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MUMBAI: Missed an episode of your favorite show? Well, we are here to update you. Read on for written updates on all the shows you love!

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Tevar Missing

The episode starts with Sikandar wishing that Tevar doesn’t tell anything to Kullfi or Amyra. Kullfi wakes up and finds Tevar missing. Sikandar learns that Tevar has gone and tells Kullfi the same. Kullfi gets sad when Sikandar tells her that Tevar learned the truth about her and he will raise her now.

Amyra learns that Tevar has left her forever and feels guilty that Kullfi is left alone and worries that Sikandar won’t let Kullfi go away now. Amyra asks Kullfi to just leave from her house. Kullfi is sad and leaves from the house and reaches the temple, where she sings and appeals to the Goddess and seeks answers.

Moreover, Sikandar gets angry on Lovely and reads Tevar’s emotional letter. Kullfi gets happy to meet Sattu after a long time. Sikandar tells Lovely that he wants to adopt Kullfi.

Kullfi tells everything to Sattu and asks him about her father. To which Sattu says that Sikandar is her father, which makes her happy. Sikandar looks for Kullfi at home and finds her missing. Kullfi gets angered thinking that Sikandar is the one who troubled her mother a lot.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik Worried for Naira

The episode starts with Kartik and Naira being happy to get many awards for many titles. They thank everyone and enjoy with one and all dancing. Kartik and Naira deliver a romantic performance. Badi Nani falls down unconscious on the floor.

Dadi see her and tells everyone about the same and gets restless. Naira pacifies Dadi and Badi Nani gets conscious and tells them that she is absolutely fine. Naira invites everyone for the family photo shoot. Dadi gets worried about Gayu being around Kartik.

Naira tries to make Kartik realize about family planning. Kartik gets stressed about her recovery and explains it to her when she keeps her stand regarding motherhood.

Gayu also desires that Naira gets free of all problems. Dadi gets irked with Gayu. Naira gets more determined to have a child.

Ishqbaaaz: Shivaay Warns Sahil; Priyanka Lies to Shivaay

The episode starts with Shivaay coming to take Priyanka and asking about Jai but she make excuses and says that he went out for important work. Meanwhile, Jai comes there and tells him that they are relocating to the US next month. Shivaay requests him to live with him until they live in India.

Suryakant shares his and Prithvi’s childhood memories with the Oberois. Bhavya suspects if Prithvi stole Suryakant’s special thing too and he says yes pointing towards Kalyani. Rudra comments it might be your girlfriend.

Suryakant diverts everyone and plans to organize a Qawwali night in Prithvi’s memory. Om and Rudra feel strange about Suryakant’s behavior with Dadi. Suryakant says to Kalyani I’ll pour out my heart in front of everyone.

Shivaay returns to Oberoi mansion with Priyanka and shares the good news to everyone that Jai sold his house and next month they are going to shift in the US. Until then, Jai and Priyanka will stay with them. He is unaware about Jai’s evil intention.

Om says that Priyanka’s wedding was the last wedding of Oberois and we didn’t enjoy. To this Suryakant comments yet my and Kalyani… before he can say something Kalyani pretends to be unwell to distract everyone.

Thereafter, Shivaay goes to talk to Sahil about his interference in their account books through Khanna and gets angry on him for misbehaving with Khanna. Jai also tells Shivaay that he’s competing with him for the Global TNC project.

Anika suspects something strange to see Dadi but Shivaay convinces her that it’s normal.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Shivani Learns About Prerna’s Sacrifice

The episode starts with Anurag being happy when Siddharth says that it will be easy for them to get Naveen and Madhuri’s marriage certificate.

Madhuri is restless thinking where did Anurag go in a hurry. Anurag is feeling upset for Ronita and says to Siddharth that he is sure that Madhuri did something with her that day.

Meanwhile, Shivi confronts Prerna over the house eviction letter and yells at her for marrying Naveen. Prerna stops Shivi from showing it to everyone and not even to Anurag.

Anurag is trying to get Naveen and Madhuri’s marriage certificate but the officer refuses to give any details. Anurag gets angry.

Prerna’s haldi rituals continues and she recalls all the moments she spend with Anurag. Naveen comes and applies haldi to Prerna while Prerna feels uncomfortable.

Ye Hai Mohabbatein: Sudha Traps Raman and Ishita

The episode start with Ishita and Sudha arguing in the office, and the other heads blame Raman and ask him to apologize in front of the ex-employee’s daughter. Raman explains to them that this is a false allegation and loses his temper. Sudha shouts at him and ask Ishita and Raman to leave the office.

Meanwhile, Karan and Rohan think about when Sudha will take them out. Ruhi and Aliya come and trouble them. Karan gets angry and says that they will never accept them as their wives. Ruhi and Aliya insult them.

Ishita and Raman tell the family that Sudha has played a new game. Karan and Rohan taunt them. Bhallas worry about Sudha’s move against Raman. Mihika catches Rohan and Karan red-handed listening to the Bhallas’ conversation and warns them.

Ruhi opens the door and finds Sudha. Sudha calls Rohan and Karan and they come running and start eating the food brought by Sudha. Sudha gives Raman a letter where it is stated that until the case is solved, Raman is not allowed to come to the office. Rohan and Karan make fun of Raman.

Sudha puts a condition in front of Bhalla to get back her sons and in return she will manage the case and the allegation against Raman. Ishita knows that this was Sudha’s plan.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Mauli and Kunal Spend Time With Pari

The episode starts with Kunal wanting to speak to Mauli in the kitchen. But Pari calls Mauli in. In the room, Pari is spotted happy with Mauli, and Kunal comes to the room and smiles watching Pari and thanks Mauli for coming over to take care of Pari.

Kunal gets a call from Mamma and tells her that Pari got better watching Mauli here. Mamma is pleased and feels it’s good Mauli went there.

Dida comes behind Mamma and hears the conversation and asks her where Mauli is. Mamma replies that Mauli went to meet Pari and assures her that Mauli and Kunal have moved on in their lives. Dida says this is half-true. Kunal has moved on in life, but Mauli still stands where she was.

Mauli explains to Kunal that Ishaan sent her here. Kunal says he is happy for Mauli that she got a caring man like Ishaan. He says Mishti must be waiting for Mauli. Pari comes to request Mauli to play a single game. Afterwards she will listen to whatever Mauli asks her.

Kunal, Mauli, and Pari play Ludo. Kunal is offended that the snake wins against him. Mishti comes to Dida and asks about Mauli and insists on calling her.

Kunal cheats during Ludo. Mauli recalls Kunal’s earlier betrayal. Kunal notices Mauli appearing disturbed. She gets a call from Mishti. Kunal asks Pari to let Mauli leave, she is getting late.

Pari says she is ready to share her buddy. Can Mishti also share her Mamma? Mauli and Kunal look towards each other.

Ishq Subhan Allah: Kabir Confesses His Feelings to Zara

The episode starts with Zara standing near the door and waiting for Kabir. Kabir comes there and refuses to listen to her and says now go complain to parents.

Kashan comes there and says Kabir you can’t talk to her like that. Zeenat comes there asks Kabir to make Ruksaar drink milk. Kabir makes her drink milk and leaves with her.

Ruksaar is spotted recalling her past. All family members are tensed. Ruksaar brings her wedding ceremony card and shows it to everyone. Ruksaar says I found it in the store room. All are stunned.

Zara calls the doctor and says I want to talk about Ruksaar. The doctor says I talked to Kabir, you can ask him, he ends the call. Zara sees Ruksaar sitting with Kabir and sits there. Kabir thinks he is imagining Zara again and says I am angry but I miss talking to you. Zara says you can talk to me and asks what did doctor say about Ruksaar?

Kabir says they said that anything could trigger her memory. Kabir says I have meeting tomorrow. Zara says you will be successful, you look best working. Zara thinks this is the first time I saw his love in anger.

Ishq Mein Marjawan: Aarohi Plans to Kill Deep

The episode starts with Deep receiving a huge gift on his birthday and saying I know this is you Aarohi. Aarohi comes there as Laila and starts dancing around Deep. Tara says Aarohi I will kill you today but Virat stops her. There is smoke. Virat and Tara feel like fainting.

Deep comes close to Aarohi and says to Aarohi you have to eat this cake first. She says here’s your birthday surprise. She presses a button and the lights turn off. Deep says you can’t run from me like this.

Deep looks for Aarohi. She goes in a room. It is all dark. Deep coughs. He says you can’t save yourself from me Aarohi. Virat says we have to stop that Manpreet. Abhi wonders where is Aarohi.

Aarohi is in a dark room as Manpreet. Deep comes there and says Manpreet you here? He shouts. Everyone looks for Deep. Tara sees blood on the floor. She follows it and sees Deep lying in blood.

Kumkum Bhagya: King’s Strong Belief in Pragya

The episode starts with Pragya deciding to tell King about Abhi and thinking it is already late. King calls Pragya repeatedly. Pragya and Tarun come there. King asks Tarun to go to his room and asks Pragya what Chachi was saying.

He tells that she said that Abhi came yesterday night and was in your room with my Kiara and scolds Pragya as he wants to see her reaction. But he is normal with everything as he knows Abhi and Pragya are just friends.

Abhi thinks his daughter didn’t have the name Abhigya, but he got the daughter. He thinks his daughter was snatched from him and he missed all the beautiful moments. He thinks now he knows the truth and wants to spend all his time with her. He says I will go to my daughter.

Abhi asks Disha not to lie and tells her that you know since many days and that’s why you used to call her often. He says I felt many times that Kiara is my daughter. I asked her why she is copying me, she said that it is in her blood and she is not copying. He says I didn’t understand that she is my daughter.

Disha says when Kiara fell down from stairs, I went to drop her and saw Pragya’s picture there. When she asked her, Kiara said she is her mum. She tells him that when she wanted to tell him, Purab stopped her and then she couldn’t tell him.

Abhi says I came to know myself and tells her that he wouldn’t let her go away from him. He gets upset with Disha.



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