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          MUMBAI: Missed an episode of your favourite show? Well, we are here to update you. Read on for written updates on all the shows you love! 

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Kullfi and her gang escape from Amma Ji! 

The episode begins with Loveleen asking Sikander if he wants to know about Kulfi's whereabouts. Sikander taunts her and tells her that he doesn't fall for false promises and will find his Kulfi.

He then says that Loveleen will have to deal with this hell now. Loveleen then tells him that wherever Kulfi is, she is well and healthy.

Kulfi and her gang are making their hot air balloon while Sikander is struggling with Amyra as he is teaching her singing. Amma Ji suspects that the kids are up to something dramatic, which she tells Rajan.

The kids are trying to sneak all their belongings from the dorm. However, Amma Ji catches them and asks Kulfi and another boy to accompany her to her office.

Amyra is being very sentimental that her participating in the contest will make Sikander proud. However, Sikander clarifies too her that he is proud of her no matter what her talents are. Amyra then tells him that she knows he's thinking about Kulfi.

He only has to deal with her for some time and when she dies, he can bring Kulfi back home. Sikander tells her to not talk such things and tells her that she will sing and it will all be okay.

Kulfi and her friend pretend to puke and make Amma Ji excuse them. However, after they leave, Amma Ji feels that perhaps they are trying to make a fool out of her. So she asks Rajan to search for the kids. The kids are assembled in the terrace, trying to kickstart their hot air balloon.

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Shivani stops Anurag from applying sindoor on Komolika

The episode begins with Komolika entering Prerna's room to taunt her about playing Holi with herself. However, Prerna smiles and states that she wasn't playing Holi with herself. Once again, their war of words takes place where they state how Anurag belongs to them. To prove a point, Prerna tells Komolika to check for Anurag in the room. Komolika checks behind the curtain but doesn't find Anurag. Prerna then asks Komolika to check under the bed. Komolika gives him a call and is shocked to see that he is under the bed. Mohini gets asked by her friends about Prerna and Anurag's relationship. As usual, Mohini is snarky and passes snide comments. Anupam notices Veena and Shivani and decides to greet them.

Shivani and Anupam then head to Anurag's room to check if Prerna is there when Nivi notices them. She calls out to him, so Anupam asks Shivani to go ahead and he will follow. Komolika is furious at Anurag and while Anurag tries to explain himself, Komolika doesn't want to listen to him. As Komolika storms out of the room, Anurag follows her but not before telling Prerna that he hates her.

Anurag finally catches up with Komolika and gives her a good explanation that he followed her and accidentally put colour on her. His excuse works on her as she buys it. However, Komolika goes to her room and gets a sindoor box from there.

Shee tells Anurag that if he wants to gain her trust again, he will have to apply sindoor on her forehead. Komolika's plan is basically to complete her marriage rituals by making Anurag apply sindoor on her forehead. That way, her marriage will be valid and Prerna will realize too. Anurag has no option but to do as peer Komolika's wish so that she doesn't harm Prerna. All this while, Prerna is watching them and is too shocked.

Just when Anurag is about to apply the sindoor, Shivani spots them and immediately throws a water balloon on her head. Komolika flips out and starts throwing tantrums at Shivani for doing that. As Komolika leaves to get changed, Anurag goes to Shivani and thanks her. While Shivani and Prerna greet each other and go to Veena, Anupam meets Anurag and they both meet Mohini.

Anupam tells Anurag that Veena wants him to be present for the Holi ritual with Prerna. Komolika plans to spike Prerna's drink and make her sign the document where she forfeits the marriage with Anurag. Veena conducts the Holi ritual with Anurag and Prerna.
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira regains her memory

The episode starts with Kartik asking Krishna ji why do you always take test of my love, you always do this and everything gets spoiled. Naira gets the memory flashes. He says I can’t apologize to Naira, as she doesn’t remember anything, why can’t you pity me, please make me meet Naira.

Naira recalls Kartik and her dance, when she sees the kids dancing. Kartik says it is holi, what would you do if this happened with you, my Radha is upset with me, my holi is colourless, please fill colors in it, destroy Naira’s anger.

Naira hears a lady naming a baby Kaira and thinks of Kartik. Kartik says you have to understand my love, please do something. Naira runs away and collides with some ladies. Naksh and Gayu miss seeing her. Naira goes. Gayu says how will Kartik and Naira patch up.

Dadi says I hope everything is fine. Everyone looks for them. Kirti thinks I feel guilty, they may get away instead of coming close. She prays. Naira recalls rushing to meet Kartik, Krish and her accident. Lav and Kush see Naira and Kartik. They go to tell Kartik. They say look where is Naira going that way.

Kartik sees Naira and runs after her. Naira recalls her marriage vows. She cries and runs. Kartik shouts Naira. She says what’s happening to me. She slips and falls down the hilly area. Kartik hears some sound and runs to see. He sees someone drowning and struggling in the lake. He shouts Naira and jumps into the lake.

It starts raining. He looks at her. She cries and says there was no reason to be angry on you, you didn’t do anything wrong, you have done that for me, even if I think about Krish, I feel Kirti was not in state to take care of baby.

She recalls reading Kartik’s letter. She says I am sorry, I read the letter you wrote to me, I remember now, I had thought to meet you and tell you that I understand what you must have gone through, how you must have handled all that alone, how nervous and guilty you had been, everyone blamed you, me too, no one supported you, when I realized that you are not wrong, then I called you to the park, I wanted to tell you that you aren’t at fault, I am not upset with you, then that truck and accident. I am sorry, I forgot the past and you had to handle everything alone, I wasn’t angry with you. She hugs him. She says you can do anything for my happiness, how can you hurt me. He says I love you Naira. She says I know that my Kartik loves me a lot, I love you so much Kartik. He says you remember everything. She nods and says yes, I can recall my past, and the dance academy, Sid, our love, dance, everything. He hugs her.

He says you are too cute Krishna ji, you have put me in this situation and then fixed everything, you take our tests, I know, I missed you so much. She says I missed you too.

Dadi says did they drink thandai. Kirti says they didn’t drink thandai. Manish says I don’t want any new troubles. Dadi says misunderstanding or any person can’t come between them. Devyaani says its holi, everything will be fine.

Some lady comes with ghunghat and greets Dadi. She says its me, your Kittu’s wife, do you remember our marriage. Dadi asks what nonsense. The lady says what to do if you are lying. Everyone asks who are you, tell us. The lady lifts the ghunghat. Dadi gets shocked.
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