Have you missed your favourite show last night? Here we offer you a complete Written Updates

 Here we offer you a complete Written Updates

MUMBAI: Missed an episode of your favourite show? Well, we are here to update you. Read on for written updates on all the shows you love!

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Kullfi Stresses About Her Entrance

The episode starts with Kullfi requesting Tevar to take her to the village. Tevar says to her that they will study for the entrance test first and then go to Chirauli. She requests him to take her the same day after the test. Tevar agrees to this and says once the admission is done she can stay as much as she wants.

Sikandar gets relaxed as Kullfi agrees to Tevar. Kullfi thinks she should study hard so that she can meets to uncle soon. Lovely gets upset after seeing Amyra’s concern for Kullfi and she tells Lovely that she will not get jealous of Kullfi now. Lovely asks Amyra to stop singing Kullfi’s praises and gets angry with Amyra after hearing her praise Kullfi’s mother.

Sattu feels bad that he has lied to Sikandar about Kullfi and imagines Nimrat telling him that Kullfi and Sikandar should know the truth and then decide themselves and not to cheat on Kullfi. She tells him that Kullfi will decide if she will accept Sikandar in her life or not. Sattu feels more guilty.

Amyra along with Sikandar and Tevar prepare Kullfi for the interview so that she can pass the test. Kullfi stays stressed and wants to find the truth of her father. Sattu gets to see Sikandar and Kullfi’s picture in the newspaper. He realizes that Sikandar also loves Kullfi dearly and wants to know what destiny wants to convey. He thinks of meeting Sikandar and Kullfi.

Kullfi gets upset and wants to meet her uncle at any cost. Nihalo calls up Cutie to know about Kullfi and get some money. Cutie warns her against having relations with Kullfi. Tevar finds Kullfi stressed with studies and tells Sikandar that Lovely has ruined Kullfi’s life and he doesn’t want Lovely to behave badly with Kullfi.

Sikandar asks him to just believe Kullfi and stay calm like her. Sikandar tells Kullfi that her uncle won’t help her in finding her father. She gets strong-headed to meet her real father. The big truth will be coming to Sikandar on its own, when Sattu meets him and reveals Kullfi’s connection with him.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik and Naira’s Dandiya and Romance

The episode starts with Kartik and Naira joining Akhilesh’s Dandiya event. Manish tells Akhilesh you are more than Kartik to me. I will not repeat the same mistake that I did at the time of Kartik. He walks inside with Suhasini and Suwarna. Naitik says to Akhilesh that you came first at our home for Naira’s relation and we have older relation with you than Manish or anyone else. So we came with the right of that relation. You may respect the relation or push me out. The wish is yours.

Devyani says how will he push out. We are his daughter’s in-laws. Thereafter, Kirti says I am his elder daughter. Naksh says no one can’t deny me as I am the husband of their elder daughter. And they go inside to join the event. But it seems like someone is keeping an eye over their family.

Watching Naira stressed Kartik questions her. Naira says I never thought we will misbehave and hurt Chachu this way. Kartik makes her calm and says we shouldn’t get upset over the actions. Suhasini, Suwarna, and Manish come there and thank Kartik and Naira for their efforts and concern. Luv and Kush come there and say when you were getting divorced, mother told us that only husband and wife get divorced not families. But here it happened with the family too. Kartik and Naira tell them that they will not let it happen. Naksh sends Luv and Kush to play Dandiya.

Naitik appreciates Goenkas’ courage. Naksh and Kirti ask them to act as nothing happened and celebrate. Naira sees a shadow. But when she follows it, the person disappears. She ignores it thinking she might be over thinking. But she doesn’t know there’s someone actually over there.

Manish stands aside thinking that his presence can disturb Akhilesh. Naira apologizes to Kartik for hurting him in past. Kartik asks Naira to forget that incident. They romance and some floral threads fall over them. The similar circumstances fill them with joy.

Akhilesh gets upset with Kartik and Naira’s behaviour. He doesn’t want his party to be credited to Manish so he decides to follow the suggestion given by Bhai and tell everyone about their split. Kartik and Naira comes to know about this.

They are determined to stop Akhilesh from revealing the matter. When Akhilesh is about to announce, Kartik and Naira switch off the lights and come there with their glowing Dandiya to distract the crowd from the announcement. Akhilesh postpones the announcement and asks the guests to enjoy. Kartik and Naira thanks Akhilesh for supporting them and say sorry for interrupting. The song Chogada plays. Everyone dances and celebrates along with Kartik and Naira including Akhilesh. The celebration brings them closer again. The shadow disconnects the power supply and gets angry.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Kaushalya Requests Ishita

The episode starts with Romi defending Ishita. Raman gets angry on him and says we have to liquidate our assets. I have to book the same car for Aaliya today. Romi asks are you serious. Raman says just do what I say. Take the fixed deposit. He asks Mrs. Bhalla to make a good dinner for celebrations.

Sudha says we have 25% shares of the Bhalla group, I want 51% shares, only then Bhalla group will be mine. She sees Rajat’s picture and says they had humiliated you in front of everyone, I did the same with them today. Raman calls everyone down and gifts Aaliya the car as her pre-wedding gift. Aaliya says its expensive gift. it wasn’t needed.

Raman says your happiness matters. It’s worth it. Everyone asks Aaliya to take them in her new car. Ishita sees Raman. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma do the car’s puja. Raman says it would be great if everyone understands.

Ishita goes from there. Amma says Raman was angry and she questions Ishita about the same and says what are you hiding from me. Ishita says I can’t hide anything from you. Ishita assures her that she can solve this on her own. Amma says fine, take care. Ishita goes.

Romi comes home. Ishita asks why were you not answering my calls. He says sorry, I was with Raman, where is he. She says he has gone to drive the new car, what’s happening. He says come, I will tell you.

Everyone is spotted happy. Ishita says there are still 6 months. Raman says we have time to manage it well. I want to plan Aaliya’s marriage well. Ishita gets a call and is shocked. Raman and everyone come to meet Kaushalya. The doctor asks them to stay outside. Ruhi says Karan, don’t worry. Aunty will be fine. Doctor says she is critical, why aren’t you taking care of her.

Rohan says we are taking care of her. Doctor says she is at the third stage of cancer. Rohan asks what, how can this happen. Doctor asks don’t you know she has blood cancer. Karan says no. Doctor says she is getting treatment, didn’t she tell you. Rohan asks what’s her situation.

Doctor says she just has a few weeks left. Rohan requests the doctor to cure her. Doctor says we are trying out best but it’s not affecting. Keep her happy. The nurse says Kaushalya is calling both of you. Rohan and Karan cry. Karan feels upset and refuses to go but everyone pacifies him and he agrees. Aaliya says I will come along. Ishita says your mum needs you.

Raman gets some call and leaves. Someone sees Ishita and her family pictures. He gets angry. Kaushalya requests Ishita to get Rohan and Aaliya married next week. Consider this as my last wish.

Raman says we will get them married next week, don’t worry. Kaushalya thanks them. She says this marriage will bring happiness in my family. Raman says this will be one of the memorable weddings. You take rest; it’s my responsibility. Romi worries.

At home, Ishita and Romi worry about how will they arrange a grand wedding. Raman says I have already made arrangements and gets angry. Romi and Ishita talk about the same. She says he received someone’s call at Rohan’s house and left. I don’t know about the call. Ruhi wakes up by Karan’s call. He comes to meet her. She meets him. He hugs her.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2: Navin manages to Save Himself From Being Exposed

The episode starts with Veena saying to Rajesh that she doesn't wish to attend Prerna's engagement with Navin. He tells her as parents, they must fulfill their duties, and Prerna has always been a sensible child and she cannot change in a day. There must be something she is hiding from us. They decide to ask her about it.

Meanwhile, Anurag accuses Navin of lying to everyone. Mohini asks Anurag about evidence to prove that Navin is a fraud and she is totally ashamed of what he has done today.

Mohini asks everyone to get ready for the engagement and put the incident behind. Navin decides to take revenge from Moloy for humiliating him. He tells everyone that he doesn’t want to get engaged to Prerna. Moloy apologizes to him for over reacting. Anurag feels angry.

Prerna thinks about Anurag being so caring while she is in the cab. She feels bad for hiding things from him. Anurag decides to be by Prerna's side no matter what.

Naveen calls his jaan and tells her how he managed to save himself. Anurag overhears this and vows to get the engagement cancelled.

Later in the evening, the guests start coming and ceremony begins. Naveen is seen in a good mood. Prerna and her family arrive. Nivedita does not greet them at the door. Prerna teaches her a lesson for the same.

Bepannaah: Zoya Goes Home for Pag Phera

The episode starts with Zoya coming to her room and apologizing to Aditya for coming late. She begins to tell him the truth. The girl who blamed you in the function was sent by someone who is trying to separate us since we got married. She notices that he has fallen asleep. I will tell him everything tomorrow. Keeping her phone aside, she makes him lie down properly and kisses him on his forehead. She rests her head on his chest. I will tell you and truth and then we will fix everything. She falls asleep thus.

Wasim is upset with Roshnaq. I doubted you when you invited me for Dandiya. I was only fulfilling my promise. Who gave you those passes? Noor asks him if he doubts Ammi. She indeed won them from lucky draw. It was a coincidence. You doubt always. She turns and smiles a little at her mother. Wasim says I do not doubt her. I was just concerned. My evening got ruined. Noor seconds him. Roshnaq gives him warm clothes to pack. He thanks her. I am sorry.

Roshnaq looks at Noor questioningly. What are you up to? Noor shares that she plans to invite Zoya over tomorrow. We will spend time with each other like in the past. Roshnaq is pleased with her plan.

Zoya wakes up but does not see Aditya there. She decides to tell Aditya everything.

Aditya and Arjun are talking about the surprise planned for Zoya. Aditya diverts the topic the moment he sees Anjana there. Anjana asks them about it. Noor says it is Appi’s Pag Phera ritual today. This is what you call it right? Aditya nods. Roshnaq and Noor enter and greet the Huda family.

Aditya goes upstairs and looks at Zoya as she is getting ready. She tries to tell him what she couldn’t last night. Aditya tells her that her Ammi and sister are here. She begins to tell him the truth again but he hugs her out of the blue. She is surprised. Aditya apologizes to Zoya. I am dumb. I couldn’t understand it. It becomes difficult to make your loved ones see your point. Noor coughs to distract them. She complains sweetly to Appi that she got this time for themselves and you are spending it with Jiju. Zoya fails in telling anything to Aditya. He tells Noor to take care of her Appi. Noor agrees. Aditya sighs.

The mystery lady is talking to someone. She is happy to know that Zoya left for the Siddiqui House. It will become easier for me if husband and wife will be away from each other. I will make sure she comes to meet me. She also asks about Wasim’s whereabouts and laughs. Only God will save Zoya now.

Roshnaq gives Zoya the gifts that she received on her wedding but Zoya keeps glancing at her phone. Roshnaq and Noor observe it.

Roshnaq asks Zoya are you happy? I have only seen you upset since you got married. Zoya replies that she is very happy. Aditya take cares of me more than I take care of myself. Papa has made me his daughter and Arjun calls me sister. I am blessed to have a family like that. Roshnaq asks her why she remains upset. Zoya shares that she has hidden something from Aditya. I will tell him everything today itself. I will tell you also when everything is sorted. Roshnaq explains that the relation of marriage sticks only when husband and wife are completely honest with each other. Promise me you will tell him everything today itself. She makes her understand the importance of the bond. The doorbell rings. A guy delivers something at the Siddiqui House for Zoya saying that Aditya has sent it for her. Roshnaq takes it. Zoya reads the letter and checks her dress and smiles.

Zoya comes downstairs wearing the saree sent by Aditya. Roshnaq compliments and blesses her.

She asks the driver why Aditya did not come himself to pick her and calls Aditya but he does not pick up. She drops him a text that she is on the way. The driver takes a turn that Zoya finds wrong. The driver insists it is right. She recalls the challenge posed by the mystery woman. She repeatedly asks the driver to stop the car but he does not. He smiles.

Ishq Mein Marjawan: Deep Hugs Aarohi

The episode starts with Deep looking at a file. Aarohi goes with Tara. She spills the water on it as it is her case file.

Abhi spies on Tara. Aarohi comes to the room and says it is the same place I was staying as Anjali. Deep said you will recognize me in any way but you couldn’t. Aarohi takes off her teeth. Abhi comes. He says you should never come out of your costume till your mission was accomplished.

Deep wonders why he felt weird when he shook hands with the doctor.

Meanwhile, Tara takes out her drink but hides in front of Deep. She tries to get some closure with Deep by going out for a vacation but Deep refuses and looks after Maa, who is ill.

Abhi says to Aarohi that Deep said the Karwa Chauth pooja will happen here. Abhi plans with Aarohi that he will make everyone faint so that she can attack Deep. Maa reaches there.

Meanwhile, Tara takes Deep’s phone and says to Deep that they can spend time at home instead of going out. Deep hears Maa screaming. Deep comes and says move away from my mom or I will shoot you. How dare you touch my mom? Where is Abhi? Maa says calm down. We were doing exercise. She isn’t harming me. I feel much better.

Ma asked Aarohi what will end? And why do you have house map? Aarohi said we will do yoga at this place. I have to find out the best places.

Aarohi says she never saw a gun like this before.

Don’t worry. Your mom will be fine. Deep says don’t touch me. You have done enough damage. The file you spilled water on was very important. Deep says I need to stay away from her. She gives me a weird feeling.

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