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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

MUMBAI: Missed an episode of your favorite show? Well, we are here to update you. Read on for written updates on all the shows you love!

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sikandar Fails to Help Tevar and Kullfi

The episode starts with Kullfi coming to the police station and requesting the policeman to leave Tevar but he refuses. To which Kullfi says to let Tevar stay in jail as he will get food and water and tells that the cow Billo will take care and Tevar and Kullfi hold hands and cry. The policeman sees all this and let’s Tevar out of jail.

Sikandar come to the police station and get to know that they have already left. Sikandar thinks that Tevar must hate him because of Lovely and her father. Tevar tells Kullfi that he does not trust Sikandar. Kullfi thinks that Sikandar can never do such a thing.

Sikandar reaches school to pay the fees and the principal tells Sikandar that she will end Kullfi’s admission if she does not come back in two days. Sikandar worries where he will look for Kullfi.

Tevar and Kullfi reaches Tevar friend’s house. Kullfi gets happy seeing the house. Tevar says that the house has nothing and they will not be able to stay here.

Kullfi says that they will stay here happily and they both sing and dance together. Some neighbours come and scold Tevar and Kullfi for creating such a ruckus and warns them to stop singing if they want to stay there.

Ishqbaaaz: Shivaay and Anika Locked in a Room

The episode starts with Shivaay and Anika in guesthouse. The watchman locks them inside. They both get restless and started arguing over the cause of chaos.

Meanwhile, the whole family is busy with preparations for Shivaay and Anika’s wedding. Sahil also comes there. Om and Rudra go to check Shivaay and Bhavya and Gauri goes to look for Anika in her room.

But they get astonished to see pillows laid over the bed instead of Shivaay or Anika. Om and Rudra realize that Shivaay is missing and think what will Anika Bhabhi feel when she’ll come to know that her husband is lost.

Gauri and Bhavya are also worried about the missing Anika and suspect if she got upset with Shivaay and ran away. Meanwhile, both teams decide to keep the matter secret because of the worry of breaking the heart of the groom or the bride. Dadi and Nani again order both teams to get the bride and the groom ready soon.

Anika is trying to get out of the guesthouse. Shivaay comments at the mess and says last time only we were present at their wedding and nobody else and this time when all will be present, we shall not be there.

Gauri and Rudra and Om and Gauri are trying to keep everyone distracted to get more time to find Anika and Shivaay. But after ending their story it’s hard to distract Dadi and Nani and they’ve to again return to their search for the bride and the groom.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Dadi Is Angry With Naira; Kartik Worried

The episode starts with the whole family having a gala time celebrating Diwali. Suhasini thanks God for the happily blessed family. Then Kartik surprises Naira by showing her ‘KAIRA’ sparkling high with the crackers in the sky.

After the pooja, Naira goes to check her Diwali gift given by Kartik. But gets astonished to see the decorated present box wholly empty to which Kartik apologizes to Naira and says sorry I forgot and gets tricked by Naira as she also forgot and they both share a romantic moment. Naira is too excited for the next day and waiting for the guests to arrive.

The next day, Suhasini asks Surekha to collect cow dung for the Govardhan Pooja and Naira comes and says I’ll do this. Luv and Kush also come there to join the discussion over Govardhan Pooja and describes the tale in which Lord Krishna picked up Govardhan Parvat to protect the villagers and they all get happy.

Suhasini gets confused to see Naira’s vast preparations for the guests. Finally, the awaited guests arrive at the Goenka villa and Naira is most happy to meet them. Gaayu is yet to arrive and Naksh apologizes to Kartik for his over interference in front of everyone. Kartik forgives Naksh after a hug.

In between the reunion, Shankari thinks the grand celebration is organized because Naira is pregnant. Suhasini is upset with so many guests at their house and gets angry with Naira. Someone listens to their conversation.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita's Plan Against Sudha

The episode starts with Aliya, Ruhi, Rohan, and Karan meeting. Aliya and Ruhi tell Rohan and Karan to remove the clause of compensation. The waiter serves coffee to them and it falls all over on Rohan’s shoe.

The waiter apologizes and tries to clean his shoes but Rohan asks Aliya to clean it if they want to remove the clause and announces everyone to look. Ruhi stops Aliya but she does according to Rohan’s instruction.

Ishita and Simmi come out of the lawyer’s chamber and worry about the situation. Aliya pulls Rohan’s leg and makes him fall on the floor. As Karan goes to save Rohan, Ruhi catches his collar. Aliya kicks Rohan’s chest. She warns Rohan to be aware of women as a woman can piss you off if you put her down.

Aliya and Ruhi warn them. Everyone claps for Ruhi and Aliya. Ruhi asks Rohan and Karan to sign the papers as they all want a mutual divorce. Rohan and Karan are ready to sign the papers but on the condition that Raman has to beg in front of them by holding their legs, to which Ruhi and Aliya get angry.

The waiter gives Karan and Rohan a video recording where he has only recorded the part where Aliya and Ruhi were warning them. Rohan thinks that Sudha will be happy after seeing the video as their case will become stronger.

Ishita gets angry on Rohan and Karan and decides to teach them a lesson. Sudha calls media to act in front of them to show her pain.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Anurag and Prerna Complete a Ritual

The episode starts with Anurag and Prerna looking for Navin. Mohini tells them that he has gone from here while Navin is hiding outside a window and she tells Anurag to wait until Ronita becomes conscious.

Navin says I have to kill this Ronita before she comes to her senses. Anurag spots Navin’s shoes and once again goes to look for him beyond the window gallery. He tells the servant to close all the windows properly. Navin slips and falls on a pile of boxes that are on a truck and curses Anurag.

Madhuri wonders where has everyone gone and gets a call from Navin to meet him. She meets him and Navin tells her he could not kill Ronita and worries. Madhuri makes him calm and says only three days we have to manage things and tells him to go inside as Anurag will doubt him.

Anurag comes in the kitchen and helps Prerna to hold the big thali and perform the ritual unintentionally. Veena and Prerna’s sister are shocked to see Prerna and Anurag have already performed the pre-marriage ritual together. Mohini sees this and Anurag apologizes. Mohini takes a cloth and wipes off the footprints of Anurag and Prerna as everyone looks on.

Navin comes, he makes an excuse for his absence, Anurag notices that Navin has changed into red shoes, Madhuri goes into Ronita’s room. She takes a cushion to suffocate her but stops as Moloy comes out of the bathroom.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Kunal Learns the Truth About Mishti

The episode starts with the engagement ceremony of Mauli and Ishaan. Kunal’s mom is tensed as Kunal knows the truth. Ishaan ask for his daughter Mishti.

Mishti is all alone in the room and thinks about Kunal. Kunal is walking on the road and thinking about Mishti and a car hits him.

Ishaan and Mauli came to Mishti. Mauli says Mishti cried and slept. Ishaan asks anything happen. Dida tells Ishaan and Mauli to go and have fun, they will take care of Misthi. Kunal comes to the room and Pari hugs him and makes him sit on sofa and applies antiseptic on his arm.

Ishaan surprises Mauli. Kunal recalls the past of Mauli saying she is not pregnant and about divorce papers and says why you lied to me. Ishaan makes Mauli happy.

Ishaan give some gift to Mauli and they make wishes. Kunal’s mom is worried. Mauli enters the room in a happy mood. Suddenly, Kunal comes and tells everyone who is the original father of Mishti and confronts Mauli.

Mauli says you have no rights towards Mishti and tells him about how he left her for Nandini. Mauli says why she never told him about the pregnancy. Mishti listens to everything.

Ishq Mein Marjawan: Wasu Kicks Deep out of the House

The episode starts with Deep running from the police. Aarohi hears noises and goes to Wasu’s room and sees broken glass. Aarohi says I will do pooja in my room. Deep is disguised as a guard and goes to Wasu’s room and tells Abhi said to check all rooms.

Deep comes to Wasu and says all these accusations are fake. This is all a game against me. I only care about you. She gets angry on him. Deep says Maa please be with me. Wasu shouts and says Deep is here. Everyone gathers outside the room. Virat breaks the door and comes in and they both have an argument.

Tara says my mother picked you from a road. I did everything for you and you used me. She slaps him. Wasu shoves Deep and says get out of this house.

Deep recalls what he did with Aarohi. Abhi says I work for Maaji not you. Deep says Maa please trust me once. Wasu says you are dead for me.

Deep is sleeping on the road. She says I love seeing you this way. Your whole power is over. You made fun of my life. You took everything from me so I did the same. She gives him a penny. He says when you find out what happens your life would be ruined.

Kumkum Bhagya: Tanu Makes Dadi Fall and Calls Abhi

The episode starts with Pragya sitting with Kiara and kissing her forehead. She thinks he is really a superman and thinks of Disha’s words and says I love him, but can’t tell you or him.

Tanu takes marbles from the vase and puts on the staircase and calls Dadi and Dasi. She tells Dadi that Dasi’s leg got twisted and is calling her. Dadi is climbing down the stairs, when Aaliya sees marbles on the stairs and alerts her, but Dadi steps on the marbles and falls down the staircase. Aaliya shouts at Tanu and says you are impossible.

Abhi gives blood for Kiara and looks at Kiara from outside and calls Pragya. Pragya thinks what I will tell him that I have hidden this truth from him and kept his daughter away from him and decides to tell him that she is Abhigya, not Kiara.

Abhi and Pragya are not able to meet. The doctor comes and talks to Pragya. Tanu calls Abhi and tells him that Dadi fell down from the stairs and is badly hurt. He says he is coming. Tanu thinks I have won Pragya and you have lost again.

Abhi rushes home and asks Dadi how is she. She asks Abhi about Kiara’s accident. Dadi says if I had known that you was with Kiara then I wouldn’t have let you come and asks Abhi to go. Tanu is determined to not let Abhi go.

Disha thinks don’t know why Pragya is doing this and not informing Abhi about her. Pragya comes and asks Disha if everything is fine at home. Disha thinks she shall not trouble Pragya by telling her about Dadi.

Ishq Subhan Allah: Kabir Takes Aman to Madarsa

The episode starts with Kabir and Zara in a car. They both argue and come home. Aman runs to Zara and cries, Aman says I failed. Zara motivates him.

Kabir says to Aman that I will put you in school where you will learn religion and education both. Kashan says he will study in same school where he is.

Kashan asks Zeenat why she wants to send Aman to Kabir’s school to which Zeenat says Aman is more respected, I want Aman to be like Kabir.

Zara thinks about Kabir’s words to send Aman to madarsa and is tensed. Ruksaar and Aman are playing in Zara’s room. Ruksaar insists to send her too to madarsa. Zara makes her understand and argues with Kabir.

Roshan says to Zeenat why are you doing this? She says Aman will go to madarsa. Kabir brings Aman to the madarsa and recalls what Zara said. He says I promise Aman will study here. The principal says thank you.

Aman comes home and hugs Dadi and Ayesha says you look like Kabir.

Kundali Bhagya: Karina’s Pretense

The episode starts with both the Dadis having a lot of fun and Sarla comes and joins them. Karina sees the reports and thinks of a plan and acts that her feet twisted. Everyone comes.

Srishti gets worried and asks Sarla to not scold her. Sarla says that Karina will never forget it.

Preeta and Karina reach the room. Karan comes and asks her if she is okay, Preeta goes to get the reports. Sherlyn hears this and follows Monisha.

Rithwik comes and asks what happened. She says that she has decided that they will no longer help Prithvi. Sherlyn hears their takes and decides to tell Prithvi.

Rishab taunts Dadi and leaves to get the papers. Sherlyn calls Prithvi and tells him that they both must get the reports before the Luthras. He is not able to understand but then remembers and she tells him that it is underneath Monisha’s feet.

Preeta walks towards Monisha and asks her to give the document because it is of immense importance. She at first agrees but then after blackmailing, tears it.


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