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Read on for written updates on all the shows you love!

MUMBAI: Missed an episode of your favourite show? Well, we are here to update you. Read on for written updates on all the shows you love!

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sikandar Headed to Chirauli

The episode starts with Sikandar demanding to know the truth about Kullfi’s father from Lovely. She tells him to focus on Amyra as now she is his daughter. He keeps asking her about Kullfi and she says she doesn’t know the truth and she burnt the diary. All she knows is that Sikandar is Amyra’s father.

She asks him his decision. He scolds her and tells her not use Amyra as a shield, and he tells her he will find the truth about Kullfi’s father. He tells her that he will never forgive her for this inhuman act.

Sikandar sets out to find Kullfi’s father. Lovely calls him up to know what he is up to. He doesn’t answer her call. Kullfi works hard to make her family the best one. She asks about Tevar. She wants Tevar to wake up early and start the day. Lovely shares the shocking happenings with Cutie.

She tells her mom that she doesn’t want to lose Sikandar and he is only Amyra’s father and she doesn’t want to go back to Tevar ever. She has fallen in love with Sikandar for his good qualities.

She tells Lovely that Tevar will surely accept Amyra after knowing the truth. Lovely doesn’t want to break Amyra’s heart by sharing such a truth. Kullfi wakes up Tevar. He asks her to let him sleep for a while. She doesn’t spare him. He gets happy with her efforts.

Sikandar reaches Chirauli and remembers his love for Nimrat. He revisits her memories. He regrets his decision with regard to Nimrat.

Lovely call Sikandar and he tells that he is in Chirauli. He will not talk until he finds the truth about Kullfi’s father. He will meet Kullfi’s uncle and know the truth. Lovely fears that Sikandar would learn the bigger truth too. She asks Cutie to help her and stop Sikandar from knowing the truth.

Ishq Mein Marjawan: Deep Lays a Trap for Aarohi, Virat, and Tara

The episode starts with Aarohi calling from the ambulance and Surekha telling her that Deep is behind this plan, and I was working for him and when I refused, he tried to kill me. Virat asks her what else she knows, but by the time, she passes away.

Tara is upset, as Virat didn’t tell her anything. He tells if he had told her by now, Deep would have come to know as she is madly in love with him. Virat and Tara leave the place.

Virat comes and tells his men that they have to shift the gold and Deep’s mom to some other place. They see Aarohi there and put her on gunpoint. She says she doesn’t know anything and she hid in the trunk of the car and came here. She informs them that Deep is behind all this.

She calls Deep in front of Virat and asks him where he is. He tells her that he is coming soon to be with her. Tara is angry and runs away through the washroom.

Tara is about to slip when Deep comes and rescues her. He tells her that I told you to wait for 24 hours. I am doing all this for us. Aarohi comes there and so does Virat. Tara points the gun at Aarohi, Deep at Tara, and Aarohi at Virat.

Deep tells them that he had called them there and sprays something. All three faint. When they wake up, they see themselves tied to each other. Deep tells them that they have only some time left to save themselves as he as fixed a bomb too.

Deep further says that Tara, Aarohi, and Virat, clear your misunderstandings and problems as after that you can’t do anything, and laughs.

Kundali Bhagya: Karan and Prithvi Start to Fight

The episode starts with Srishti and Sameer arguing. She tells him to pull the rope and when he does it, the paint falls on her. She gets angry and shouts at him.

Sherlyn goes to check on Monisha. Kareena says to Rakhi that she must go and pretend, as Sherlyn does not know that they are acting.

Sherlyn asks Monisha what her problem is. Monisha thinks that Sherlyn is jealous of her as she thinks that she is dating Prithvi, and she tells her that she is going out of her way to help her and Sherlyn doubts her. Preeta and everyone hear this and ask her what she meant by that.

Sherlyn somehow manages to convince Preeta and her family that Sherlyn is just jealous as she is getting married first and will be coming into the house first. Srishti goes to Prithvi and then says that Monisha thinks that everything that happened is because of Sherlyn and it was really her.

Karan and Rishab are laughing, and when they are about to follow them, Preeta stops them saying that they must stay and that they must do something that will prevent anyone from leaving their place. Everyone starts to think after which Preeta says that they can play antakshari and she leaves to do the preparations.

Rakhi and Srishti are outside the room when Srishti signals to Rakhi to take Sherlyn and go. Once they leave, Kareena and Srishti come into the room, unaware that these two are there. Prithvi comes there and they are shocked to see him. He thinks his game is over now, but he somehow convinces them that he came in by mistake.

Preeta sees him and asks him the reason for being outside this room as everyone knows that it is where Monisha is changing. He says that he was looking for her, as whenever he meets her, he feels really good and every worry that he has disappears.

Preeta says that she must call everyone out of the room to come and rejoin the party. She leaves. Karan sees this and comes to him.

Prithvi says to Karan that he must not look at him like this. Karan says that he must leave this romantic side of him away from his house, and he tells Karan that he has no right to tell him anything as he is Preeta’s fiancé and Karan is only her friend. Karan vows to bring the truth of Prithvi in front of everyone.

Ritwik is back and he searches for Monisha. He is very upset with her as the house is in a bad condition. When he is cleaning the house he gets a card, which is an invitation to Karan and Monisha’s wedding.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Anurag Wishes That Prerna Finds Her True Love

The episode starts with Prerna crying over how she had to hurt her family over the marriage with Naveen. She thinks about how proud her parents were, and now, they must be ashamed of her. Rajesh asks Veena to talk to Prerna and convince her.

Veena finds Prerna crying and asks her to think about her decision. She scolds her mother and tells her that she wants a life like Mohini, which is filled with riches, a life that her parents can’t afford to give her.

Veena says that she is ashamed that Prerna is her daughter. Prerna now has the job to convince her family for the Adhaan Pradhaan ritual. There Moloy asks Mohini to tell Nivedita to respect Rajesh as he is not just an employee. Nivedita though goes to the Sharma house to lash out at Rajesh.

Later, she comes to know about Prerna’s alliance with Naveen and she is happy that she will now get many opportunities to insult the family. Prerna reaches her college, and there, Anjali is finding ways to get close to Anurag.

She bribes the librarian to lock her up with Anurag, but as fate would have it, Prerna gets locked up with Anurag. Both of them have some fun moments and Anurag prays for Prerna to find the love of her life just like she wishes. Prerna remembers that she has to go for the Adhaan Pradhaan and leaves.

Ishqbaaaz: Mohit Attempts to Kill Anika to Take Revenge Against Shivaay

The episode starts with Shivaay telling the media that he had laid out his plan soon after he realized that Mohit was his enemy and not his friend.

He had asked Bhavya to help him find the mastermind of this game and Bhavya had willingly helped. She had entered the Oberoi mansion as a part of this plan and kept an eye on Mohit.

Anika, Om, and Rudra also played their part well. They informed Mohit that Shivaay knew that Nancy was alive and contacted his lawyer, who told him that the money was transferred, which made Mohit overconfident. He became carefree and jumped on the chance to disappear.

They had also found Nancy. Bhavya arrests Mohit. Shivaay asks Mohit why he had done this when he had always looked at Mohit as his brother. Mohit says that this was his plan all along as he was jealous of Shivaay. He says that Shivaay had an easy life while he himself had to struggle.

Mohit tells Shivaay that he will never be able to find Anika and her end is coming soon. Shivaay panics. Now he, Omkara, and Rudra set out in search of Anika. Shivaay manages to rescue her before a wood cutting machine cuts her.

He gets Anika back and is furious with Mohit for touching Anika. The media now questions Shivaay on who Anika is. Mohit says that Anika is Shivaay's mistress. Om lashes out at Mohit, while Anika is left embarrassed at the questions the media throws at her.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik Learns That Naira Is Slowly Forgetting Him

The episode starts with Naira panicking over her memory loss, and she tells Kartik that she would rather die than forget him. Kartik tries to calm her down and asks her to open the door.

He says that she does not want the surgery and that she just wants to run away with him from everything, even her treatment. She shows Kartik the video recording of her conversation with the nurse, where she has forgotten about Kartik.

Kartik says that he is accepting her decision to marry him before the surgery, so now, she will also have to accept his decision for the surgery. Naira finally opens the door.

Kartik pacifies her and hugs her. He says that he has his ways of reminding her if she forgets him. He says that he will keep pestering her until she remembers him. He then makes a video of them together and says that he is Kartik and he loves her.

Naira calms down and decided to focus on the wedding only. At the Goenka house, the Singhanias and Goenkas try to share each other's pain. Rajshri and Devyani ponder on how a crisis brings people together.

The doctor visits Naira, and she says that she will not go for the surgery until her wedding. The doctor says that he is just there for her checkup. He checks Naira and says that she is fine. Later though, he asks Kartik to follow him out as Naira's condition has worsened. Kartik is left distraught as he hugs a clueless Naira.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Aliya Scolds Rohan for Hurting Ruhi

The episode starts with Rohan making it clear that he wants to marry Aliya. Raman tells Rohan that Aliya is their son's widow, while Ruhi is their daughter, and they were looking for a proposal for her.

Rohan says that he loves Aliya and that he thought that Aliya was Ishita’s daughter when he saw them together. Ishita says that she brought up Aliya too, but now she is searching a groom for Ruhi.

Raman becomes furious as he sees Ruhi shattered. Rohan tries to convince Aliya of his love, but she asks him to leave and not humiliate her before the family.

Romi throws Rohan out as he tries talking to Aliya one last time. She walks away. Ruhi locks herself up in her room as the family tries to make her open the door.

Aliya confronts Rohan for being so careless and hurting Ruhi. She tells him that she is a widow. He tells her he doesn’t care if she is a widow and he is ready to accept her.

Romi walks up as Rohan grabs Aliya's hand. Romi pushes Rohan away. Rohan's brother Karan walks up and lashes out at Romi for insulting his brother.

Rohan says that it is his fault and not the family’s fault and he takes his brother away. Sudha hears about Ruhi’s proposal and decides to destroy them.

Bepannah: Wasim Denies Knowledge of the Attack on Aditya and Zoya

The episode starts with Aditya declaring his love for Zoya, and he says that now she is everything for him. There, Arjun feels guilty to have caused trouble for the Siddhiqis.

He tries talking to Anjana, who pretends to be asleep. She later calls someone. There, Roshna and Noor are harassed by the police, and Noor promises that she will never forgive Arjun

The police play a recording where Wasim is swearing to harm Aditya. In his defense, he says that he was talking to his lawyer about some money. Arjun is convinced, but Harsh is not.

Zoya saves Aditya as a heavy decoration piece falls onto the stage. Zoya runs behind the culprit and later says that she knows someone is following them. Vatsal and Aditya try to calm her down.

Anjana gets a picture of Adi and Zoya smiling and thinks that she will ruin their happiness. Aditya and Zoya prepare for their wedding. Zoya imagines Roshna, who tells her that she will stand with her always. She also asks Zoya to find strength in Aditya always.

Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi and Pragya Speak With Tarun and Neha

The episode starts with Pragya being held by Tarun. Neha doesn’t like to keep Pragya tied. Rather than releasing her, she closes the window.

Tarun tries to tell Pragya that he loves Neha and that they can’t live without each other. However, Pragya informs Tarun that because of his move, his brother King is in jail. Tarun is shocked, but says if they go back, then Neha's mother will get her married with someone else.

Just then, Abhi comes over and sees Pragya tied up. She narrates what all happened and how Tarun tied her up. Abhi is happy to hear it as she also did the same thing with him. He tells her how he found it difficult to reach this place as she had taken away his car keys. They share funny banter with each other.

At the Mehra house, Disha is speaking with her husband Purab about how badly she wants Abhi and Pragya to come together. Tanu overhears their conversation and shouts at Disha for trying to bring Pragya back in Abhi’s life. Purab stops her but Tanu says when she is Abhi's wife and Pragya can never take that place. Disha says Tanu has been with Abhi for her own benefit and for Abhi’s money.

Abhi goes looking for Tarun and Neha. He asks them to come along, but Neha and Tarun refuse to come.

Neha then rushes to release Pragya and asks her to help them handle Abhi. In the nick of time, Pragya stops Abhi.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Kunal Faints After Dida Spikes His Drink to Stop Him From Meeting Nandini

The episode starts with Kunal talking to Nandini over the phone and apologizing for not meeting her. They share some romantic moments and Nandini asks him about Dida's health. He says she is fine and they decide to talk to each other until morning.

The next morning, Mauli sees Kunal sleeping in the balcony. As she tries to adjust his pillow, she sees Nandini's call on Kunal's phone and notices that they have been talking to each other for the past 7 hours. Mauli is hurt.

Kunal goes to meet Nandini at her place and informs her that that Dida and his mother have kept a small function of Navratri in their house. She asks him to be with his family and he can later join her for the Ashtami puja.

At Kunal's house, Mauli and Kunal serve small girls food together. At Nandini’s house, few priests arrive for the puja. While serving food, Mauli by mistake calls Kunal by his nickname. Dida notices Kunal talking on the phone and telling Nandini he will come for the puja.

Nandini is seeing making calls to Kunal who hasn't arrived. At Kunal’s house, Dida offers a spiked juice to Kunal and he becomes unconscious. Dida sees Nandini’s call on Kunal’s phone and she tells Nandini that she will not let Kunal and Mauli’s relationship end.

Nandini is seen requesting the priests to wait but they are adamant and they leave. They tell her that it seems that her partner is not interested in attending the puja with her. They leave and Nandini is left heartbroken.

Ishq Subhan Allah: Preparations for Kabir and Zara’s Wedding

The episode starts with Ruksaar calling up Rumana in Dubai to confirm that she has dispatched her marriage certificate. She is pleased to know that it is on the way.

At the Ahmad house, Shahbaz is busy doing all the preparations for the wedding when Irfan comes and tells them that he wants Zara to get married at his place. Aisha tells her to fulfil her parent’s desires.

Zara bids Kabir goodbye and promises to return soon. Ruksaar is very happy to see her leave. Zeenat tells Ruksar to come dressed as a widow. She informs Zeenat that she is not a widow and the wife of Kabir. Zeenat is shocked and she tells her not to tell anyone about it, as they will announce this news in presence of everyone.

Zara is in the beauty parlour getting ready when Kabir comes there dressed like a girl and he says he has come as he was missing his wife Zara. They enjoy a romantic time together.

At the Ahmad house, Aisha is doing preparations for Zara and Kabir’s nikah. She asks Ruksaar to help her prepare the sehra. Aisha says Ruksaar will tie the sehra for Kabir. Ruksar has a plan.

The wedding preparations are on. Zeenat is worried about Ruksaar. Aisha asks Zeenat to put surma on Kabir, who is dressed as a groom. She tells Ruksaar to put the sehra for Kabir as she is like a sister to him. She is about to do it, when Kabir and Zeenat stop her and Zeenat then ties the sehra for him and tells him that she is his sister and bhabhi.

Ruksaar dreams that Kabir has told everyone that she is his wife and Zara is shocked and left the wedding altar and gone. She wants a dream to turn into reality.

Zara is happy that all her dreams regarding her nikah are being fulfilled now. She shares her happiness with Reema. She thinks that in a few moments, Kabir would be hers.

Ruksaar gets news that her marriage certificate will be reaching today. Kabir gets ready to leave for the nikah. They reach Zara’s house. Kabir is welcomed with a shower of rose petals.

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