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MUMBAI: Missed an episode of your favorite show? Well, we are here to update you. Read on for written updates on all the shows you love!

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Kullfi Learns the Truth

The episode starts with Sattu telling Kullfi that Sikandar is her father, and she gets happy and thinks of all the good memories she have spent with him. She also recalls her mother’s words that her father had gone leaving them aside.

Meanwhile, Sikandar is worried as Kullfi is not in the house. Mohender and Gunjan return home. Kullfi gets angry with Sattu and asks him whether Sikandar is a good man or a bad man.

Sikandar hears Amyra saying that she is very happy that Kullfi has gone away.

He gets angry and scolds her and Lovely. Sattu tells Kullfi that he did not want Sikandar to know that Kullfi is his daughter as he hated him and Sikandar does not know that Nimrat is dead.

Kullfi says to Sattu that Sikandar is taking good care of her and has fought with Lovely and Amyra for her. Kullfi asks Sattu why Sikandar left her mother. Sattu says that only Sikandar can answer her questions.

Sikandar tells Lovely that she will not be able to separate them and that she will come back. Sattu tells Kullfi that he will do only what she wants.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Gayu Advises Naira

The episode starts with the doctor informing Kartik and Naira about the reports and saying that everything is fine and Kartik informs everyone at home.

Everyone get relieved, and Dadi says now Gayu can return peacefully. Gayu says yes and talks about her exhibition and Samarth appreciates her. Dadi sees them.

Meanwhile, Kirti comes and surprises Naksh and shares a cute moment with him.

Naira is spotted in the hospital taking tension about how to convince Kartik. Kartik comes and agrees to her but not at the cost of her health and disappears.

Everyone is feeding sweets to Kirti and Naira comes and sees them. Gayu comes and suggests to her to make Kartik understand by some other way like adopting a puppy.

Dadi says to Samarth that you will also need a life partner and advises him about marriage.

Naira is surprised and happy to see that Kartik got a puppy. Gayu says see we were talking and he got a puppy. Everyone agrees to keep the puppy at home. Naira smiles.

Ye Hai Mohabbatein: Raman Tackles the Issue

The episode starts with Sudha demanding to take her sons in exchange for removing the allegation from Raman. Ruhi and Aliya don’t agree with Sudha’s deal. Rohan and Karan request Sudha not to leave them with the Bhallas.

Ishita and Raman discuss how to find the solution of the problem and go to take help from Shagun. Rohan and Karan misbehave with Mihika. To which Mihika and Aliya get an idea and teach them a lesson.

Everyone is searching for Payel and Ishita. Mani, and Ruhi reach Payel’s house but she doesn’t say anything.

Ishita promises to help her if needed. Payel misunderstands their words and tells them that she will punish Raman in court for his deed.

Ishqbaaaz: Shivaay, Om, and Rudra Doubt Surya and Dadi

The episode starts with the Qawwali competition between the ladies and gentlemen. Suryakant begins the function with a Qawwali indirectly dedicated to Kalyani. To which Kalyani astonishes everyone by replying to Suryakant with her Qawwali. Everyone dances and enjoys.

Suryakant tells Kalyani that he will wait for her at the poolside. Through the Qawwali night, Jai also gets an opportunity to trouble Shivaay and make him lose.

After the Qawwali night, the whole family goes to sleep, but Shivaay, Om, and Rudra can’t sleep and come to the poolside. Meanwhile, Dadi is also heading towards the poolside to meet Suryakant in a saree and sees them and falls into Suryakant’s arms. Suryakant sings a song for her and Kalyani hides herself and Suryakant.

Shivaay suspects someone and they all start searching for the person. As Dadi sends Suryakant back, she lies to them that she is coming back from a jagrata. But they all find something fishy.

Priyanka asks Jai to behave like a normal husband in front of her family. The next morning, Shivaay hands over the bid to Om and Rudra for the deal and comes to know that Dadi and Suryakant were singing the same song. Shivaay and Omkara suspect some connection between Kalyani and Suryakant.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Naveen Wants to Kill Anurag

The episode starts with Naveen saying to Prerna that everyone will forget Anurag soon, even you. Anurag and Sid are spotted trying hard to get documents. Naveen feels Anurag is after me again. Prerna thinks why does Naveen look worried.

Anurag sees a married couple and thinks of Prerna. Sid comes and says this is Naveen’s marriage certificate, Naveen is married to Madhuri. Anurag says yes, this is the actual proof, now Naveen will be exposed, everyone will know his true face

Anurag gets Naveen’s video call and he asks him where is he and drops the phone when Anurag says that I won’t let this marriage happen. He thinks did he get my marriage certificate, why did he say this. Prerna picks the phone and asks where is Anurag.

He goes from there and says to Madhuri I think Anurag has gone to marriage registrar office to get our marriage certificate, we will be behind bars. He says Anurag can’t snatch Prerna from me, I can go to any extent to save you and me, and marry Prerna. and decides to kill Anurag. She gets shocked.

Prerna thinks of Anurag and says where did Anurag go. Did he go to get evidence against Naveen. Anurag and Sid are on the way. Anurag says finally, we got the proof, Naveen will be exposed, Prerna won’t go anywhere now. Prerna calls Anurag and he says I will come and talk to you, it’s against Naveen.

Ishq Subhan Allah: Zara Sees Real Face of Shahbaz

The episode starts with Kabir and Imran meeting investors. Investors make fun of him to which he gets angry and grabs his collar. At home, Kabir says to Kashan that the investors were making fun of my dress so I taught them well. Kashan says you destroyed everything for me. I do business with them. He insults him and Kabir gets hurt by his words.

Zara tries to stop him and Zeenat calms Kashan and takes him from there. Zara comes to Kabir but he shakes his head and leaves. All are tensed. Kabir screams and cries in his room.

Zeenat gives charity for Kashan and says you made me proud today and I can proudly say that Zara and Kabir are living on our favors, we are raising them.

Shahbaz comes there and hugs Kabir and he says to her that I did everything to fulfill your dream and now Kashan taunted me in front of all, in front of my wife. She says I want to tell you that Kashan and you are different, Kashan runs this house but your work is not to earn money, your mission to make this house proud and recites poetry for him.

Kabir. Zara hears all this standing on door and says I will make him realize that you can be successful only when you run your world and religion side by side.

Shahbaz says to Kashan that this is my vision. We just have to make sure that Kabir runs on path we have defined for him and then we will be fine. Kashan hugs him. Zara is stunned to hear all that and thinks to tell everything to Kabir.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Mauli’s Feelings About Kunal

The episode starts with Pari hugging Mauli. Kunal apologizes to Mauli as Pari doesn’t realize what she wants. Mauli says it’s her mistake, she shouldn’t have come here. She lied to Mishti and Kunal says that they must maintain distance for the sake of their kids.

Mauli comes and Mishti runs and questions her. Mauli is irritated and replies she went to meet Pari and makes her understand. Mishti hugs Mauli with a smile.

There, Kunal tries to feed Pari who dislikes the food and says Mauli Aunty’s soup was tasty and she knew how to feed it as well. Kunal makes her understand by a trick. Mauli recalls her close moment with Kunal as soon as she shuts her eyes, then jerks the thoughts off her mind.

Ishaan asks what he was doing to her in her dream and that she called him jaana. Mauli was nervous and leaves from there.

Dida recognizes her worry from the time she returned from Kunal’s house. Dida says it seems Mauli hasn’t been able to forget Kunal. Mauli denies her claim. Pari stands in front of the temple corner and prays to God for the fulfillment of her wishes that Mauli becomes her Mamma.

In the medical camp site, Mauli is tensed at once and calls for help from some child specialist. Someone taps her back. Both are shocked to see each other.

Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi Talks to King

The episode starts with Pragya coming to King’s room and saying I value our relationship and that’s why I want to say this. She says Mr. Mehra. Just then Kiara comes there. King says sorry and says that I was not with you when you needed me. Kiara says but superman was with her and he didn’t make her miss him.

Abhi thinks Disha told me about her helplessness, but why did Pragya hide from me. He thinks of Kiara and says your Papa loves you. He recalls his moments with her and meets with an accident, but stops car at the right time. He comes to Pragya’s house and Kiara sees Abhi and runs to him calling him superman.

Abhi asks Pragya will you come back to me. Please say. Pragya says I have moved on in life and can’t come in your life. She closes the door. Abhi thinks I won’t let you close door on my face. I will take Kiara with me and will not plead in front of you.

Abhi comes to King’s house and says to him that one cannot trust a woman and says you think you know everything about them, and when you come to know about them then it is too late. King says I understand. Abhi says you don’t understand and says you can never know what I am going through and feels jealous of him.

Pragya comes to school to drop Kiara and has fun with her and Kiara asks her to be happy like mogambo. Pragya thinks she called me with the name by which Abhi used to call me, mogambo. Abhi comes to the school in his car and looks on.

Kundali Bhagya: Everyone Is Trying to Escape From the Robbers

The episode starts with robbers saying that they will shoot Janki. Prithvi gets scared, wondering if anyone comes he will die.

The robber asks if she wants to die in front of a celebrity, she says that she will die when Karan is here. Prithvi thinks that it is the right thing as he will now be safe.

The robber catches everyone and then takes them to the shop. Sherlyn asks them to not kill her and kill Janki as she is the aunt of the Luthras. The robbers get mad at knowing this story and decide to kill her.

Prithvi hides in a store and thinks Janki will recognize him and he will die or be killed.

He sees some sarees and thinks of a plan and decides to wear one thinking of what he has to do to keep fighting with the goons.

Monisha says to Rithwik that Rishab’s brother is doing a lot for Rithwik. The deal that he made was true so she decides to tell him the truth.

Sherlyn calls the robbers and says that she doesn’t want to die because she is pregnant and has to take care of herself as it will affect her child. The robbers bring the Luthras as their hostage back to the shop. Sherlyn gets very scared.


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