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MUMBAI: Missed an episode of your favourite show? Well, we are here to update you. Read on for written updates on all the shows you love!

Bepannah: Zoya Meets Her Family

The episode starts with Zoya apologizing to Aditya and telling him that she should have spoken to him before all this happened. He reminds her of the vows they have taken and tells her he is upset with her but he promises to be around her and leaves.

Aditya tells his mother to not stress and to forget whatever happened. He says Zoya made a mistake but she didn’t do anything intentionally. Anjana tells him that she is happy that he took her side today as she thought that he was only for Zoya.

The mysterious woman is doing the puja and says that she has been successful in making the Huda family against Zoya and now she will harm the main child of the family. She gives cash to a girl and tells her to execute their plan.

Aditya gives Zoya a gift. Zoya is happy and opens the gift. It is a lehenga and Aditya tells her to get ready by 7 pm and leaves. Zoya is hurt as Aditya is still upset with her.

Aditya gets ready for the dandiya function and goes to call Zoya but she is still getting ready, and he helps her to tie the lace of her top, and they share a romantic moment, and then he steps back.

Zoya keeps looking at Aditya as they walk towards the car and tells herself that he hates her and he doesn’t want to look at her. She sits in the backseat and Aditya tells Arjun to sit with him in the front, and they look at each other from the rearview mirror.

At the dandiya party, Zoya is pleased to see her family there and is happy to know that Aditya has organized everything. Her mom tells her that it was Aditya’s plan to call her family over here. Aditya comes and tells her to go and wish her father.

As soon as she is nearing Wasim, he tells that he has only one daughter and that is Noor. Zoya remembers how he had broken all ties with her. She drops her phone down intentionally and then takes her father’s blessing. He absentmindedly keeps his hand over her head. His smile disappears the moment he sees her.

Ishq Subhan Allah: Kabir Agrees to Ruksaar’s Condition

The episode starts with Kabir recalling his words to Zara that they are married now and all happy moments have begun for them. He goes and hugs Zara and tells her bye and leaves.

He comes and meets Imran and tells him to shoot him as he cannot shoot himself and to free himself from all this. Imran throws the gun away and tells him to accept the offer by Ruksaar so that he can get Zara forever.

Kabir comes home and Zara hugs him and tells him that he has a fever, but he just looks at her and goes inside. He tells the family members that he agrees to Ruksaar’s condition. Everyone is shocked. Zara is heartbroken and goes from there.

Ruksaar is dancing with joy when Zara comes and challenges her that whatever she will do, Kabir will never become hers. Ruksaar vows to insult Zara in front of Kabir.

Imran reads the document and Kabir tells him to stamp the paper from the court, as he doesn’t trust Ruksaar. He tells him I am doing all this and I hope Zara doesn’t misunderstand me.

Zara tells Reema that she will not stop loving Kabir if he spends a night with Ruksaar, but if he does, she won’t be able to live with him and will never look at his face.

Kabir comes and gives the document to Ruksaar, and she tells the family members that she wants a reception so that everyone knows that she is the daughter-in-law of the house. She calls Zara and tells her to decorate her room and to apply mehendi on her hand and write Kabir’s name.

Kabir gets angry and tells her not to bring Zara in between them, and Zara says that she will do everything that Ruksaar asks her to do, as she knows that she will never get Kabir. She looks at Kabir emotionally.

Ruksaar thinks that I will get Kabir for sure.

Yeh Hai Mohabaatein: Ishita Buys the Shares

The episode starts with a man telling Sudha that Raman and his company are not doing well and in some time, they will have to sell the shares to us. Karan comes and gives the gifts. The panditji tells that there is a good date one year from now, and the family says that it’s too long to wait to get the children married.

Panditji gives a date after six months and everyone is happy. Romi comes and tells Ishita that Sudha has destroyed them and he couldn’t arrange 1 crore to save the company. Ishita gives all her jewellery to Romi and tells him to sell it off and buy the shares. At first, he doesn’t listen to her, but Ishita convinces him to do so and pleads with him to save the reputation of the family.

Romi agrees and Raman sees him and going and asks him what’s there in the bag. Ishita tells that it’s the ornaments and tells Romi to go and polish it. Raman senses something wrong. He tells himself that he knows that Ishita is hiding something from him and he will find out soon.

Romi is successful in buying the shares on Ishita’s name and he calls Ishita and gives her the good news. Ishita tells Sudha that until she is alive no one can harm her family. Sudha tells Romi that she will not spare anyone and Romi in return tells her that they have seen many enemies like her, and they know how to deal with her.

Qayamat Ki Raat: Roma’s Game Is Exposed

The episode starts with people trying to attack Mishka and Kalasur. Kalasur says bring Gauri here or I will kill you all. Gauri says I will go. He can’t harm me. Raj says I will go with you. If we go together, he can’t do anything.

Gauri and Raj come there. Kalasur says Gauri you are here finally. Prithvi says stop all this. Kalasur says if you want to save these people come to me. Raj says you are a coward. You will never have Gauri. You will only have the end. Kalasur says to ask him to shut up. Come with me, Gauri. Raj says she is my wife. Kalasur says I will take her with me.

Raj wears the dupatta and disappears. Kalasur cannot see him, and he attacks him. He orders Mishka to kill Anjali and Guruma comes there and kills Mishka and saves Anjali. A rope is thrown at Kalasur, and it’s Dharam and he is alive, and Raj apologizes to him for not believing him and Gauri. They tie Kalasur there and leave.

Gauri and Raj come home. Gauri says we can’t kill him like that. It is not that easy. There is a woman with a black hat who is helping Kalasur. She will do anything to go and save him.

Guru ma is doing her magic. She says let's enter the village and do our pooja. After that, we can kill Kalasur.

Mishka comes there. She says I have to save Kalasur, but she can’t enter the village. Roma faints and every else also faints and there is a strong wind blowing.

Gauri and Raj are near Kalasur, and Gauri tells Raj that the black women will go and save Kalasur. Raj follows her and Laxmi hits her on the head and she falls down, and when she removes her veil it’s Roma and she is shocked, and Roma tells her that she did all this to save the life of her son Raj, and that’s why she helped the devil.

Laxmi says that she will expose her front of the family members and let them decide what will be her fate. Roma throttles Laxmi.

Gauri says Raj don't worry about me. Kill Kalasur. She shoves Laxmi and says don’t dare to come in my way. You can’t expose me. I am helping Kalasur for years and now you will die and no one will know my truth.

Roma stabs Laxmi. Roma says never poke your nose in my business. Now die.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Mama Slaps Kunal as He Breaks All Ties With Mauli

The episode starts with Kunal outside Nandini’s house. He tries to ring the bell but no one opens the door. Kunal sees Nandini’s nameplate broken lying on the floor. He goes and talks to the watchman and he comes to know that Mauli had visited the house.

Mamma and Dida are seen anxiously waiting for Mauli’s return. She comes back home devastated. Kunal also comes home and questions her as to why she had visited Nandini’s home. He feels that Nandini left her house because of Mauli, and he taunts her and tells her that she is responsible for their separation and she shouldn't blame Nandini for it. He gets very rude with her and Mauli finally breaks her silence and tells him that she cannot believe that he is behaving like this and that she didn’t even meet Nandini.

She tells him that she did not get a chance to meet Nandini otherwise she would have asked her why did she betray her. Kunal breaks all ties with her. Mamma gets shocked by Kunal’s behavior and slaps him. Dida gets emotional and apologizes to Mauli for telling her to give Kunal another chance.

Kunal gets a call from the police station. . He rushes and the inspector shows him footage of Nandini being kidnapped. He also shows him her handbag and a suitcase. The inspector asks him if he is suspicious about anyone. He takes Rajdeep’s name.

There, Nandini is seen tied to a chair with her mouth covered with a cloth. Rajdeep arrives and says that she sent him to jail and got him punished but how can she be forgiven as even she has betrayed her friend Mauli.

Kunal urges the inspector to take some action as Rajdeep is a madman and he can hurt Nandini. The inspector tells that they have located Rajdeep’s car outside an old factory.

Kundali Bhagya: Monisha Cannot Withdraw the Case Until She Marries Karan

The episode starts with Prithvi eagerly waiting for Rithvik. Rithvik asks him for the property papers and Prithvi asks for Monisha. He tells him that they will inspect the papers.

Prithvi gives the papers to the lawyer and he reads the transfer agreements. Monisha snatches the papers from the lawyer's hand, and when she is about to read them, Karan comes there and she drops the papers.

Karan takes the papers and is about to read when Rithvik says that the papers belong to him. Inside the courtroom, the judge asks Monisha why does she want to withdraw the case, but the judge also says that they cannot withdraw the case until she gets married to Karan.

After coming out of the court, Prithvi gets a call and he leaves. Monisha tells them that she will leave as she will meet Karan on the engagement day, which is after three days.

She kisses Karan and he gets shocked. Preeta takes her dupatta to clean Monisha's lipstick mark from his face.

Monisha pushes Prithvi away and says that she will hurt him badly. Rithvik comes to Monisha and she tells him that she cannot withdraw the case until she marries Karan. Prithvi holds her close and says that she must stick to the plan and they must work together.

Rishab asks Karan to stop and tells him that he is angry and he will not marry Monisha at any cost. Preeta tries to calm him down but he does not listen to her. Karan tells Preeta that he will not talk to her as he is angry and might say something that can ruin their friendship.

Prithvi also tries to explain to Monisha that everything will be fine. Rithvik asks him to leave her hand and says that he has handled a lot of girls but cannot talk with Monisha in this manner.

She tells Rithvik that she does not want to marry Karan and she won’t be living happily with him.

Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi and Pragya Try to Convince Mitali for Neha and Tarun's Wedding

The episode starts with Abhi and Pragya almost getting married. Both of them deny this when asked by Purab and Tarun. Dadi says that she is happy with Tarun being the groom for Neha and forgives the latter. Mitali comes to know that Neha has returned and she rushes to meet her.

Mitali notices Tarun in the living room and she rushes to slap him for eloping with Neha. Pragya tells her that they love each other.

Mitali tells Pragya not to brainwash her daughter's mind. Pragya tells her that no boy will be able to keep Neha happy the way Tarun does and tells her to accept their relationship. But Mitali disapproves of it.

Abhi intervenes and tells her that her mistakes are why Neha ran away from home. Mitali then points her fingers at Abhi and says he too has committed many mistakes. Mitali then takes Neha and leaves the room.

Abhi stops Mitali and holds Neha's hand and tells Mitali to let Tarun wed Neha. Pragya supports him. But Tanu intervenes and tells Pragya to mind her own business.

Mitali is upset with Abhi taking the decision of Neha's life discussion. Mitali feels that Abhi is trying to get Neha and Tarun to fulfill Pragya’s wish.

Abhi announces that Pragya is a part of their family. All other family members support him except Mitali. Abhi then states that he has realized what love is after losing his true love.

Mitali accuses all of influencing her daughter's mind. She then asks Neha to choose between Tarun and herself. Everyone is shocked.

Naagin 3: Bela Blames Mahir for Killing Her Mother

The episode starts with Bela seeing her mother Naagrani Maa alive. She feels happy and shocked on this. Aghori baba says she has to save her mother and cannot explain anything to her right now.

Mahir finds something fishy with his brother and goes inside his room looking for Yuvi’s real identity.

Mahir decides to follow Yuvi as he feels something is wrong. Yuvi who is Vikrant in disguise chases Naagrani Maa in the jungle and decides to kill her but Naagrani Maa manages to escape as Vikrant’s foot is stuck in thorns.

Vikrant again manages to catch Naagrani Maa and is happy thinking he will kill her.

Mahir is spotted looking for Yuvi (Vikrant) and is shocked to see a gun in his car.

Mahir takes the gun in his hand and by mistake, a shot is fired, which hits Bela's mother. Bela sees everything and blames Mahir. She accuses him of killing her mother.

Yuvi also blames Mahir and warns him to stay away from Bela.

Bela faints and Yuvi takes her home.

Vikrant is happy that Bela's mother is killed. At home, Bela decides to kill everyone in Mahir's family.

Vikrant calms Bela down but she refuses. Vikrant asks you cannot make this such a simple death for them.

Mahir is crying in the jungle thinking that how can he kill someone.

Vikrant happily narrates to his mother how he killed Naagrani Maa and put the entire blame on Mahir and Bela started hating Mahir.

Vikrant says Bela will kill an innocent Mahir and he will become the Naagraaj.

Vikrant's mother attacks him for loving Bela. He says he loves Bela and can do anything for his mother as well.

Vikrant promises his mother that Bela will kill Mahir at the time of Raavan dehan.

At home, Mahir's mother asks him to get ready at the earliest and his father asks him to sign the papers but later it is shown that it was Vikrant in disguise and he made Mahir sign the divorce papers.

Vikrant asks Bela if she is ready to kill Mahir.

Yuvi asks Mahir to stay away from Bela but the latter says Yuvi is hurting Bela. Yuvi then makes Mahir realize that he is the one who killed Bela's mother.

An angry Bela reaches the temple to kill Mahir.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Kullfi Is Not Speaking With Sikandar

The episode starts with Sikandar making Kullfi understand and requesting her to treat Tevar as her father. Kullfi cries and goes from there.

Her stomach is upset and Tevar calls a doctor to check her and she thinks that it's upset because she cannot say this truth to anyone.

Amyra and Sikandar discuss Kullfi’s admission and he says that he will go to school along with Tevar for it.

Lovely overhears this and gets restless thinking if Kullfi speaks about her mother's name, the truth will be out in front of Sikandar.

She manages to make a call to a producer and asks him to make Sikandar meet him at the earliest. .Sikandar refuses but Lovely says she will go with Tevar for Kullfi’s admission, Sikandar agrees but warns her not to do anything wrong.

Sikandar goes to Tevar's home and informs him that Lovely will go with him and make him understand that at this point of time Kullfi's education is more important for them not anything else.

Kullfi ignores Sikandar and says she can't forgive him.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2: Anurag Decides to Expose Navin

The episode starts with Navin getting to know that Anurag is the one who had sent the message from his phone. He gets annoyed.

Prerna picks up and takes her plate to kitchen. Mohini says that it's a servant’s job, not yours. Prerna says that the utensils have been used by them, so it's okay.

Anurag asks Navin’s girlfriend to come along with him inside but she tells him to get Navin outside. Anurag finds something fishy and as soon as he turns to get him the woman leaves. Anurag is sure about her affair with Naveen and decides to bring the truth out.

He goes back to the house and tells Mohini that he wants to talk to her. Navin also makes an excuse of an ankle sprain and diverts everyone’s attention. He vows not to let the truth come out.

Anurag also thinks that Mohini won't believe him without solid proof. Prerna is leaving. Moloy asks Anurag to drop her. Naveen is unable to stop them.

They are on their way. Prerna asks him to stop at a paan shop. They enjoy paan and suddenly it starts raining. Anurag rushes inside but Prerna starts dancing and they share a romantic moment. The two says bye to each other.

Meanwhile, Navin diverts Mohini’s attention by telling her that he knows a perfect match for Anurag, his friend’s daughter, Komolika. He praises her beauty. Mohini asks him to invite her to the engagement ceremony.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Akhilesh Tells Manish About His Insults

The episode starts with Manish asking Akhilesh to reveal what is making him upset. Akhilesh counts all the times he insulted him and treated him like a servant.

Naira asks him to count the times when Manish appreciated and pampered him.

Akhilesh gets annoyed and leaves to his room along with Surekha.

Naira feels weak and faints. On seeing this, Naksh gets restless and asks her to come along with him, as stress is not good for her

Everyone agrees to this and tells her to go but she refuses to say that she won't leave her family in bad times.

Akhilesh receives a call from Bhai and says that he is much relaxed after speaking his heart out and then starts packing bags. Surekha stops him but he ignores her.

Luv and Kush also say that they don't want to go anywhere and want to stay with everyone.

Ishqbaaaz: Shivaay Tries to Strangle Anika

The episode starts with Rudra insulting Shivaay in front of the media by calling him a murderer. He then asks Shivaay to leave the podium as it would be best for everyone. Rudra starts the speech and it is soon realized by Anika and Shivaay that the entire speech is what they had written prior to the Founders' Day.

Meanwhile, it is then revealed that Rudra stole Shivaay's speech and they both are equally shocked by it. Anika and Shivaay are astonished as they hear Rudra's speech. Shivaay claps for Rudra as he completes the speech. Anika is still not over the fact that Rudra stole Shivaay's speech.

However, when Shivaay approaches Rudra and the others, he simply asks him if he wants to take credit for the speech. Rudra later adds that he did it not because Shivaay's speech was better but because he wanted to rub it on his face that his speech was given by someone else.

However, it backfires as Shivaay states that he is proud that his younger brother was given the opportunity to say the speech that he had penned down. Shivaay is haunted by the dreams of killing his father.

Meanwhile, Anika wakes up and Shivaay is out of his trance. He apologizes and is shocked by his behaviour as he doesn't realize what happened and why he did that. Shivaay tells Anika that she doesn't have to be with him because he has been nothing but constant trouble to her.

Anika refuses to leave him and tries to convince him that she understands him and whatever he has gone through. However, Shivaay brings a first aid kit to help her with the swelling caused by him around her neck. He then apologizes to her for whatever happened and assures that he will never cause her pain.

The next day, Gauri notices Anika's neck and constant coughing and enquires what has happened to her. Anika tries to hide the pain by creating a story. Shivaay asks to reconcile, but Omkara refuses to do so. Meanwhile, Shivaay finds Priyanka is super drunk and is throwing tantrums.

When Shivaay confronts Priyanka about her behavior. She reacts by calling him a murderer. She goes to the extent of saying that she is ashamed of calling him her brother. Bhavya and Gauri meet Anika in the house but they spot the marks around her neck and try to figure out.

Ishq Mein Marjawan: Roma Plans to Kill Aarohi

The episode starts with Dany asking Aarohi to meet him as he has some information about Deep. Meanwhile, Roma and Virat acknowledge the fact that Tara was in jail and Aarohi was living with them. Virat apologizes to Tara. Roma asks him to pursue Deep and Aarohi before the day ends.

Roma returns home and meets Aarohi and Deep. Roma tells them that she has decided to tell Deep everything about his past for the sake of his daughter.

She asks Aarohi to bring Deep at the place of the accident. Aarohi agrees without a doubt. Meanwhile, Deep goes to the room where he finds Virat standing with a pistol in his hand. When Deep confronts him, Virat takes him away. Virat and Deep are in the car when the former mixes something in the water, which makes him unconscious.

Roma and Aarohi are in the car. She confuses Aarohi about the location and sends her to a house. Roma asks her to go to a room, which is difficult to get into, and asks her to jump if she wants to enter the room since there are no stairs. Virat, too, brings Deep to the same location but with a different route.

Aarohi jumps and enters into the room where Roma waits for her. Meanwhile, Roma says that the real Tara was afraid of heights and would have never jumped and slaps her. She threatens to teach them a lesson.

Aarohi is overwhelmed and asks Roma about Deep. Roma shows a video of Deep being beaten by Virat.

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