Have you missed your favorite show last night? Here we offer you a complete written update

written update

MUMBAI: Missed an episode of your favorite show? Well, we are here to update you. Read on for written updates on all the shows you love!

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sikandar Fights With Lovely for Kullfi and Tevar

The episode starts with Amyra promising Sikandar that she won’t be jealous of Kullfi. Sikandar tells everyone that he didn’t find Tevar and Kullfi. Kullfi wants to talk to Sikandar as she believes that Sikandar can never steal Tevar’s song and tries to call him. Tevar meets DK and falls into the misunderstanding that Sikandar has intentionally stolen the song.

Sikandar asks Masterji about Tevar and he scolds him. Sikandar tells him that he wants to take them home. Master tells Sikandar that Tevar has written that song that went viral and blames Sikandar and he gets shocked.

Sikandar comes home and learns about the conspiracy behind ruining Tevar. Sikandar loses his cool knowing Chadda has played with Tevar and Kullfi’s lives and gets angry on Lovely. Amyra gets to see their argument. She gets disturbed.

Meanwhile, Tevar finds out that Kullfi is missing and bashes up the hotel owner in anger and hotel staff calls police and gets him arrested. Sikandar tells Lovely that he will win in keeping his friendship with Tevar and get Kullfi back.

Kullfi is shocked to see that Tevar has been arrested and tries to help him. She calls up Sikandar to seek help. Kullfi takes help from hotel staff to reach Tevar. Tevar gets relieved seeing Kullfi fine.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Goenkas Prepare for Diwali Celebrations

The episode starts with Kartik and Naira sharing a romantic moment together. Dadi wishes for everyone’s happiness and blesses everyone.

Samarth says I am celebrating Diwali with the family after many years, thanks to you two and everyone is spotted happy. Naksh feels bad that Naitik, Dadaji, and Kirti aren’t with us even this year. Devyani says that there is something fishy with Rukmani and Naksh says I will find out.

Everyone at the Goenka house cleans the house and has a good time. Naira and Kartik see gifts and realize that they are celebrating Diwali after two years and didn’t get a gift.

Akhilesh slips on water and Manish helps him. Samarth says you are just ordering us, you can also work. Manish says I can do work easily and the three share a happy moment. Kartik and Naira think of surprising each other.

Ishqbaaaz: Shivaay Confesses Love to Anika

The episode starts with Anika being surprised seeing the starry ambience and Shivaay comes there and they both talk to each other. Nani comes and looks at them and says you both are still meeting each other and tells everyone that you shouldn’t let them meet until the marriage happens. Gauri and Bhavya come to Anika’s team and Om and Rudra come to Shivaay’s team.

Shivaay and Anika decide to meet. Shivaay is about to say something but Om and Rudra separate them and they both make an excuse and go away.

Anika and Shivaay are trying hard to meet each other with the help of Khanna and they read each other’s notes. Anika sees Gauri and Bhavya sleeping. Shivaay sees Om and Rudra sleeping and they meet each other.

Shivaay surprises Anika and says you’re like my pole star. Like it doesn’t change its place, you and your faith were still, I tried to make you go away, but you never went away, I promise no one can replace you in my life, like no star can replace the pole star in the sky.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Divorce Notice for Aaliya And Ruhi

The episode starts with Raman coming home with everyone. He cries thinking of Sudha’s words. Ishita makes him calm and tells him to have faith in God.

Everyone gives their jewellery and says to Raman to clear all his debts and they will solve the problem together. Raman thanks all of them. They all pray.

Ruhi receives a courier and says it’s a court summons for me and Aaliya, and Ishita gets shocked to see divorce notice and they want a compensation of 100 crores for the mental torture. Raman gets angry and says I won’t leave her. Mrs. Bhalla faints. Everyone rushes to her. Sudha says Raman and Ishita’s courage is breaking down, it’s their turn now.

Aaliya and Ruhi decide to talk to Karan and Rohan and call them. After having the argument, Rohan says to Aaliya we shall meet where we first met.

Raman gets frustrated and Ishita makes him calm. Raman says we won’t send our daughters there, I won’t leave Sudha. Ishita says I will go and meet the lawyer. Simmi says I will go with Ishita. They leave.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Anurag Makes a Request

The episode starts with Anurag and Moloy not seeing Navin. Anurag checks Ronita and Navin hides under the bed. Anurag checks her pulse is running, she is alive, maybe she fainted. He sees the marks on her neck and says someone had come here and tried to kill her.

Navin thinks I should have left before they came here and tries to leave. Anurag makes Ronita conscious and she screams seeing Anurag. Navin gets tensed. Ronita says Pradeep had come and Anurag makes her relax and calls the doctor. Moloy checks everywhere and says no one there. Navin leaves from the window.

Prerna sees Anurag tensed and asks what happened, you are scaring me. He says don’t marry Navin. I’m scared for you and worries about her seeing Ronita’s case. Prerna makes him calm and says I am marrying Navin, not Pradeep Basu.

They come to see Ronita. Nivedita asks why did you get this lady home, you aren’t related to her. Navin thinks Anurag has become a problem for me. Mohini says this isn’t right, I know someone tried to kill Ronita, Shivani has seen that car. Shivani says yes, I have seen that car, I couldn’t see that man, but I noted that car number. He says that’s great, what’s the number. Mohini says enough, don’t get into this, you are not a common man, don’t waste your time.

Prerna says it’s not his mistake, it’s my mistake, lying to save Anurag. Mohini scolds Prerna and says you aren’t the bahu of this house to decide who will come here. She asks them to come downstairs and attend the function.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Kunal and Mishti Know Their Relation

The episode starts with Ishaan takes Mishti’s permission to marry Mauli and he will be heartbroken if she says a no, he really wishes to be her Papa. Mishti nods and says yes, Papa. Ishaan holds Mishti in his arms and swirls around and gives his hand for Mauli to put the ring on.

Soon, the lights go off. Mamma wonders what happened to the light. Kunal drags Mamma from the hall and asks her to tell him whose daughter is Mishti.

Mamma asks he has no right to question about it after years. Today is a big day for Mauli’s life, so stop creating drama. He says he only wants to know whose daughter is Mishti.

Mamma tells Kunal that Mauli was broken when Kunal left. She had no reason to live. Mishti came into her life as a ray of hope. They adopted Mishti. The lights were on. Mamma asks Kunal to leave if he respects her.

In the hall, Mauli notices Mamma is tensed. The rings are exchanged, and Ishaan expresses his love towards Mauli. Kunal hears this from behind a curtain.

Dida scolds Mishti as she is eating too many ice-creams. She says Mishti has taken after her father, Kunal was also like this. Kunal hears the conversation. He pulls Mamma aside again and asks if Mishti is his daughter but Mamma tries to avoid Kunal but he makes her swear upon his life.

Mamma says yes, Mishti is his daughter. Kunal is emotionally distressed upon hearing this. Mishti hears this as well and wonders how Pari’s buddy can be her Papa.

Kundali Bhagya: Rithwik and Prithvi Have a Fight

The episode starts with Rithwik pushing Prithvi away asking him to stop because he was the one who was giving Rithwik money and giving a percentage of his profits. Prithvi says from behind that they all know everything.

Rithwik gets angry and says that Karan once told him that if Monisha backs out then he will also back out without charging any case.

Rithwick is begging Prithvi that he will not tell anyone and will not betray him. Prithvi is not convinced saying that he will back out as soon as possible.

Rithwik says to him that he is doing things that are wrong. Prithvi says to him that she cannot help him because she is paralyzed and can do nothing.

Rishab is very worried and talking on the phone, Sarla comes and ask him why he is worried he says that she is the only one who can understand that he is worried and they both hug each other.

Preeta comes and asks what is happening. Sarla says that she is having a hug filled with love with Rishab, Preeta says that she will go, when she leaves Rishab is continuously looking at her Sarla thinks that she is looking at Srishti, he leaves after this.

Dadi ask Karina if she can do something for her, she says her feet are hurting and if she can massage them. She orders her to go and get a new pair of slippers for her. Preeta comes to the hall but is not able to find Janki. She thinks that she will be with Dadi. When she is about to leave, she sees Sherlyn going away from the hall.

Prithvi is holding Rithwik and threatening him to back out from the deal. He almost agrees. Just then, Monisha comes and also puts a knife on his throat. They both threaten him that if he does anything that can harm then they will take the charge back. Prithvi is left standing confused.

Ishq Subhan Allah: Zara and Kabir’s Different Ideas

The episode starts with Zara and Kabir arguing over funds. Ruksaar arrives and asks Zara to share her husband with her. Kabir shouts at Ruksaar. Zara asks what he’s doing, she’s a child. He shouts at Zara too.

Zara explains to Ruksaar that sharing is done with things not humans. Ruksaar apologizes to Kabir. Kabir and Zara soon patch up.

Zara agrees to watch cartoons with Ruksaar and Aman. Zara manages to free herself from the two and reaches her room. Kabir and Zara get into another argument over her delay and Zara tries to make things fine and gets romantic.

The next day at office, Kabir and Zara have a cute moment sharing lunch. Zara is angry that Kabir has not transferred any amount into the girls’ fund account.

The next day, Kabir and Zara are asked to present their points before they arrive at a decision.

Zara says why not teach the kids new syllabus with new features. Kabir says innocent children need old syllabus. That’s why he did not release funds.

Kabir and Zara argue. Both have their points before the Sharia Board. Pir Sahab asks the members to vote and they will take a decision after that.

It’s a tie during voting. Pir Sahab says that decision will be taken after interviewing two children.

Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi Gives His Blood to Kiara

The episode starts with Abhi and Pragya feeling each other presence. Pragya comes to the OT and sees Kiara through window glass. Sunny calls and apologizes, saying that it’s his mistake to which Pragya says it is not your mistake.

Sunny tells Pragya that Abhi went to pray for Kiara and take his help. Tanu tells Aaliya that she will go to hospital as Abhi and Pragya can meet.

Aaliya says they might be doing the paper work as she is his daughter and prays for Kiara so that they can be safe.

Tanu is about to call Abhi to ask about Kiara but Aaliya takes the mobile from her hand and says Abhi will ask you how did you know about Kiara.

Abhi prays to God to save Kiara and pleads. Pragya thinks she did a mistake by hiding the truth, it will be a sin if she hides from him more and thinks he is a good father, and she shall tell him.

She is about to tell him but just then they hear announcement asking Abhi to come to meet the doctor. Doctor tells him that his daughter is a fighter and the operation is successful.

She tells him that Kiara has major blood loss and that she needs 3 units of blood. Abhi realizes that even his blood is B positive and goes to give blood. Pragya cries.

Disha asks Pragya if Kiara is Abhi and her daughter and says she knows about this, and was waiting for her to tell. She asks until when she will hide from all, and asks her to tell Abhi that Kiara is his daughter. Pragya goes to meet Kiara.

Kiara gains consciousness and feels pain. She asks about Superman, Dada, and Sunny. Pragya says Superman went to do your work, Dada is out of Delhi, and Sunny is with his mummy. Kiara asks her to meet her Superman and says he is my superhero.


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