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MUMBAI: Missed an episode of your favourite show? Well, we are here to update you. Read on for written updates on all the shows you love!

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Nandini and Kunal go on a date; Mauli reaches the place with her friends

The episode starts with Nandini and Kunal enjoying their time together on a date. Mauli and her friends also go to the same restaurant to have lunch. One of Mauli and Kunal’s friends praise the latter and praise Kunal and Mauli’s relationship. Kunal dedicates a song for Nandini and he also gets her a heart-shaped cake. Mauli’s friends tell her that the song reminds them of Kunal and Mauli’s relationship.

A friend sees Kunal sitting on another table with Nandini and gets shocked. They also see Kunal feeding Nandini the cake and getting cozy with her, Mauli is upset to see them so close and is embarrassed.

The friends decide to speak to Kunal but Mauli stops them saying she has filed for a divorce and it doesn’t matter to her. She leaves from there. Kunal gifts a chain and a locket to Nandini, which has K and N as initials.

Nandini refuses the gift but Kunal insists that she keeps it. Nandini blames herself for Kunal and Mauli’s relationship turning sour. However, Kunal consoles her saying that she did not come between them but their relationship was weak. He further tells her that everyone is asking them to patch up but he can’t as he has moved on in life.

Mauli is heartbroken and is seen crying in the bathroom when Nandini comes in. She is happy looking at the pendant and smiles. Mauli comes out and sees her. They have a face-off where Mauli tells her that she will pray for Nandini that she will be able to forgive herself for what she has done with her best friend.

Both Nandini and Mauli return from the washroom and Nandini is left in tears. Mauli’s friends go and taunt Kunal for breaking his marriage with a career-oriented and perfect life partner to have an extra-marital affair.

Mauli tries hard to stop them but they go on talking rudely. Mauli stops them finally and says they can’t insult Kunal and Nandini in public and whatever happened is between them. Mauli leaves with her friends.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Aliya Refuses to Marry Rohan

The episode starts with Sudha badmouthing the Bhalla family as she says Aliya and Raman are shameless for sitting with Adi's murderer who is Ishita.

Rohan steps up and asks Sudha to leave. He says that he wants Sudha to leave as he respects the family a lot. Sudha walks away. Later, Raman takes his family and leaves too.

Rohan thanks Mani for inviting him. He also says that he won’t give up on Aliya and as he loves her very much. There, Ruhi spots Karan flirting with a married woman and later getting caught by the husband.

Ruhi feels bad and wonders if Rohan is anything like his brother. Ishita and the family ask Mani and Shagun to stop pressurizing Aliya and let her have some time.

Ruhi walks up to talk to Ishita, but Kaushalya walks in. She is Rohan's mother. She walks up to Aliya and tells her that she wants Rohan and Aliya to get married soon. Raman says that he cannot hurry Aliya for anything. Kaushalya walks out, faints, and falls off the stairs.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Strike Delays Naira's Surgery

The episode starts with Naira standing at the window as Kartik finds her. She cries as she tells Kartik that she forgot all about their wedding.

Naksh and Akhilesh check the CCTV footage of the hospital and they are happy to see Kartik with Naira. All the family members reach there and are tensed to see her reaction.

Kartik calms her down and they take her away to get her ready. The doctor is worried as there is a strike and the doctors and other staff refuse to work. Naira's doctor refuses to let go of hope and decides to keep his patients safe.

The families celebrate and Naira feels dizzy. She faints and the doctor checks on her. The family is worried. Manish and Akhilesh learn that the specialist will take time to come and the strike worsens as well.

Ishqbaaaz: Tej Threatens to Kill Omkara and Rudra

The episode starts with Shivaay shouting at Tej when the latter says that he will kill Om and Rudra to get their shares in his name. Shivaay manhandles Tej and asks him to get out.

The family sees them arguing and Shivaay tells them that it’s nothing serious and that they just had an argument. Tej says that Shivaay asked him to leave the house. Shivaay and Anika spend some quality time together as Anika senses that Shivaay is worried about something.

Later, Tej tells Om and Rudra that Shivaay is trying to push them out from the business and their shares, but they don’t believe him. Tej is ousted from the company, and he gets furious.

He vows to get money and teach Shivaay a lesson. Anika and Om wonder what is up with Shivaay. Shivaay later offers Tej 50 crores and asks him to leave for London.

Ishq Subhan Allah: Kabir and Zara End Their Talaq

The episode starts with Zara and Kabir romancing. Ruksaar is about to set her room on fire and that’s when Zeenat comes and stops her. She hits Ruksaar on her head and she faints and she prays to god to stop Ruksaar from doing anything wrong. Zara and Kabir consummate.

The next morning, they are seen lying under one blanket. They say As-Salaam-Alaikum to each other and Kabir says their talaq is negated. They have romantic moments while getting dressed for the day.

Ruksaar wakes up with a headache and she remembers how Zeenat hit on her head, just as she was about to set her room on fire. Zara and Kabir offer prayers. She thanks Allah for giving her Kabir and for taking all their troubles away.

Ruksaar enters their room and she comes to know that their talak is over and she tries calling Kabir who doesn’t pick up her phone. Ruksaar asks Zeenat not to come in her way as Kabir is her haq.

Bepannah: Zoya Gets a Creepy Warning Against Aditya

The episode starts with Anjana welcoming Aditya and Zoya into the house. Harsh warmly welcomes Zoya and asks her to keep smiling. Later, in the room, Aditya and Zoya get close to each other.

Zoya gets a message and she checks her phone to see that it is a message saying she married her husband's killer. Zoya gets disturbed and she gets warned against telling Aditya. The lights go off.

Aditya goes to check and Zoya gets a warning that Aditya will pay the price. Aditya hears a knock and checks on the door. He is given a gift and they hear some ticking inside. Zoya runs to throw it away and later realizes it is a clock. Zoya later asks Aditya to forgive her for behaving like a lunatic.

Ishq Mein Marjawan: Aarohi Gets to Know Masi Is a Cheat

The episode starts with Tara being angry and saying she can’t believe how Deep can do this to her. Tara says that Deep cheated me now I will kill Aarohi and her baby in 24 hours. Virat asks her we shall take revenge with foolproof planning. Masi joins them.

Masi calls Aarohi and asks her about her whereabouts. Aarohi tells her that she is going to meet Ma and she also tells her that Kashyap and Sulekha are protecting her by standing outside her house. Masi says I know you lost much in life but now move on. Aarohi says, yes, I lost because of that face but now everything is fine.

Masi and Virat talk about their next move and suddenly realize that Tara is not there with them, she has gone to kill Aarohi. Tara sees Aarohi packing her bags and she is about to attack her when Virat comes and stops her.

Deep brings clothes for the child and Aarohi tells it’s a bad omen, and Deep tells Tara was the bad omen in their life and now she has gone away. Tara hears it and tells there was a time when Deep used to love me a lot and now I have become an omen in his life.

She is about to attack when Virat and Masi tell her to control herself. Masi gives come in with ladoos and gives one to Kashyap and Sulekha, and they faint. She is about to feed Aarohi when Aarohi puts a gun on her, and she asks her about the plan.

Masi asks for forgiveness saying you are going to become a mother, I just wanted money, you can’t kill anyone. Aarohi feeds ladoos to Masi and she faints. Aarohi takes Kashyap and Sulekha inside. Aarohi calls Deep and tells him everything and asks him to return soon. Just then, someone throws knives on her. Aarohi shouts Deep.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Kullfi's Mama Doesn't Tell the Truth to Sikandar

The episode starts with Sikandar receiving a call from Amyra. She tells him that Tevar helped her make a projector. Sikandar tells her that she should have asked him. He tells Amyra that he missed her a lot and will be back soon. Kullfi comes to know that Amyra is talking to Sikandar. But before she can speak to him, he disconnects the call. Kullfi then tells her that she is missing her Mami and her scolding.

Sikandar requests Kullfi's Mama to tell him the truth. But her mama asks her if he knew someone from Chiroli before Kullfi. Sikandar stops and remembers Nimrat and his life. But Sikandar remembers that he has been told Nimrat is married and he doesn’t want to tell anything about her. Kullfi's Mama feels disheartened with Sikandar's reply. Her Mama refuses to speak with Sikandar and asks him to leave.

Mahendra come to meet Kullfi. He thinks how Kullfi has also changed Amyra for good. Tevar says Kullfi is good since she is with her father. Kullfi says she will prove their family to be number 1 like Amyra.

Sikandar keeps asking her Mama about Kullfi's name. Her Mama remembers how he had gone to Mumbai to check on Kullfi. Here, he saw how Tevar, who is not Kullfí's real father, has taken care of her.

Her Mama gets angry and tells Sikandar that after seeing Tevar’s love for Kullfi, he decided to return to his village for the sake of Kullfi. He further says that Kullfi's real father could not provide her the kind of love Tevar has given her.

In Mumbai, Nihalo sees Mahendra's wife on a wheelchair with Amyra by her side. She goes to meet her but is stopped by Cutie. Amyra tells Nihalo to wait as she wants to meet Kullfi. Cutie gets worried and thinks if Nihalo meets Kullfi then their plan will get exposed in front of everyone.

Nihalo goes to meet Mahendra's wife, who is paralyzed and asks permission if she can meet Kullfi. Mahendra's wife writes and tells her that Kullfi is not Tevar’s daughter.

But Nihalo cannot read it. Kullfi's Mama asks Sikandar why he loves her. Sikandar says she is like his daughter. Sikandar requests her Mama to reveal the name of her father to him.

He says even though she is happy with Tevar but he requests him to tell the name of her father.

Kullfi's Mama points the finger at Sikandar.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Naveen Misbehaves With Prerna

The episode starts with Prerna and Naveen dancing on a romantic number. Moloy is still shocked. He shares that he never imagined Prerna would get married to Naveen.

Anurag is not convinced if Prerna is marrying for the right reasons. He wonders how she could go against the wishes of her family when she loves them much. Meanwhile, Moloy blames Mohini for arranging all this while he was in Singapore.

Mohini tells him that everyone is happy including Prerna, who wants to open a bank account as soon as she gets married. Anurag talks to Prerna about her wedding with Naveen. He tells her that he saw the cheque in her hands and knows that something wrong. Prerna asks Anurag to stay out of the matter.

Naveen thanks Mohini for helping him get engaged to Prerna. The next day, Naveen comes to take Prerna shopping. Prerna’s family is very upset to see them go together.

Anurag and Mohini go to a shop for buying clothes. Naveen and Prerna also land at the same store. She goes to the trial room and accidentally bumps into Anurag.

Anurag helps Prerna with her clothes as she isn't too comfortable in the clothes she as worn. The former wonders why he cares for her. After he leaves, Naveen enters the trial room and tries to get close to her. She hits him with her heels.

Meanwhile, Anjali learns of Prerna's wedding to someone in the Basu house and she feels cheated and she thinks it’s Anurag.

Kumkum Bhagya: Pragya Takes Care of an Ailing Abhi

The episode starts with Tarun and Neha switching off the lights. Abhi and Pragya are scared of darkness and they hug each other.

Tanu gets worried thinking about whatever Pragya told her about being with Abhi. Alia tries to calm her down. Neha tells Abhi and Pragya that she can see that the two love each other. Abhi tells them that he and Pragya have ego problems. Neha says that the two fight exactly the same even now and their love cannot change.

Abhi says that they can’t stay together. Pragya scolds Tarun for trying to unite them. Abhi feels drowsy and Pragya checks and says that he has a fever. Mitali and Chachi bump into each other at the police station and start to fight. King tries to stop but in vain.

Pragya takes care of Abhi while he is sleeping and recalls their good memories. Neha comes and smiles seeing Pragya taking care of him. Pragya asks her not to try to unite them. Abhi gains consciousness.

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