Have you missed your favourite show last night? Here we offer you a complete written update

Here we offer you a complete written update

MUMBAI: Missed an episode of your favourite show? Well, we are here to update you. Read on for written updates on all the shows you love!

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Komolika Helps Anurag and Prerna's friends; Kirti and Rohan Get Married

The episode starts with Kirti’s family following Anurag’s car. They all are stuck in traffic. Anurag, Prerna, and their friends run from there, while Kirti’s family is following them. They argue with the policeman to leave them.

Mohini tries to contact Anurag while Nivedita consoles her. Anurag calls Mohini back. Mohini asks him to return home. Anurag fails to hear her and disconnects the call.

Anurag, Prerna, and friends run away from there and join the rally. The people involved in the rally think that they are from the opposite party and start to attack them. They manage to escape.

Siddhant comes and stops the fight. Prerna and Anurag tell him about Rohan and Kirti’s love story and he decides to help them and stop Kirti and her family from coming in between them.

Anurag thanks Prerna for saving him while Prerna also thanks him for helping Kirti and Rohan. Later, Anjali calls Prerna while Anurag thinks of Naveen and the lady. Moly comes homes and Mohini starts to blame Prerna. He tries to calm her down by saying that he must have helped his friends with his own wish and Prerna must not have forced him to.

Anurag and Prerna get Rohan and Kirti married in a temple and they both hug Prerna and Anurag, Anurag gets emotional while hugging Rohan. Prerna tells him that he believes in love, and he says he does but a little.

Anurag and gang leave Kirti and Rohan in a hotel and leave from there. Komolika is standing near the window of her room in the same hotel.

Komolika tells her friends that she is very bored of herself now. There, Prerna tells Anurag and today was an adventure. Meanwhile, Komolika says she feels like doing something adventures in her life.

Kirti’s family catches them while Rohan and Kirti run inside the hotel and knock at Komolika’s door. They seek help to let then hide in their room as they have just eloped and got married against their family, Komolika agrees while Rohan and Kirti thank her for doing a favour.

Prerna says that she is super happy after helping Kirti and Rohan. Prerna gets Naveen call who asks her to tell him about what she is wearing now. Prerna feels embarrassed as she is with Anurag.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita’s Plan to Make Raman Stand on His Feet

The episode starts with Ishita rejoicing that Raman is back on his feet. Romi, Ruhi, and Aliya also reach home and Ishita tells Romi not to beat Rohan, as it is because of him that Raman is able to stand on his feet.

All the families are happy to see Raman’s recovery, and ask Ishita how she did this miracle. She says that it her plan in which Rohan helped her too. She disclosed to the plan to everyone as to how Rohan had come to kill Raman to seek revenge and how she made him understand and then got him into her plan. She knew Raman would do something to save her.

Rohan too thanks Ishita for making him understand. He calls this true love that Ishita and Raman share. Raman apologizes to Rohan for misunderstanding him. He doesn’t find words to thank Rohan.

Ishita requests him to allow them to meet his mother so that they can apologize to her if she really got hurt due to them. Rohan tells them not to meet her now, as Karan is really angry and upset with them. Raman and Ishita tell him to inform them when it will be the right time to meet his mother. Rohan leaves.

The next day Rohan comes and informs the Bhallas that his mother is all right and it was the nurse’s fault. Ishita asks Rohan if he still wants to marry Aliya. He says yes. Aliya comes and says that she is very scared of love and relationships and that’s why she was not accepting his love, but now her family wants her to move on and she feels he is the right guy for her.

As the engagement will be happening soon, Ishita tells Rohan that she wants to meet his mother as soon as possible. The doorbell rings. Mihika opens it and sees Sudha standing out with a bouquet. She walks into the Bhalla house and congratulates Mr. Bhalla for Raman. She asks Ishita to give her something as Raman has got back on his feet.

Ishqbaaaz: Shivaay Is Back in the Oberoi Mansion; Om and Rudra Tell Him to Stay Away

The episode starts with Anika finally finding Shivaay sitting in the church and telling him to come back to the Oberoi mansion, but Shivaay refuses to do so. He tells Anika and that he is a murderer and he can’t face his family because of the crime that he has done.

She somehow convinces him and takes him to the Oberoi mansion. On the way, the media stops Anika and Shivaay and they ask all personal questions to Shivaay, and he doesn’t answer. He remembers how strong he used to be in front of the media but now he can’t even give them back an answer.

One of the reporters makes fun of Shivaay. That’s when Anika defends him. The media people are shocked and speechless after she scolds them.

Shivaay comes to the Oberoi Mansion and Omkara and Rudra are shocked to see him and tell the priest that the biggest omen of their life has come and he won’t let him live in peace and will make him suffer the same way their father suffered.

Dadi tells Anika that Shivaay is dead for them. Omkara warns Shivaay to stay away from all the family members. Omkara and Rudra are determined to send Shivaay back. Shivaay can’t understand how to deal with the overpowering hate for him in his family’s heart.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira's Health Deteriorates

The episode starts with Dr. Sharma continuing with the operation. The goons ask to take Naira away as they would shut the hospital. Naksh asks them to go to the police station.

Kartik overhears the ward boys talking about the protesters. He goes to see what is the problem is. The goons threaten the family members and cut the electricity supply. Everyone panics. Manish and Akhilesh scold the goons.

Naitik says that his daughter’s brain surgery is going on and tells the goons that he will hit them if anything happens to his daughter. Suwarna calls the police station and asks them to come to the hospital. Everyone goes upstairs to see Naira. The ward boy says that the generator’s connection may have been cut as well.

Kartik asks how is Naira and Dr. Sharma says she is stable. Surekha informs them that there is no electricity in the OT and that Naira surgery as stopped. Suwarna calls everyone while Kartik checks the hospital map. He calls the ward boy about the backside door and he rushes.

Rajshri and others help patients. Kartik runs and is hit by the glass wall and faints. He regains conscious and then runs to save Naira.

The women of the family beat the goons up. They apologize to them and they run away. Manish and everyone look on. Naksh asks someone to switch on the light. The ward boy says that they need 10 to 15 minutes to repair the connection. Kartik takes a vase and throws to break the glass wall. He jumps across and goes to help Naira.

Ishq Mein Marjawan: What’s Going on in Deep’s Mind?

The episode starts with the doctor informing Aarohi to be careful, as then he will inform her husband about it. Deep comes to meet Aarohi but she is gone from there. He searches for her but is unable to find her. Aarohi reaches home and she thinks of going far away with her mom and dad.

Just then, she sees Deep with her mom and dad and he has pointed a gun on them. She is shocked to see this. She somehow manages to escape from there along with her mom and dad. Masi comes and tells them to go in the car. She asks Masi for whom she is working. She says she just wants to help Aarohi and Deep.

Aarohi makes her parents sit in the car and tells them to go somewhere away. Her father and mother finally recognize her and she tells them that she will be back soon.

She goes to the temple and asks God to show her the way, whether she should go away with her child or seek revenge with Deep. She gets a sign that she should go away with her baby.

Aarohi walks on the road wearing a burqa. Deep stops her and asks her why she is behaving like this. Aarohi tells Deep that she doesn’t trust him and she wants to keep her baby away from him.

Aarohi uses an injection on his neck. She remembers that the nurse said that this injection makes paralytic for some time. Deep asks what you have done? Aarohi says I am not killing my baby’s father, just making him paralytic. Now you shall never see me or my baby.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sikandar Accepts Tevar as Kullfi’s Father

The episode starts with Sikandar in a fix as he sees Tevar talking about Kullfi. Sikandar cannot decide how to tell Tevar about the fact that Kullfi is not his daughter and Amyra is.

Flashes of memories pass in front of his eyes, pointing towards how great Tevar is as a father to Kullfi. He hears Tevar talking about placing love over relationships formed by heart than of blood. He apologizes to Tevar for not being able to see his love for Kullfi. Tevar asks Sikandar to be friends with him.

Lovely asks Mahinder about his conversation with Sikandar and asks him what Sikandar knows about Kullfi. Mahinder asks Lovely why she hid the truth about Amyra. He assures Lovely that Amyra will always be Sikandar’s daughter and he won’t tell the truth to anyone.

Sikandar accepts Tevar's offer to be friends with him. He accepts that Tevar is Kullfi's father and he is Amyra's. They both promise each other to take care of Kullfi and Amyra as both are very dear to them.

A very sweet moment is shared between Sikandar, Kullfi, and Tevar. Sikandar and Tevar promise Kullfi that they will put her in school. Kullfi finds out that Sikandar and Tevar are friends. Lovely thanks Mahinder for the assurance that Amrya will always be the daughter of the house. She asks him not to tell his wife and mother.

Sikandar and Tevar drink and say cheers to Kullfi, Amyra, and music. They are all the things that are common between them. They both get drunk and start singing and dancing. Kullfi gets angry with them for this.

Kundali Bhagya: Karan Tries to Learn the Truth From Monisha

The episode starts with Rishab touching Preeta. This makes Prithvi jealous. Sherlyn asks Prithvi why he cares more about Preeta and not her and what’s cooking between Rishab, Preeta, Srishti, and Sameer. They both fight over this.

Srishti catches them standing outside the room. Prithvi lies to her by telling her he was helping Sherlyn and Rishab. Rishab scolds Prithvi for manhandling a woman.

Karan takes a drunk Monisha to a different room as he sees Prithvi and Sherlyn with everyone in the interrogation room. Rakhi tries to hide whatever happened with the waiter as she doesn't want to spoil anyone's mood at the party.

After diverting Prithvi and Sherlyn's attention, Rishab, Preeta, Sameer, and Srishti discuss where Karan and Monisha are. Sameer goes to find Karan. Prithvi goes to find Monisha as he finds her missing from the function.

Karan thinks of a plan, but Monisha starts babbling in her drunken state. She reveals she knows everything about his plans of spiking her drink. In his anger, he accepts everything that he has done and tries to get the truth out of her. Monisha accepts that she has a boyfriend and she is engaged.

Prithvi and Sherlyn fear that their plans to hide their relationship by using Monisha will come out and are desperately trying to find her. Karan probes Monisha to learn about her boyfriend but his attention goes towards a sound coming from the cupboard.


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