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Written Updates

MUMBAI: Missed an episode of your favourite show? Well, we are here to update you. Read on for written updates on all the shows you love!

Kumkum Bhagya: Pragya Attends Neha and Tarun’s Engagement

The episode starts with Tanu being afraid that until Neha and Tarun’s wedding ends, Abhi and Pragya may revisit their past. Mitali wants to stop Neha and Tarun’s wedding in order to keep Abhi and Pragya away from each other.

Mitali clarifies that their love never let them apart and that they only needed a confrontation and closure again. Meanwhile, Aaliya says it’s too late to delay the wedding.

Mitali decides to take revenge on them. Meanwhile, Dadi is happy to see Pammi welcoming the guests. Pragya and King arrive at the wedding and are welcomed.

Dadi apologizes to King from Mitali’s side and takes King for Bhangra. Pragya asks Pammi whether Mitali will be able to come for their engagement. Pammi says she convinced her to attend the engagement. Pragya searches for Disha. Dadi and Masi try to stop King from talking to Disha.

Pragya recalls the past when she organized each of the functions in this family. Aaliya tells Pragya that she won’t gain anything by recalling the past. Pragya says until Aaliya is here, she is aware that nothing would change. Meanwhile, Pragya wishes Aaliya would reconcile.

Pragya is walking across the corridor and finds Abhi was calling someone. He is in the washroom and asking for a towel. Pragya thinks that he must be calling her, as there is no one around. Meanwhile, Aaliya slips from the stairs. King holds her from her waist and saves her. Aaliya gets annoyed. She asks King to leave her. Meanwhile, Dadi enters and thinks King and Aaliya are a compatible couple.

Abhi shouts for a towel from inside the washroom. Pragya hands the towel to him. Abhi asks Sunny if Pragya has arrived. He walks out of the washroom. Meanwhile, Pragya tells Abhi she gave the towel to him, and it’s better Sunny wasn’t here. She asks why he mocked Singh. Abhi decides to call King langoor (monkey), since they are friends from a long time.

Kundali Bhagya: Karan, Preeta, and Srishti Follow Monisha

The episode starts with Karan asking Srishti about them. Srishti tells Karan that they are on the roof. Sherlyn ask Prithvi whether he wants to destroy Preeta. Prithvi asks her to not involve Preeta in it. Meanwhile, she gets annoyed and asks him about why he is defending her. He tells her that his left eye is blinking and he feels something is wrong.

Meanwhile, Preeta spots Rithvik and Monisha. Srishti asks Karan if he is his enemy but Karan says that he has not seen him before. Meanwhile, she takes a picture of him with Monisha.

Sherlyn ask Prithvi to not become blinded with this belief and that science has proved it but Prithvi doesn’t believe it and says that his left eye is blinking and something bad is going to happen. She says that his mentality is just like that of a middle-class family. Meanwhile, they start having arguments and decide to break up.

Prithvi realizes that Karan would be the one who is doing such things. He decides to take help from Sherlyn but she disconnects his call.

Karan is still following them and when they reach the destination, Preeta says that they have reached the place and that it might be their house. Srishti says that she has already come to this house and it is Monisha’s place. Karan says that that they must enter inside and find out what is happening. Monisha and Rithvik enter and start to romance.

Karan and Preeta see that the building has guards and as a result they are unable to enter inside. Srishti finds a paanwala who is looking at Preeta. Srishti says that she must act nicely in order to get information from him.

Karan and Preeta refuse to do so, but Srishti makes them realize that it is the only way to know with whom Monisha is. Meanwhile, Preeta agrees and says that the paan shop is right in front of their building and that she will make him tell everything.

Karan goes after her. The paanwala says that he is a big fan of Karan and has even named his paan after him. Meanwhile, Preeta takes the photo of Monisha and asks him questions about her and he tells them everything including the name of Rithvik and his lounge bar. They are excited as they have a clear view about what to do ahead now.

Ishq Subhan Allah: Kabir Rejects Ruksaar

The episode starts with Ruksaar saying to Zara that until the door is open, Kabir is yours, and when this door is closed, Kabir is mine. She closes the door on Zara. Zara is tensed and paces around. Meanwhile, she begins to recall her past with Kabir.

In the room, Kabir starts dua to God. Ruksaar whispers to herself that she will spend tonight in Kabir’s arms and then tomorrow she will mix poison in her juice, leave this world, and stay together with him in the afterlife.

Kabir prays to God for Zara and wishes to not tarnish her honour. Ruksaar tells him that he prayed for Zara and she prayed for him. He looks away. Ruksaar tells him she signed the agreement because she wanted to spend the night with him and that he needs to do what she asked for.

Kabir is stunned and moves away from Ruksaar. She asks him to spend the night and says that he will get Zara for life in return. Kabir thinks and disapproves of her wishes.

Ruksaar puts Zara’s dupatta on Kabir and starts getting closer to him. Kabir holds her hand and kisses it by recalling Zara. Zara says to Reema that she was in this house for Kabir and believed that Kabir will leave Ruksaar and will get back with her but he didn’t leave her. She feels Ruksaar was right and decides to not get back with him.

Ruksaar recalls how Kabir rejected her earlier. She takes off her jewelry, takes off dupatta, and comes to Kabir. Kabir turns to leave but Ruksaar stops him and says Zara is outside and that he will get Zara in the morning only. She tells Kabir that if he doesn’t spend the night with her, then she won’t give him a divorce.

Salma calls Ayesha and says to her that people did injustice with Zara and she has decided to leave your home. Zara comes there with her luggage. Shahbaz says to her that if she leaves, then their respect will be destroyed.

Ruksaar tries to entice Kabir, but he manages to run away from there. She tries stop him but all in vain.

Irfan and Salma come to Kabir’s house to pick up Zara. Zara leaves along with them. Meanwhile, Kabir reaches there and tries to stop Zara.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Kullfi Tells Sikandar That She Will Not Forgive Him

The episode starts with the school principal asks Tevar and Sikandar to take Kullfi to a special school. Tevar gets upset about it, and they ask the principal to give Kullfi one chance.

The principal says this is not a music school and it will be difficult for Kullfi to adjust in the school. But they ask her to give their daughter a chance and she agrees and gives Kullfi a chance and says she one week to prepare for the test.

Amyra is happy and they hug each other. Lovely is worried about all of them being together as Kullfi’s truth can come out.

She decides to separate them. Kullfi asks Tevar about his visit to Chirauli and he tells her that he met her Mami there. She thinks that her Mami would have never told the truth.

Kullfi’s Mama remembers how he did not tell the truth to Sikandar. He gets ready to leave his home. Amyra gets books for Kullfi to prepare for her entrance exam. Sikandar says she has to prepare herself for school.

Tevar teaches Kullfi about freedom fighters and she remembers the time when Sikandar had taught her the same. Sikandar takes the book from Tevar and starts to teach her, but she doesn’t talk to him, and Amyra and Tevar sense that there is a problem between the two.

Kullfi refuses to learn from Sikandar, and Tevar tries to teach her. Kullfi wonders when she will go to Chirauli.

Kullfi comes to Sikandar with her books so that she can prepare for her entrance. She manages to learn easily and is happy. Sikandar asks her if she has forgiven him, to which she says that she can never forgive him.

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