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MUMBAI: Missed an episode of your favourite show? Well, we are here to update you. Read on for written updates on all the shows you love!

Ishq Mein Marjawan: Aarohi Spends a Day With Deep

The episode starts with Deep hugging Aarohi. Aarohi informs this to Tara. Tara says this is just a dare. He has to spend the whole day with you. Aarohi refuses to spend time with Deep and says to Tara that if that gives me more information about him, then I would stay near him.

Meanwhile, Aarohi comes to Deep and agrees to work with him. Deep ask her to check files. Aarohi checks Deep’s drawer. Deep gets annoyed. Aarohi cuts Deep’s hand by mistake. Aarohi apologizes to Deep and brings the first aid box for him.

Vasundra is doing pooja. Abhi meets Guru Ma. Vasundra says to Deep that we need to get stuff for Karwa Chauth. Guru Ma is hidden. Meanwhile, Aarohi gives Deep a kawa. He refuses to accept it and says that he is allergic. Aarohi dresses his wound.

Virat ask where is the fourth wine? Tara says I will make Deep drink it.

The wine is in Deep’s bottle. Aarohi coughs. Deep gives her that bottle. She drinks it. Aarohi is about to faint. Deep holds her.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: KaIra's Attempt to Mend Differences Between Manish and Akhilesh

The episode starts with the power supply being disconnected. Naira sees a shadow near the fuse box and rushes to see who was responsible. Meanwhile, Surekha and Akhilesh reach there. Akhilesh sees a fuse in Naira’s hand and thinks that Naira removed the fuse. The whole family reaches there. Naira tries to fix the fuse but some other problem occurs and the power supply is disconnected again.

Naira tries to explain to Akhilesh and Surekha that she didn’t remove the plug and she just reached to check. In Naira’s defense, Kartik tries to convince Akhilesh. He says to Kartik that the doctor said that such side effects could happen and he describes Naira’s feeling to be hallucinations.

Naira is hurt by Akhilesh’s words. Akhilesh feels that Naira ruined his party. Meanwhile, Kartik gets angry at Akhilesh’s words and criticizes him for hurting her. Suhasini is about to leave the party. Meanwhile, Naira stops Suhasini and connects the power supply again. Naira requests Suhasini to stay, as it’s the first party organized by Akhilesh.

Kartik trusts Naira is not seeing any hallucinations. Naira expresses her doubt that someone might be trying to create misunderstanding in their family. Kartik and Naira try to find out the person who’s trying to create a misunderstanding between Akhilesh and Manish.

The next day is Dussehra. Naira demands shagun from Akhilesh for the rangoli. Akhilesh gives her the shagun and apologizes to her for last night. He moves ahead and starts drawing a line over the rangoli that divides the family. Manish tries to stop Akhilesh from doing so.

Naksh stops Kirti from eating chocolate and asks her to eat something healthy instead. Kirti feels that Naksh doesn’t want her to gain weight. But in reality, Naksh doesn’t want his baby to be diabetic like him.

Akhilesh receives a car as a Dussehra gift from Bhai. Kartik asks Akhilesh if he had any other brother or cousin. Suhasini and Manish get shocked by the question. Manish refuses to answer.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sikandar Upset With Kullfi

The episode starts with Sikandar and Tevar coming up with a plan to teach things to Kullfi for her exams. They take Amyra’s help in preparing Kullfi for the exam.

Tevar, Sikandar, and Amyra are teaching Kullfi, and Tevar tells her that she can learn anything and will pass her exam with good numbers.

Tevar tells Kullfi to thank Sikandar. She refuses and says that she wants to go to her village and meet her uncle. Amyra and Tevar are adamant to find what the problem between Sikandar and Kullfi is.

Gunjan wishes that Sikandar and Kullfi reunite; Sikandar tries to tell Kullfi not to meet her dad as he is not a good person, but she says she still has the right to meet him. Sikandar fears Kullfi will be heartbroken after she knows the truth,

Kullfi tells Sikandar that she really wants to meet her real father. Gunjan wants to recover soon and break the big truth to Sikandar and Kullfi.

Tevar asks Kullfi to pass the entrance test and then get the school admission. He promises her that he will take her to Chirauli. Sikandar wants to hide the secret and resolve the problem.

Amyra also wants to solve their problem. Gunjan tries to tell the truth to Kullfi that Sikandar is her real father.

Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi Handles Tanu

The episode starts with Abhi and Pragya’s romance. Disha informs Purab that Pragya and Abhi were playing hide and seek together, and Tanu and Aaliya just skipped seeing them and they are unaware that Pragya is hiding in the cupboard. Unfortunately, Tanu overhears them.

Tanu is jealous of Pragya when she sees them together. She warns Pragya and tells her to stay away from Abhi, and she accuses her to having an affair with him. Pragya tells her that King won’t believe her and their relationship is based on trust.

Tanu thinks of informing King about Pragya’s past and present and collides with Aaliya. She is about to inform Aaliya that Pragya was in the cupboard, but then she sees King. She excuses herself. Meanwhile, Tanu tells Abhi that she is searching for King as she wants to tell him all the truth.

Abhi tells Tanu to go and tell King the truth, as then he would break the relationship with Pragya and then Abhi can have Pragya for life, and he informs her that it’s time he breaks their marriage and becomes a free man. Tanu gets tensed after hearing Abhi’s words.

Pragya ask Abhi why he sent Tanu to reveal truth to King. Abhi ask her to calm down. She says to him that King think poorly of her. She wished for Neha and Tarun’s engagement to happen without any problems. Abhi says her that he will not let her face any problem as he loves her.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Anurag Accidentally Engaged to Prerna

The episode starts with Mohini asking Prerna why she didn’t wear the saree that she gifted to her. Prerna tells her that she chose her mom’s saree as it is special.

Prerna comes to Anurag’s room and smiles seeing him stitching his kurta. She says thanks to him for going against everyone just to save her.

He tells her that he has seen Navin with some other woman. She says that it was her. She says him the engagement ring is loose. He checks it and says it’s too big.

She says she was going to adjust the size but she didn’t get time. He fixes the ring size. She looks at him.

Moloy meets a lady. She praises him. He also compliments her. He introduces himself to that lady. Meanwhile, Anupam gets Mohini there. Moloy and Mohini profess love. She goes. Moloy and Anupam start to argue.

She checks the ring and says this looks small. He says her that he knows it will fit her as he held her hands before. He makes her wear the ring. She says it fits. He says her it’s a bit tight, but your problem is solved.

Mohini comes and asks Anurag about the matter. Anurag says her that he was fixing her engagement ring. Mohini asks him to come along. Prerna takes Anurag and tells him this ring got stuck. Prerna tries to get the ring out. Mohini asks about the matter to Anurag.

Navin and Anurag get into an argument. Navin taunts Anurag. Anurag says him that they are aware of the truth and that he won’t his marriage happen with Prerna. Prerna gets Shivani’s call. Shivani asks about the engagement ring.

Prerna tells her that it is stuck. Shivani says it’s an engagement ring and that if someone else made her wear it, she will be engaged to him. She jokes and asks Prerna not to take it seriously. She says if someone else made you wear it, I will be very glad. I am sure any guy will be better than jiju uncle. Shivani dislikes Navin and asks Prerna to replace her Jiju. Meanwhile, Prerna ends the call and sees the ring.

Kundali Bhagya: Rithvik Brings Rishab Home

The episode starts with Rishab in a state of panic after getting drunk in a party. Rithvik decides that he must not take him at hospital as then it will be a police case. He later decides to drop Rishab to his home. Meanwhile, Rishab is relieved.

Preeta objects to the speed at which Karan drove the car. Srishti murmurs at Sameer that he had been staring at her and that Preeta could have caught them. Preeta and Karan ask them not to murmur and focus on their mission right now.

Mahesh receives a call from Sameer and dances around. He tells Rakhi, Dadi, and Karina that Rithvik has been caught. Rishab fainted and Rithvik is bringing him home. Everyone is determined put on their best act.

Rakhi spots Sherlyn at the door and calls her inside. Sherlyn says she just heard Dadi calling Rakhi the best daughter-in-law. Mahesh winks at Rakhi signaling something. Rakhi wonders what’s he doing and points it to Dadi. Mahesh explains to Dadi that she must send Sherlyn away from here for now.

Dadi asks Karina if Sherlyn has the same qualities of a good daughter-in-law. Rakhi defends Sherlyn, but Dadi announces a test. Dadi takes Sherlyn to Karina’s room so that if there are any guests they don’t interfere. Rakhi takes Sherlyn, Dadi, and Karina inside. Mahesh awaits Rishab.

Dadi sends Karina to bring wool for knitting a sweater. Dadi asks Sherlyn to knit a sweater. It’s the tradition of the Luthra family that every daughter-in-law has to knit a sweater. The ladies leave Sherlyn in the room to knit a sweater. Sherlyn realizes that she was fooled by these women.

Rakhi, Karina, and Dadi are restlessly waiting for Rishab and Rithvik to reach home. Rithvik brings Rishab home. Dadi questions Rithvik about how it happened. Rithvik is tensed and tries to explain. Meanwhile, Karina doesn’t listen to Rithvik’s explanation. Rithvik says Rishab is alive and that he didn’t let him die and instead saved his life.

Rakhi explains that it’s Rithvik who saved Rishab’s life. Rithvik is relieved that they believed his story. Karan hugs Rithvik for saving his son. Rakhi names Rithvik as Rithvik the Savior.


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