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Written Updates

MUMBAI: Missed an episode of your favourite show? Well, we are here to update you. Read on for written updates on all the shows you love!

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Kullfi’s School Admission

The episode starts with Kullfi telling Sikandar that she doesn't want to talk to him and says that she can never trust him again. He tells her even if she gets annoyed he will always love her. Tevar and Lovely take Kullfi for the school interview. Kullfi likes the school atmosphere. She tells Tevar that she can do anything to get admission in the school.

Amyra welcomes her in the school and wishes her the best. She makes Kullfi understands that principal will ask her few questions regarding her parents and says Kullfi to not feel insulted.

Sikandar comes to school and finds Tevar and Lovely fighting. He tells them that he knew it and came to check. He goes to support Kullfi in the interview. Lovely doesn’t want Kullfi to take Nimrat’s name in front of Sikandar.

Sikandar asks Kullfi to give her best and not to worry about anything. Tevar takes Sikandar’s help and doesn’t want Kullfi to lose the admission because of him. Tevar tells the principal that he met his daughter a few days before but Sikandar means the world to her and asks Sikandar to describe Kullfi to them.

He gets emotional and feels she is a blessing for him. He praises Kullfi a lot, which in turns makes Lovely upset. Lovely asks Kullfi not to spoil Sikandar’s name in the principal’s cabin and forces her to give a good interview. Kullfi worries.

Lovely stops the principal from knowing about Kullfi’s mother. Kullfi tells them that she wants to study and gets upset with Tevar’s truth. Sikandar and Tevar ask her to answer the principal.

Sikandar gets worried that Kullfi will say something that will break Tevar’s heart. The principal asks them to send Kullfi to a special school as she feels Kullfi is not a normal girl. Kullfi loses hope. Amyra tells her that Sikandar will find some way. Kullfi thinks about telling Tevar the truth.

Ye Hai Mohabbatein: Raman Shouts at Ishita

The episode starts with Raman being surprised to know that Ishita didn’t send the jewelry for polishing. Raman finds something wrong and cannot understand what the matter is.

Bala gifts Pihu her favourite chocolate. Pihu feels happy about going to school as they had a surprise test in school. But she still feels angry with Ishita for scolding her. Bala makes her understand. Pihu comes home from school and gets happy to see cookies but doesn’t take them from Ishita. Pihu goes back to her room. Ishita follows her and makes her mood happy. She apologizes to Pihu and gives her the cookies.

Ishita feels relaxed, as Pihu isn’t angry anymore. Raman tells her that they have promised not to lie to each other. He tells her that he has checked with their family jewelry shop but didn’t find any record of polishing jewelry given by her. Ishita lies to him again.

Everyone compliments Aliya for looking so pretty. She tells them that the dress is gifted by Rohan. Ishita gifts Aliya a jewelry piece that hangs from the waist. She tells her that this is the challa of responsibility.

She needs to be responsible for her marriage. Aliya thanks Raman for the gift. But Raman tells her that he didn’t know anything about the gift and taunts Ishita. Rohan, Karan, and Kaushalaya come in their house for celebrating Navratri. Everyone welcomes them.

The rituals of the festival start. Rohan and Aliya give gold coins to the children. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to give them gold pendants. Ishita refuses and she tells them that she has something very nice for the children to give. Ishita offers them pens.

Pihu asks her what’s special in it. Ishita now explains to them that the gold coins they received from Rohan’s family have come after they have worked hard and educated themselves. She tells them to work hard and study hard to get it on their own

Kaushalaya feels sorry for offering the children gold coins. Ishita tells them that it is okay. Kaushalaya tells Mrs. Bhalla that she is lucky to have such an understanding daughter-in-law like Ishita. Everyone has lunch together.

Sudha doesn’t understand how Raman allowed Ishita to sell her jewelry. The informer informs Sudha that Raman isn’t aware of the situation yet and she decides to inform Raman about the same.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: KaIra's Plan to Stop Akhilesh

The episode starts with Akhilesh along with Surekha coming down with their luggage to leave the house. Akhilesh says that the papers are ready and lawyers will complete the matter later. Luv and Kush hugs Manish and say they don’t want to leave.

Akhilesh keeps the file and goes to touch Suhasini’s feet but with a heavy heart, she steps back. Akhilesh joins hands and says I am leaving Maa. Suhasini cries and requests Akhilesh to stop. If you have any love and respect in your heart for your mother don’t go.

Surekha consoles Suhasini. Keeping a stone over his heart, Akhilesh says please Maa, don’t say this. I can’t do this now. If you had read my eyes and heart, such a condition couldn’t arise. Akhilesh says to Manish next time we’ll meet officially with our lawyers. Manish hugs him with tearful eyes and requests him to stay.

While returning, Naksh worries about Naira’s condition and Kirti’s extreme disappointment. Kirti worries that her home is breaking.

Kartik says Papa, you can’t give everything to Chachu. When you are splitting, make sure that everything is fair. You can’t give everything to him because it contains everyone’s share. Manish gets angry but Akhilesh favours Kartik.

Naira asks Akhilesh to stay until they divide everything including their house. Kartik Naira picks Durga Maa’s established idol and set it at the center of the hall. They divide the house by giving one side to Akhilesh and one to themselves. Everyone feels bad but it’s a great victory for them as they successfully stopped Akhilesh from leaving the house.

Someone named Bhai again encourages Akhilesh for the split. Meanwhile, Manish is confused about Kartik and Naira’s strange change. Kartik and Naira tell Manish that demanding their share was just an excuse to stop Akhilesh. They convince everyone that they’ll never let their family split into parts.

Ishqbaaaz: Shivaay Runs Away From Office

The episode starts with Bhavya telling Anika that Shivaay suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and its side effects and is fighting a battle with the world and himself too. Anika worries and asks what shall I do to get him out of this. Bhavya says it’s his own fight. Just support him, and bring him back in his routine. Om and Rudra call Gauri and Bhavya, they go.

Shivaay after Anika request agrees to go. He gets down and sees everyone gossiping and calls him a murderer. They click pictures of him. He covers his face. Om is in the meeting. Rudra looks on. Shivaay leaves.

Anika calls Khanna and asks did Shivaay reach office. He says yes. Anika says trust me when Shivaay focuses on work, he will become like before. Shivaay sits somewhere alone, and in the evening, Anika waits for him. He comes home. Anika smiles and asks how was his day.

He says I was looking into financial statements. She says I knew it; you go and freshen up. Anika then overhears Om and Rudra having a conversation with Bhavya about Shivaay not coming to office. The police come home and call Shivaay.

Shivaay says, whatever happens, will be for our best, relations can get bitter, but can’t get broken. She says I believe you will make everything fine. She eats almonds. She says her usual lines and everyone smiles. Anika says I have seen them laughing together after many years. Roop says there will be just happiness here.

Shivaay asks her to take rest. Rudra says she will stay on our side. Roop says I am the bua of you three. I have equal rights on all three. I will stay here on alternate days. Shivaay says no need, you stay with Rudra, I have no problem. Roop says, my sensible boy. She asks Rudra to leave her to her room. She hugs Gauri and Bhavya.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2: Prerna Begins to Feel Attracted to Anurag

The episode starts with Anurag being completely drenched when he comes home. Nivedita sees it and confronts him about his feelings towards Prerna. Anurag ignores her and Nivedita finds this weird.

At her home, Prerna looks at the mirror and thinks about Anurag. She finds him cute.

Meanwhile, Anurag crosses Navin’s room and sees him flirting with his girlfriend. He opens the door and tries to expose him.

However, Mohini comes and Anurag realizes he was just dreaming. Mohini gives him kada and makes him sleep. The next morning, Prerna calls him and worries about his health as he isn't used to getting wet in the rain. Anurag says that the night was very special for him.

Meanwhile, Nivedita tells Mohini that she suspects Anurag is having an affair with Prerna. Mohini gets angry and asks her to stop talking nonsense.

When everyone is preparing for Navin’s engagement, Anurag hears Navin making a plan to meet his jaan at a hotel. Anurag goes to the hotel and decides to expose him.

Kundali Bhagaya: Monisha Meets Rithvik

The episode starts with Sameer being worried. He says that they must not tell the truth to their family but Rishab refuses to do so and says that it is better than they hear everything from them. Meanwhile, Rishab searches for Srishti and leaves after waiting for them.

Srishti is looking for them in the court and tries to dial Preeta’s number. Meanwhile, she finds Monisha who is crying and then some guy comes and makes her stop crying. She tries to confront them but then remembers what Preeta said and decides that she will not go. She thinks for the solution.

Rithvik says that they must go from there and leave. Srishti hides and decides to make a video. She takes their picture and when they leave, Srishti thinks that she has done something very good and now if she goes and shows it to someone, Monisha will deny it so she decides to keep it a secret.

Karan and Preeta are in the car. Karan asks her what she wants. Preeta says that she wants him to back off and not marry Monisha because she only wants to see him happy and not so frustrated and angry. Meanwhile, they both patch up. Preeta gets a call from Srishti who says that she must come to the café as she has spotted Rithvik with Monisha. Preeta and Karan leave.

Prithvi gets frustrated and says to Sherlyn that he was with Preeta in the court and the judge gave the verdict that they must first get married and then the case will be withdrawn.

She gets worried about what will happen. Prithvi assures her that nothing will happen and Karan will now go to jail again. He will then take revenge from Rishab for what he did to him years before. Meanwhile, he decides to spend his life with Preeta.

In the cafe, both Monisha and Rithvik are enjoying but are stressed because of Karan. Rithvik assures her that Prithvi is right about Karan that he is just acting and when he backs out they will win. Monisha gets convinced by Rithvik. Meanwhile, Dadi and Rakhi are stressed and wish to not let Karan marry Monisha.

Rishab assures them that they will find some solution and will not let Karan marry Monisha. He says that Preeta is looking after Karan. Rakhi prays that may Preeta be with them so that they can win the game.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Rajdeep Tries to Kill Nandini; Kunal Rescues Her

The episode starts with Rajdeep trying to kill Nandini. He tells Nandini that he won’t kill her so easily as he wants people to claim her as Rajdeep’s wife died and not Kunal’s lover died. Meanwhile, Dida apologizes to Mauli for being mean and she wishes Mauli to stay with Kunal. Dida and Mamma request Mauli to tell Kunal about their child.

Dida and Mamma send Mauli behind Kunal to tell him about the child. Nandini shouts for help but Rajdeep laughs that there are a lot of snakes, rats, and other reptiles. It’s a deserted place and that no one can help her out.

Nandini will die as Mrs. Rajdeep Thakur now. Nandini clarifies that making her wear a red dress or sindoor doesn’t make them husband and wife. Kunal won her heart through love and respect and now she will die remembering him.

Rajdeep holds a rope to tie Nandini with a wall and spills kerosene in a circle around the wall. Mauli reaches behind Kunal.

Rajdeep feels pride as now Nandini’s death certificate will have the name as Mrs. Nandini Rajdeep Thakur. He lights a matchstick and the fire encircles her. Rajdeep plays music on his cell phone. Nandini wishes to have Kunal with her. Kunal spots Rajdeep’s car. Mauli’s car stops right behind Kunal’s car.

Kunal hurries into the factory and is overwhelmed to see Nandini. Rajdeep and Kunal have a confrontation. Nandini shouts for Kunal’s help. Kunal holds an iron rod lying nearby and tries to rescue Nandini. He finds a shawl nearby and tries to put the fire off. Meanwhile, Rajdeep loads his revolver and aims at Kunal.

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