lodging a complaint but Mehta and others ask him to wait.

Ishq Mein Marjawan: Aarohi Saves Deep

The episode starts with a bullet being shot at Tara. Deep comes and saves her. Abhi is the one who shot Tara, but then Aarohi comes there on time with police. Abhi hides.

Deep tells Aarohi that he knew she would come to save him. She tells Virat that he cannot take the law in his hand. He justifies by saying that Deep ran from jail and injured some prisoners.

CBI officer Upasna comes and takes over the case and tells Virat from now he will work under her. He goes to Aarohi and says I knew you would come to save me. She says to send you back to jail. He says why do you keep testing your love? She says this isn’t love. Aarohi leaves too. Tara says Aarohi you can’t take Deep from me. Luck won’t work with you every time.

Aarohi gets a lawyer for Deep and tells him to reopen all the files. Aarohi questions Abhi as to what is his mission and she knows that he has something against Deep.

Abhi confesses that he hates Deep and he wants to kill him and whatever happens, he won’t let him out. Aarohi says that he is my sinner and only she has the right to kill him.

Virat gets out of his van. A man attacks him. Virat catches him. He locks him with Deep. The constable says he is the new prisoner. He tried to kill Virat. It is Tara disguised as a man. She says to Deep you are weak with this food? Deep takes off her beard and says I can never be weak, Tara.

She says I knew you would recognize me. I remembered you every minute. I came here to make a new plan with you. He says you didn’t need to do all this. One person would do anything to get me out of here.

Aarohi comes to jail to meet Deep and tells him to sign the papers. Upasna says to Virat you are always hot headed? I like such people. You can call me Upas. Deep holds Aarohi’s hand and pulls her close. He signs the papers. Abhi says I won’t let you win Deep. I will kill you this time.

Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi Asks Pragya to Play Truth or Dare

The episode starts with Abhi asking them to play truth or dare game at the Sangeet function. Neha takes everyone to the terrace to play the game. Abhishek thinks of making Pragya tell the truth. He makes a few new rules for the game.

Pragya is tensed and tells Abhi that he is changing the entire game. The game starts with Neha and Tarun.

Tanu also joins the game and she is asked to work in the kitchen, Pragya asks King to dare rather than truth. Abhi then tells the truth.

Abhi asks King if he knows Kiara's age. He says he has celebrated all her birthdays but has not ever counted the years. Pragya is happy with the answer.

Abhi asks Pragya does she love her husband. King thinks about how much Pragya loves her husband. She remembers Abhi and says yes.

Next is Abhi's turn to answer. Abhi is forced to eat chilies as he took dare. Pragya offers him honey but he refuses to take it. Abhi tells Pragya that he will not change his decision. He could have given up on the challenge had she told the truth about Kiara.

King asks Alia to stay away from him. Alia tells King that whatever she said about Pragya is true he asks her to stay away from Pragya and him. He warns Alia to stay away from his wife.

King is thinking about what all Alia had said about Pragya. King thinks of meeting Kiara and talking to her.

Pragya gets tensed and thinks of talking to King later.

Kundali Bhagya: Janki Loses Her Memory; Prithvi Is Happy

The episode starts with Srishti asking Janki to name the person who tried to kill her. They are informed by the doctor that Janki has lost her memory. Srishti gets angry at the doctor and she asks Janki to speak up.

Prithvi is relieved that Janki has forgotten everything. Janki speaks up and greets everyone. Janki also remembers Prithvi but she doesn't remember that he is the one who had tried to kill her.

Prithvi decides to call up Sherlyn to share the news of Janki losing her memory. Karan overhears what Prithvi is saying and says he will be caught soon.

Karan and Prithvi end up arguing once again. He warns Prithvi and tells him that he will expose him soon.

Karan tells Prithvi that he knows that Janki was shot at because she was going to expose Prithvi. Karan says Janki will soon reveal the name of Prithvi.

Karan pulls Prithvi by collar on taking Preeta's name. His mother and Sarla come over and try to pacify them.

Rithvik tells Monisha that he will tell the name of the mastermind to Luthras and he doesn't care. He tells her that Luthras are nice people. Monisha is worried and thinks that she will have to take things in her own hand.


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