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MUMBAI: Missed an episode of your favourite show? Well, we are here to update you. Read on for written updates on all the shows you love!

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Amyra Is Shocked After Learning the Truth

The episode starts with Gunjan revealing the truth to Amyra that Kullfi is Sikandar’s daughter. Amyra gets overwhelmed after learning the truth.

Tevar asks for a picture of Sikandar and Kullfi. Lovely wishes to have Amyra be a part of the picture of Sikandar and Kullfi. Meanwhile, in an emotional state, Amyra wonders how Kullfi is Sikandar’s daughter when she is the only daughter of him. Meanwhile, Sikandar tries to calm her down.

Sikandar praises Kullfi that she will win in her exams. Meanwhile, Kullfi ignores Sikandar and leaves with Tevar for home.

Lovely finds Amyra scared in front of Gunjan and tries to figure out the matter.

Lovely questions Gunjan that what did she say to Amyra. Gunjan reveals that she spoke the truth to Amyra that Sikandar is Kullfi’s daughter. Lovely is shocked.

Mohendar compliments the picture of Kullfi and Amyra. Sikandar is happy and gives blessings to both sisters.

Lovely gets angry with Gunjan for revealing the truth to Amyra. Gunjan apologizes to Lovely. Meanwhile, Lovely frightens Gunjan that if Amyra goes through any pain then her husband will be seen on a wheelchair next to her.

Sikandar observes Amyra in shock and thinks it was Amyra’s mistake to upset Gunjan. Lovely covers up the truth and ask Sikandar to go to a better doctor for Gunjan. Meanwhile, Amyra finds Lovely threatening Gunjan.

Lovely's mother is convinced that Amyra hasn’t heard anything, but later on, Amyra tells Lovely that she knows that Sikandar is Kullfi’s father.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Komolika Arrives at the Party

The episode starts with Anurag trying to instigate Navin so that he breaks the marriage with Prerna.

Navin feels Prerna’s presence inside bathroom. Meanwhile, Anurag makes fun about Navin’s age and Prerna laughs on his joke.

Navin tells Anurag that he feels he is with some girl inside bathroom with whom he has an affair. Anurag denies the fact. Meanwhile, Navin challenges Anurag that once he meets Komalika he will only find her everywhere and that he will get married on the same day as him.

Prerna complains to Anurag for not informing her about that girl. Anurag convinces her that his mom has not found any best girl for him. Meanwhile, Anurag finds that Navin has left and he gets out of the washroom with Prerna.

The pandit asks Mohini to call the groom. Navin comes. Meanwhile, Shivani assumes Prerna will not get married to Navin.

Navin and Prerna’s families offer the gifts to each other.

Anurag tells Prerna that he doesn’t wish her engagement with Navin. Anupam advises Anurag and Prerna that they need to realize something. Prerna recalls Anurag’s words and makes an excuse.

Navin offers an expensive necklace to Prerna. Prerna refuses to accept the gift. Moloy advises Prerna that she must show value to someone who values it.

Sid helps Anurag with the address and asks Anurag about the matter.

The pandit gives engagement mahurat. Chobey tells Navin on a call that he might get late but Komalika will reach early. Meanwhile, Navin assumes Anurag will not interfere in his matters once he fixes him with Komalika.

Anurag promises Prerna to break her marriage with Navin. Mohini gives a waist chain to Prerna. Meanwhile, Shivani sees that and assumes she will be accepted by Mohini once she proposes to Anurag.

Finally, Komalika reaches the party. Men start staring at her while she passes. Meanwhile, Anjali, Prerna, and Shivani discuss real beauties in fairy tales.

Komolika drops her kerchief. Anurag picks it up and Komolika assumes he is the same as other boys who are doing it to impress her. Meanwhile, she sees Anurag leaving when guys are fighting just to get the kerchief.

Anurag recalls his promise to Prerna and assures himself that Navin won’t marry Prerna. He plans to fool the lady saying that Navin met with an accident. Meanwhile, Anurag plans to know Navin’s relation with that lady.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: KaIra's Romance and Celebration

The episode starts with Naira showing concern towards Dadi’s fear. Naira picks up an arrow and hits Kartik. Kartik takes the arrow from her and pulls her towards himself with the arrow. Naira frees herself from Kartik and targets the arrow towards Kartik. The arrow misses the target. Meanwhile, Kartik picks the arrow, hits it over his heart himself, picks a bow, and points the arrow towards Naira. Naira breaks the arrow softly.

Kartik drops the tent over Naira, and they get one under the veil and spend romantic moments together.

Kartik and Naira see Manish trying to pacify Dadi. Meanwhile, Manish explains the consequences to Dadi for hiding the matter from Akhilesh, Suwarna, and Surekha. He also questions her reply to Akhilesh when he was in the hospital.

The actors of Ramleela are disturbed by Dadi and Manish’s discussion during their preparations. Naira asks Kartik to speak to her about the reason behind her worry. Meanwhile, Kartik assures her after attending Ramleela, they will decide to ask Suhasini the cause of her worry when they return home.

Kirti is getting ready to go to Singhania Sadan. Naksh comes to Kirti with some medicines and decoction for Naira.

Kirti asks Naksh to stop interfering between Kartik and Naira. Meanwhile, Luv and Kush encourage them to help to resolve the differences in the family.

The Singhanias welcome the guests of the function. But Akhilesh and Surekha still stay separate from the family. Some reporters ask Akhilesh questions and he easily answers them. Suwarna warns Manish that overconfidence is not a good sign.

Akhilesh gets upset seeing the attention of media towards Manish. Meanwhile, it was Bhai’s strategy to disturb Akhilesh.

KaIra’s performance mesmerizes the whole audience. Luv and Kush tries to diminish the differences between Manish and Akhilesh through the celebration.

Meanwhile, Akhilesh finds the stage shaking and suspects that Kartik and Naira are in danger.

Ishqbaaaz: Shivaay Singh Oberoi Is Back

The episode starts with Shivaay bringing an injured Anika home. Om questions Shivaay that who was driving the car. Gauri suspects Shivaay’s silence over the question and says Shivaay is irresponsible.

Shivaay silently accepts Gauri’s verbal dose with regretful eyes. The doctor informs them that Annika is injured deeply and could have died.

The doctor’s words upset Shivaay more and he recalls his past with Anika. He regrets putting Anika’s life at risk and takes decision make her hate him.

Finally, Annika gains consciousness. She asks about Shivaay constantly and gets out of bed to meet Shivaay. Bhavya and Gauri try to stop Anika and ask her to take rest.

She finds Shivaay. Gauri, Bhavya, and Anika get astonished to see him back to his old look. Meanwhile, Anika tries to get close to Shivaay but he avoids her.

Anika is left frozen by the sudden change. She wonders about his sudden change and starts to follow him.

Anika still tries to stop him from working in such an injured condition. But Shivaay refuses her request and tries to convince that the old Shivaay is back now and that he has moved on from the past.

Om gets a mail regarding the change in some meeting. They wonder who did this without their permission .Meanwhile they hear Shivaay saying that it’s his decision to take control of the Oberoi industries.

Anika tries hard to know about Shivaay’s sudden change .Anika gets into Shivaay’s car and asks him to tell her what’s the matter.

Shivaay drives harshly frightens Anika. Anika is compelled to get out of the car and leave Shivaay. Meanwhile, Shivaay encourages himself to stay away from Annika.

Annika is worried about Shivaay’s sudden change and expresses her concern in front on Gauri and Bhavya. Meanwhile she finds Shivaay with another lady and gets shocked.

Kundali Bhagya: Karan Gives Rithvik a Ride

The episode starts with Sherlyn investigating the truth by following Karan and Rithvik to the Luthra house. Preeta and others finds Rishab worried and decide to call Karan.

Karan gets into the car after dropping Rithvik. Sherlyn comes right behind the car and hears Karan speaking to Preeta and others.

Karan reveals about Rithvik’s plan against Prithvi to them. Meanwhile, Sherlyn tries to rescue Prithvi from Rithvik’s trap and tries to make him away from Luthra family.

Rishab bumps into Preeta and it turns into a romantic scene. Preeta doubts Srishti and Sameer’s friendship towards each other when she finds them in the kitchen sharing the chips. Meanwhile, she makes a plan to catch their truth.

Sherlyn is searching for her phone and Rithvik gestures to her by blinking his eye to let her know that their plan is safe. Then he searches for a file and gets angry when he is unable to find the file.

He assumes he is only the one who plays a great game and wishes to make everyone his pawns including Sherlyn, Rithvik, and Monisha.

Karan instigates Prithvi by telling him that Preeta has told him that he doesn’t love Prithvi. Meanwhile, Karan and Prithvi fight.

Karan says to Prithvi that he will be with her from now on. Meanwhile, Prithvi asks Karan to give Preeta’s phone as he has no rights over her and states that he is about to get married with her and that no one will be able to break their bond.

Sherlyn seems worried and tries to tell her plan to Prithvi so that they work accordingly.

Prithvi doubts Karan’s relation with Preeta as he didn’t let him to talk with her.

Kumkum Bhagya: Mitali Steals Engagement Rings; Abhi and Pragya’s Romance Continues

The episode starts Abhi asking King if he will steal even Dasi. King answers he don’t steal but believes in person’s acceptance towards him.

King feels Abhi is talking weirdly about Pragya. The guests ask Tarun and Neha how did they unite. Neha tells that they are united with Pragya’s help.

King praises Pragya’s understanding towards love. He convinces Aaliya that he is not a kind of guy who would harm her intentionally. Aaliya asks him for an explanation. So with the help of Pragya, he tries to convince her that he is a good guy.

Dadi assumes King might have feelings for Aaliya. Pragya praises him, Abhi complains to her about praising him too much.

Dadi praises King and asks Aaliya to get convinced. Pragya searches for an engagement ring and asks King about it. King replies that he gave it to Suvarna Didi.

The pandit announces the mahurat for the engagement and asks the family to be present. Tanu wishes to not be replaced. Mitali plans to stop the Neha’s engagement.

Mitali asks Bahadur to give her water as she is feeling unwell. Meanwhile, Bahadur leaves and she steals the engagement ring.

Neha tells Pragya that Mamma is upset with her. Meanwhile, she convinces Neha to understand the situation and to give her some time.

Neha thinks of Pragya and their moments in the kidnappers’ captivity and jungle incident followed by their half marriage.

Abhi and Pragya collide with each other while the former is taking the fruit plate. They share an intimate moment.

Mitali hides the ring in her cupboard. Disha asks Mitali to come for Neha’s happiness. Mitali expresses her disliking towards Tarun.

Disha tries to convince Mitali to accept Neha’s relationship with Tarun. She refuses.

King calls everyone near the stage to start the ceremony. Panditji recites the mantras for the engagement.

Abhi praises Pragya for uniting Neha and Tarun. Meanwhile, Pragya praises Abhi too.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Kunal Ready to Give His Marriage Another Chance

The episode starts with Mauli taking clothes from the wardrobe when an old card falls off. It has a romantic message for her and Mauli believes the time has drastically changed their paths.

Kunal remembers Nandini words on Maul’s pregnancy, and he tells Nandini about their relationship, whereas Nandini tells him that their relationship has gone wrong.

Kunal tries to convince Nandini that he doesn’t need to live with Mauli and his child; instead, Nandini can take care of his child. Nandini advises Kunal to give his and Mauli’s marriage another chance.

Nandini and Kunal are upset. Kunal refuses to give another chance to Mauli. Nandini demands that Kunal take her engagement ring back from her.

Amidst heavy tears, Kunal takes the ring off Nandini’s hand. Nandini and Kunal get emotional.

During the pooja, Dida prays to God for a savior in Mauli’s marriage. Nandini finally runs away crying. Meanwhile, Kunal is left with the ring in his hand.

Mauli asks Kunal whether they should give this marriage another chance. Kunal accepts her request. Meanwhile, Mauli gets emotional.

Dida is happy as her prayers have been answered. Mamma asks Mauli to give some time to Kunal for recovery.


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