Have you missed your favourite show last night? Here we offer you a complete written update

Here we offer you a complete written update

MUMBAI: Missed an episode of your favourite show? Well, we are here to update you. Read on for written updates on all the shows you love!

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Navin wants to Marry Prerna

The episode starts with Navin showing a log of fire that would have burnt Prerna’s feet. He tells her that she has very beautiful feet. She gets uncomfortable. Prerna is not liking the way Navin is looking at her. Rajesh gets a call and someone informs him that the land through which he was getting some money was destroyed due to the floods and the buyer won’t buy it now. He is worried as he doesn’t know how to repay back Moloy.

At Dashami puja, everyone is enjoying Sindoor Kela. Prerna is enjoying too. Navin is coming towards her but a hot coal falls on his legs and he gets hurt. Prerna is unaware of his intention and continues to enjoy the function.

Navin comes and tells Mohini that he wants to marry Prerna. She is shocked and tells him that there is a lot of age difference, and she is also from a middle-class family. He tells her that he will prove to her that they are made for each other.

Prerna goes to take Mata’s blessings Navin comes and tries to get close to her as she shoves him away. She is about to fall and that’s when Navin holds her and he thinks that he has shown what he had to.

He comes and tells Mohini did you see the chemistry or no. She tells him that Prerna is lucky that she will be marrying you and I will talk about it to Moly and see. Anjali and another girl are fighting to go with Anurag, and he decides to go with Prerna.

Prerna and he are on the way, and she asks him whether he has fallen in love. He says he cannot ever fall in love and that love is an illusion. She tells him that one day you will truly love someone.

Rajesh is worried as to how he will repay back Moly such a big amount.

Ishq Mein Marjawan: Tara Attacks Aarohi

The episode starts with Deeps telling Aarohi that he doesn’t trust this address and he needs to go and find his mother. He keeps Aarohi in a room behind the temple and tells her that he will back with some food.

Aarohi’s stomach hurts and Deep tells her that he will bring the medicines for her. He locks the door from outside and leaves. Tara comes there and attacks Aarohi, and she tells her that she will kill her today. Aarohi takes a trishul and tries to save her. She tells Tara that Deep was never hers and she will never get him as he loves her only.

Tara starts laughing and tells her that he is making her a fool all over again and goes from there. Deep comes in search of Aarohi and he sees Tara. He asks her where is Aarohi and did she harm her. She questions him as to why did he save Aarohi. He tells she will know everything in 24 hours.

Deep tells his thugs to go and find Aarohi. She comes from behind and Deep hugs her and says where did you go. Aarohi recalls what Tara said to her.

Ishq Subhan Allah: Ruksaar Is Saved

The episode starts with Ruksaar telling Kabir that her last wish is that she wants to talk to Zara. He does a video call to her, and Ruksaar tells her not to cry and she should be happy that her biggest enemy is going away from her life. She tells her that it was not her fault and that she loved Kabir since she was six years old, and Zara came into his life later on.

She asks a favor from Zara and Kabir and tells them not to tell Zeenat anything as she won’t be able to take it. She tells Zara that in this life Kabir is hers but in the coming lives Kabir will only be hers and she cuts the calls.

Kabir asks Ruksaar why she didn’t tell Zara about their wedding. She asks him the same question. He tells that he wants to personally go and tell her this that he only married her to save her life.

Zara prays to God to forgive her and says that she also gas forgiven her. The police come and tell Kabir to leave.

The next day, Ruksaar is being brought to die when she sees Kabir sadly and requests the police that she wants to die as a bride and can she wear her red dress. The police give her permission.

Hamdan’s family comes there and Kabir tries to speak to them but they don’t listen to him. The police put the black mask on Ruksaar and ask Hamdan’s family if they want the blood money and to forgive Zara or they want her to die. Hamdan’s dad says that they want death for death.

The police are about to shoot her when Hamdan’s mother comes and tells that she has forgiven her and to let her go. Kabir is relieved and he remembers how Zara told him that she knows that he will save Ruksaar and come.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman Rejoins Office and Cracks a Major Deal

The episode starts with Ishita telling Sudha that she is proud of her family's unity and that no one can break it. Sudha is irritated to see the family stand tall and tells Raman that one day he will fall as he cannot forever depend on people.

The next morning, Raman and Ishita have some cute romantic moments and she removes clothes for him and he teases her. Later, Raman gets ready and says that he wants to rejoin office.

Ishita is worried, but she does not stop him. The family too is supportive of Raman's decision, and Romi accompanies Raman to the office. At the office though, Raman faces the first hurdle when he cannot walk down the steps entering into his office.

Ishita though has taken care and doesn’t want Raman to face any problem so she has arranged a plank for him. Later, Raman tells Romi that he now realizes that how our country needs to be more alert to the needs of the people in a wheelchair.

Raman is asked to crack the deal and he is very nervous. Ruhi comes to meet Mani and he gives her some cookies to eat, which Shagun and made for her. Ruhi is very happy that Raman is rejoining the office and tells Mani about it. Raman has managed to crack the deal and all thanks to his witty humour.

Ishita though is worried at home. Santoshi teases her that she was like this when Raman went to school for the first time. Later, Santoshi and Ishita decide to visit Raman in the office with food. They are happy to see that Raman has regained his confidence. Aliya makes an excuse and leaves to meet Rohan.

Bepannaah: Aditya Proposes to Zoya

The episode starts with Aditya and Zoya seeking the blessings of Harsh. Zoya thanks Harsh for standing by them when no one did. Harsh assures her that it is a matter of time that Anjana will accept them too.

Wasim angrily calls a goon and tells him to destroy Aditya, as he feels he can handle Zoya when Aditya is not around her. He says that Zoya chose this destiny for herself.

Aditya and Zoya are driving away when Zoya asks Aditya to rethink. She asks him to go back for his mother, as she will be calm for his sake. Aditya says that he will go back only with her as they are now together.

He says that he knows that Wasim will not accept Zoya again and she tells him that she is his until her last breath. But she also asks him what is their relationship that they have left their families behind.

They pull up for food and Aditya makes an excuse to go. Later, Zoya starts searching for him. Roshna notices that Wasim looks different. Noor feels that he is just angry with Zoya and nothing more. Roshna though feels that Wasim is actually up to something.

Zoya finds Aditya with a surprise and he tells her that this is the answer to her question and proposes to her, and she accepts it. They have a romantic moment together. They are interrupted by some kids. Aditya goes to get his purse when Zoya sees a speeding truck coming towards him. She runs and hugs him. She panics with fear.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik and Naira Reunite

The episode starts with Kartik walking into Naira's room. Kartik asks Naira to have sweets of his wedding as he is now a married man.

He says that finally what she wanted has happened and she should be happy about it. He calls Ashi inside and later it is revealed that she has married Karan and Kartik was only pretending.

Kartik talks about how Suwarna had told him about Naira's condition. He was angry but Suwarna had made him understand that Naira's reasons were never wrong.

Kartik had then planned all of this because he knew that Naira will never agree to return to him. The families had played along knowing everything. Kartik says that around that time, Ashi too had eloped with Karan and so he had decided to get the two married while making Naira think that he is getting married.

Naira beats Kartik up for troubling her so much. They hug each other and make up. Naira asks for Suwarna and she walks in. She cries on Naira's lap and says that she should never forgive her. She says that she regrets taking away Kartik's greatest happiness from him.

Ishqbaaaz: Mohit Decides to Prove That Anika Has an Affair With Majnu

The episode starts with Anika showing Bhavya to her room. Bhavya is looking around when Rudra jumps up screaming. Rudra is upset that since all the rooms of the house are allotted to someone, he has to sacrifice his room to Bhavya.

At the dinner table, Mohit asks Bhavya why she is not catching Shivaay and she says that the family and the staff said that Nancy was behind Shivaay and he didn’t like her at all.

Later, Anika drags Shivaay away and teases him saying she would have chosen Majnu if she had not met Shivaay. Mohit overhears this and tells Bhavya that he knows Shivaay’s motive.

Shivaay and Anika are not a normal couple, and Anika has an affair with Majnu. Bhavya is amazed and tells Mohit to take rest.

The next day, in the kitchen, Anika and Shivaay are having some romantic moments, when Mohit comes and sees them. As soon as Bhavya comes, they play their part very well. Om and Rudra are finding clues in the party pictures. Shivaay says that he has to find Nancy and then he can find the person who is trying to trap him.

Mohit decides to play his game to perfection and land Shivaay in jail. Shivaay and Anika are romancing again when Mohit tries to click their picture but fails.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Mauli and Kunal Perform in Navratri Function

The episode starts with Nandini being dejected as Kunal didn’t come to meet her. Kunal is restless as he knows that Nandini will be waiting for him. Mauli comes and tells him to leave and not to worry about Dida and Mamma, and gives him the house keys.

Kunal comes and tells Nandini about Dida’s condition, and she says that he did the right thing. He promises her that in a day at least once he will come and meet her. They go out for a drive and Nandini assures herself that Kunal won’t leave her and go.

There is a dandiya function in the society and Mauli and Kunal do the pooja, Deep and Aarohi come and do a performance. They force Mauli and Kunal to dance. Dida thanks them for helping her.

Dida calls Nandini and tells her to switch on the TV. She is shocked to see Kunal and Mauli dancing and she leaves for the event.

Nandini arrives at the function. Mauli is aggressive in her dancing steps because of being upset. She finally slips into Kunal’s hand. The dancing stops and people clap for the couple, as Kunal holds Mauli in his arms. Nandini watches them together.

Kumkum Bhagya: King Says That He Trusts Pragya

The episode starts with Pragya and Abhi both reaching the hotel in search of Neha and Tarun. Abhi goes up, and Pragya is trying to chase him to reach their room before him. She climbs up the stairs.

Abhi knocks the door and tells Tarun and Neha to open the door and that he is not angry with them. He tells them to open the door before Pragya comes and then he breaks open the door only to find that no one is there in the room.

He looks around, but there is no one in. Pragya walks in and asks him where the two are. Pragya and Abhi fight over how Abhi alerted the two of them and they managed to escape.

Tarun and Neha discuss how they overheard the boy's conversation and managed to run. Pragya sees the cloth line out of the window and realizes how the two escaped. She gets furious at Abhi. They fight and end up in each other's arms.

In jail, Chachi tries to manipulate King against Pragya and says that Pragya has an affair with Abhi. She says that Pragya meets Abhi when King is not around. King refuses to believe this and says that he is aware of the time when Abhi had flour on his head and had to change. He also adds that he trusts Pragya as she has done so much for him.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sikandar Comes to Know That Lovely Was Tevar’s Girlfriend

The episode starts with Sikandar and Amyra and Tevar and Kullfi pairing up for the family competition. Sikandar manages to answer all the questions about Amyra correctly but she fails.

Same is the case with Tevar and Kullfi as they both hardly know each other. At Pathankot, Kullfi’s Mami asks her husband where had he gone. She is about to hit him with a stick when he stops her and says her tricks won’t work on her now.

Sikandar once again manages to answer all the questions correctly. Kullfi and Tevar lose the game but she is happy for Sikandar and Amyra’s victory.

Tevar asks Sikandar why he has not been able to reveal the truth until now as Ganesh Visarjan is happening right now. Lovely is happy that Sikandar could not get to know the truth. She dances with joy but her mother Cutie looks worried.

Sikandar is seen praying to Lord Ganesha to reveal the truth about Kullfi’s parents. An angry Tevar throws color at Lovely and she is shocked to see this.

Sikandar sees Tevar talking to someone but he is unable to see the girl’s face, and as he goes near, someone throws color on his face and he cannot see anything and he misses them again.

Sikandar keeps calling Tevar’s girlfriend’s phone, which is with Kullfi. Amyra is seen looking for her father and she picks up the phone.

Sikandar is shocked to know that it is Lovely’s old number that he called. He has come to know that Lovely was Tevar’s girlfriend. He reads all the messages and remembers why Lovely had been angry with Tevar.

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