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MUMBAI: Missed an episode of your favorite show? Well, we are here to update you. Read on for written updates on all the shows you love!

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Amyra and Kullfi Emotional

The episode starts with Kullfi and Amyra discussing Sikandar and Lovely. Kullfi does not want Sikandar and Lovely to get divorced and tells Amyra how people used to insult Nimrat in the village and questioned her about Sikandar.

Sikandar sees Amyra and Kullfi hugging and gets happy seeing them together. Amyra sees Sikandar and starts fighting with Kullfi to fool him. Sikandar scolds them for fighting. Amyra tells the same thing to him.

Kullfi and Amyra meet in the school and discuss their new plans and get Sikandar and Lovely for the practice and give them the changed script and tell them to enact it well.

Gunjan finds out Kullfi is trying to unite Sikandar and Lovely with the help of Amyra. She tells the family about Amyra and Kullfi’s plan. Mahendar and Bebe are happy to know that Sikandar is patching up with Lovely.

Sikandar and Lovely try to rehearse the lines and fail to properly voice out. Amyra feels her plan is failing.

Ishqbaaaz: Shivaansh Meets Pankaj Kohli

The episode starts with Aditi and Mohini having a conversation. Aditi gets a call from Nandini for Christmas party.

Avi and Aasya are seen arguing. The reporters are at Nandini’s house party. Nandini is with the orphan kids and gives them chocolates. Aditi comes. Nandini smiles seeing her. Aditi handles the kids. Shivaansh comes there with his team.

Aditi says he has come even here. Nandini thanks him for coming. Shivaansh says we have to come, no matter whether the police call with love or anger. I am the brand ambassador for the police department. Shivaansh sees Aditi. Reporter says the king of action Pankaj Kohli is in a frame with Shivaansh.

Nandini welcomes Pankaj and says we are here to spread joy. Business talks won’t look good. Pankaj taunts Shivaansh, who doesn’t know basics of action. Nandini says we want to show that the police also have a heart and work for welfare of people. Shivaansh’s name comes first when it’s about heart and love. Aditi says not everyone can do action. Shivaansh looks at her. She says sorry, I mean…. Pankaj asks why are you sorry and taunts Shivaansh.

Shivaansh gets angry on Pankaj and asks how dare you talk about my family. Khanna takes Shivaansh out and gives him pills.

Nandini says anger isn’t good for you, you remember what did doctor say, your heart condition… Khanna says how can doctor say that Shivaansh can’t live for long and gets emotional.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Dadi and Naira in Trouble

The episode starts with Kartik being suspicious about why Suhasini is taking Naira to a place that she herself never visits. But Manish tries to keep him busy with work so that Suhasini can visit the doctor easily.

Suhasini is a little nervous while taking Naira to the doctor. A doubtful Kartik also reaches there to look for Naira and Suhasini.

Suhasini is unaware of the police team preparing to raid the clinic. Suhasini and Naira reach the clinic and the police raid the clinic. The sudden panic makes Naira nervous.

Inspector notices a file in Naira’s hands standing in front of the clinic and suspects Naira for coming to the clinic for prenatal sex determination test.

Kartik comes there to defend them and clears to doctor that we don’t need any such test. Inspector agrees to Kartik. Kartik asks Suhasini to call the doctor home.

Naira thinks that Dadi may feel bad they came so far and still couldn’t visit the doctor and asks Kartik to stay. But Suhasini is afraid that Kartik and Naira might be upset to know her real intentions.

Naksh brings Kirti back to her office. Just then, a harshly driving car rushes towards them. Before they meet an accident, a man suddenly pushes them away and saves them. Aditya’s changed behavior confuses Naksh.

Suhasini comes to know that she still has the opportunity to take Naira for the prenatal test.

Naksh is upset as he doesn’t want to leave Kirti alone during her pregnancy. Kirti encourages Naksh to stop worrying about her and go for his work. Late night, Kartik surprises Naira with a Christmas Eve present. He gifts pregnancy diaries to her.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Shivani Attempts Suicide

The episode starts with Moloy and Mohini having a conversation about Anurag. Anurag tries to talk to Mishka and discuss the confusion created. Anupam can clearly see Anurag surrounded by confusions.

Mohini feels blissful to get such a loving girl for her son and takes Mishka out to introduce her to some guests. Anurag is disturbed that sometime before he himself was desperate for Mishka to return and his mother to accept her but why isn’t he excited now.

A shattered Prerna returns home with her broken heart. She is astonished to see Shivani’s lifeless body lying on the floor covered with blood.

A panicked Prerna rushes to shake Shivani to wake up. But Shivani is unconscious. Prerna shouts loud to gather the whole family for help and rush Shivani to hospital.

Mohini gathers all the guests and asks Anurag to express his excitement for this relation. Before Anurag may clear up his opinion to gather words, Moloy comes to know about Shivani’s suicide attempt.

Anurag also gets worried for Prerna and rushes for the hospital with Moloy. Anurag reaches the hospital to support Prerna in the hard times.

Ye Hai Mohabbatein: Raman and Ishita's Cute Moments

The episode starts with family members worrying about Mr. Iyer’s health. Raman tries to talk to Mr. Iyer and tells him that Nisha has been arrested by the police and she has confessed her crime.

Ishita hugs Raman and tells him to be the best son-in-law of the world. Raman asks Ishita to buy him a gift being his secret Santa. Karan calls Sudha informs his mother about the Christmas party.

Ruhi sees Karan talking over the phone and calls him a thief. Sudha hears everything and gets angry at Ruhi. Mrs. Iyer gives soup to Mr. Iyer. Mr. Iyer is happy as he’s proved innocent and there are no offensive charges at him. Raman comes and tells Mr. Iyer to come to the party.

Ishita wraps a gift for Raman. She doesn’t give it to Raman though he insists her to show him his gift. Raman and Ishita shares cute moments and Ishita tells Raman that he will get the gift under the Christmas tree.

Karan checks Rohan’s body temperature and finds it to be normal. Rohan is a week and Karan informs him that Sudha is coming tonight in the party to ruin Bhallas’ celebration.

Rohan doesn’t like Karan’s attitude towards Simmi and so he asks him to respect her as she has done a lot for Rohan.

The Iyers come to the Bhalla house wearing Western outfits. Raman brings wine for the celebration. Everyone enjoys and recalls some beautiful memories. Rohan and Karan come to the party wearing suits.

Raman asks them not to try to be a family member as they are still servants. Simmi requests Raman to let them enjoy as it’s Christmas. Ishita joins the party and everyone appreciates her look.

Ishq Subhan Allah: Kabir Pledges to Never Look at Zara

The episode starts with Ayesha recalling Kabir’s words and coming to Zara. She says I stood by you a lot but when I saw Kabir broken today, I was shocked to not see your real face before. Kabir looks at Zara’s photo angrily and tears it.

Zara says what is shown might not be real. If you are hurt then I am sorry. She makes her sit down and says about my upbringing, my parents used to fight over what I will become. My father saw me taking care of others so he wanted me to become a doctor but then he made me study to help people.

Ayesha says you are a cheap woman who can go to any extent to put your husband down. Zara says if you think your son is great and working for nation, then I think my husband is useless and on wrong path, I will do anything to bring him on path, I will not let anything happen to this house’s respect but I will do everything to make my husband work for nation and world both. Ayesha looks on.

In morning, Zara says it’s difficult to make Kabir get affected and start seeing reality. Kabir comes there angrily. Zara asks what happened? Kabir drags her to main house. All family members are there. Kabir pushes Zara in middle and glares at her and turns Zara away.

Ayesha says I know her behavior is wrong but she is your wife. Kabir says I will not see her face anymore, he turns to leave but Zara stops him and says I challenge you that you will see my face by night.

Zara is in her room and says I have to do it, it’s dangerous but I have to. Zara sees Ruksaar coming here. Ruksaar says you called me here? Zara makes her eat halwa and puts diary near her. Ruksaar sees her marriage photos with Kabir. Ruksaar says I was Kabir’s bride too? You are his bride too? Zara tells her a plan.

Ruksaar is packing. Zeenat asks why she is angry? Ruksaar says why didn’t you tell me that I got married to Kabir? Zeenat says who told you that? Ruksaar says Zara. Zeenat is stunned. Ruksaar tells family that I am Kabir’s wife so I will live with Zara.

Kabir stops Ruksaar and says you are my wife, you will not go. Zara looks on.

Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi Realizes Pragya Still Loves Him

The episode starts with the inspector freeing Abhi and Purab on Pragya’s insistence. Pragya leaves. Disha thanks her. Pragya says whatever I did was for myself.

Inspector asks Abhi to sign and leave. Tanu comes and hugs Abhi. Abhi says this is not your page 3 party. Tanu goes.

Disha comes to Abhi and asks him to go and thanks Pragya. Tanu asks Disha why did she send Abhi to Pragya.

Disha says it was Pragya’s love for her and she couldn’t see his insult. Pragya comes home and thinks not to answer him.

Abhi thinks what does she wants. Pragya thinks she will not look in his eyes, and loves him even now.

Disha and Purab are in the car. He talks about Abhi and Pragya and says they both love each other.

Tanu tells Aaliya that Abhi went to Kiara’s school to steal her admission form as he wanted to know if Kiara is his daughter or not. Aaliya asks why? Tanu says Pragya must have told him that Kiara is not his daughter and that’s why she did this.

Abhi comes to Kiara’s house. Kiara opens the door and hugs Abhi. She tells the Servant that Abhi is her superstar. Abhi hugs Kiara and asks where is your Mamma.

Kiara says she is searching something in the cupboard since morning. Chachi thinks King shall come before Abhi goes.

Kundali Bhagya: Ranveer Comes to the Police Station

The episode starts with Prithvi thinking that he will now show her what he really is and what he is capable of.

Ranveer agrees and when he is about to take the photo, Karan comes in between and they take the photo together, Ranveer starts to praise him or his career in bowling Rishab also comes and meets Ranveer.

Prithvi also jumps in and Ranveer ask him who he is he says that he is Prithvi Malhotra, Ranveer gets suspicious and start to question him.

Preeta also agrees to his words, he bids farewell to everyone but the inspector asks him to come and have a cup of tea in his cabin, he also agrees and goes towards the cabin.

Sherlyn gets very angry on the way she talked with Prithvi, she decides to go to the police station, Prithvi is the phone when Srishti comes and asks what he was doing on the street, he tries to explain himself but she is not convinced.

Ranveer comes and helps Srishti stand up pushing Prithvi away. He gets into is face and says that he knows a person after just looking at his face, he is a scoundrel and he can only say this that he must always respect a women.

Prithvi says that he was just helping her, Ranveer says that she never needed his help. When he turns to Srishti, he says that he can beat him when he tries to harm her.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Kunal Cheers Mishti up

The episode starts with Mauli scolding Ishaan for being crazy. Ishaan asks Mauli if she can’t see his aching heart. Why is she leaving him then.

Mauli runs to hold his hand in concern. Ishaan insists on Mauli marrying him.

Ishaan’s mother reaches hospital and was shocked to see them hand in hand. Kunal, as Santa Clause, hugs Mishti and Pari together and excitedly announces a lot of fun together on Christmas. Mishti and Pari were excited to get their shares.

Santa says he can’t give these gifts to them anymore, these are for best friends and it will take him another year to get new ones. He suggests Mishti and Pari to be friends again.

Mishti and Pari still stand annoyed. Santa turns to leave. Both Pari and Mishti hold his hands. Santa makes the girls hug each other.

Mishti requests Santa to make Ishaan Popsy as her Popsy. Kunal is taken aback. Mishti says she knew he won’t be able to grant her wish. Santa says her Mamma will marry Ishaan soon, and Ishaan will become her Popsy.

Mishti cries that everyone has a Papa but she has none. Kunal thinks Mishti is suffering because of him. Pari now runs to Santa and requests him to fulfil a wish of her as well, she wants Santa that Mauli comes to live with her buddy.

Kunal stands up taken aback, he wonders how he can fulfil her wish. Pari leaves with a smile. Kunal is in a dilemma as to whose wish he must fulfil.

Ishq Mein Marjawan: Aarohi is shocked

The episode starts with Deep pulling Aarohi up and hugging her. Abhi sees them. They run. Tara Abhi and Virat look for them. Deep and Aarohi run. Abhi says to Guru Maa I will fulfil your dream.

Aarohi says you taught me to attack from front. I thought you were a warrior. Abhi says only I will kill deep. Aarohi says I won’t let you.

Abhi says you can’t see anything Aarohi. Deep is a horrible man. He says this is your deep. Aarohi says if deep is with him I will not leave him but if you are lying.. You are dead.

Aarohi comes to Guru Maa and says first tell me the secrets you have been hiding. Why do you want to kill deep? I want all answer. Tara will here in a few minutes.

Guru Maa says I will tell you everything. Open me first Aarohi unties her. Guru Maa shows Aarohi a picture of Guru Maa, Wasu, and Deep. Aarohi is shocked.


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