Have you missed your favourite show last night? Here we offer you a complete Written Update

Here we offer you a complete Written Update

MUMBAI: Missed an episode of your favourite show? Well, we are here to update you. Read on for written updates on all the shows you love!

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Lovely’s Plan Bears Fruit

The episode starts with Amyra confirming with Lovely whether it is true that Sikandar is Kullfi’s father. Lovely recalls the hardships she took to keep the truth hidden and confirms to Amyra that it is true that Sikandar is Kullfi’s father.

Tevar asks Kullfi to finish the glass of milk and tells her that there will be magic. Tevar gets a telescope and assures her that he will always be with her and whenever she sees telescope she will find him closer. Kullfi praises Tevar.

Amyra is upset about knowing the truth, Lovely badmouths Kullfi’s mom to Amyra and tells her that she was not a good person, and she hid the truth from Kullfi and Sikandar and sent Kullfi to Tevar so that he could take care of her.

Amyra and Lovely wish to keep Kullfi away from Sikandar. Amyra asks for help from Lovely.

Kullfi asks Amyra to help her put an alarm to wake up the next day. Amyra doesn’t help and throws her phone.

Sikandar reaches Amyra and finds Amyra is crying. He asks her about the matter. Amyra asks him to promise her that he is never going to leave. Sikandar promises her that he will never leave her.

Mohendar finds Amyra is upset and he asks for Lovely about it. Lovely tells him to go away along with Kullfi from Mumbai so that she can cure Amyra’s condition. Mohendar is stunned.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Anurag Gathers Proof Against Navin

The episode starts with Komolika grabbing attention from everyone for her beauty and attitude. Sid and others stumble seeing her. Navin welcomes Komolika and calls Mohini to meet her.

Anjali expresses her feelings for Anurag to Prerna and tells her that she will change herself to get attention from Anurag.

Anurag reaches a lady’s house and he checks the house and finds a photo album of Navin with that lady. He plans to expose his truth to Prerna.

Sid helps Prerna get a loan. Prerna tells him to not inform Anurag about this.

Mohini praises Komolika, and she ignores her boyfriend’s call but later answers it. He threatens to jump from the bridge. Komolika leaves to meet her boyfriend.

Anurag reaches home with the pictures. He tells Prerna that he has got the proof and now he will expose the truth in front of everyone and will break her alliance with Anurag.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik and Naira's Message With Ravan Dahan

The episode starts with Akhilesh seeing the shaking stage and suspecting that Kartik and Naira in danger. He gets up to help them but Bhai calls him to stop him from helping Kartik and Naira. But Akhilesh ignores the call and moves ahead to save them.

He uses his whole strength to prevent the stage from falling. Naira notices Akhilesh’s silent efforts.

Naira continues the performance and reveals to Kartik that Akhilesh saved them. Kartik expresses his faith over Akhilesh’s concern for them. Naira says Akhilesh supported the broken hope himself and now they will fight for it.

Naira sees a mobile fallen where Akhilesh came to support the stage. At the same moment, the phone rings and it’s a call from Bhai. Naira thinks that Bhai is the one who is poisoning his mind and she picks up the phone and is unable to hear as there is lot of noise outside.

Naira gives the mobile to Luv and Kush and asks them to give it to Akhilesh. Kartik and Naira think about who Bhai is.

Akhilesh doesn’t allow Surekha to stay at function. Meanwhile, Akhilesh receives a text from Bhai that he is coming to the function and he agrees to stay.

Naksh gets angry over Kartik for letting Naira eating unhealthy food. First, Kartik tries to deal calmly with Naksh’s overconcern for Naira, but later, he snaps at him for interfering.

Naira and Kartik come in front of the audience as Rama and Lakshman. Through a small act, they present the love between Rama and Lakshman and try to lighten the resentment between Manish and Akhilesh.

They receive a huge round of applause for their beautiful moral of the importance of love and trust in any relationship.

Then they conduct the Ravana Dahan and guide everyone to burn the evil inside them to get rid of the real Ravana. Finally, Kartik shoots and burns the Ravana.

Ishqbaaaz: Shivaay's Fake Anger to Hurt Anika

The episode starts with Shivaay coming home with a new girl Tara. Anika gets shocked.

Shivaay brings Tara home, and Anika questions him about the same, and he bad mouths Anika to Tara and she is shocked. Anika silently listens to Shivaay’s bitter words.

Further, Shivaay asks Anika to leave so that he can get some privacy with Tara. Anika is upset and leaves from there.

Shivaay praises Tara for acting with him and asks her to leave. Tara leaves unwillingly.

Gauri apologizes to Shivaay for blaming him for the accident. Shivaay says you don’t need to apologize. Further, he describes his relationship with Anika as a burden for him and asks Gauri to convince Anika to break the imposed relation.

Shivaay tries his best to avoid Anika but she questions him about his relationship with her. Shivaay ends up convincing her that he has moved on.

Anika disbelieves Shivaay’s fake words and suspects his act. She tries to confirm the truth by following Shivaay.

Shivaay blames Omkara and Rudra for dividing the house; he comes down and announces that from the next day everything in the house will be like it was earlier, according to Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

Anika still believes that Shivaay is just acting. The next day, it is Karwa Chauth and Shivaay considers it as another opportunity to take Anika away from him.

Shivaay sees Anika preparing for the Sargi of Karwa Chauth. He helps Anika with the fast without letting her know.

Bhavya expresses her doubt about Shivaay opening Anika’s fast, but Anika knows very well how to deal with the stubborn Shivaay.

Kundali Bhagya: Sherlyn Meets With an Accident

The episode starts with Prithvi deciding to speak to Preeta. He tries her number but he receives a call from Sherlyn. Prithvi is angry and cuts the call angrily.

Rakhi receives a call from Luthra house, and it is Prithvi on the line, and he requests her to let him speak to Preeta. Rakhi hands the phone to Srishti. She calls Preeta for once then wonders why Prithvi didn’t call Preeta on the cell phone and she begins to speak in Preeta’s voice. Prithvi is shocked and wishes to hear Preeta’s voice.

They have an argument after which Srishti cuts the call. Prithvi now gets Sherlyn’s call. Sherlyn gets angry as Prithvi insults her on the phone, and she meets with an accident. A worried Prithvi rushes from the house to be with Sherlyn.

Preeta calls Karan as her boyfriend. Karan gets annoyed. Preeta asks about his mission of Rithvik. Karan tells her to continue speaking to Prithvi.

Preeta realizes he is annoyed. She explains how he calls Dadi his girlfriend the same way she has an uncle who she refers to as her boyfriend. Karan and Preeta end their fight. He gets a call from his coach and turns to leave.

Kritika was in the same traffic where Sherlyn’s accident takes place. She runs to Sherlyn’s car and takes her to hospital with her driver.

In the hospital, Kritika calls the doctor and sends Sherlyn inside. She completes all formalities and decides to call Rishab.

Kritika texts Rishab about Sherlyn’s accident. Rishab is shocked to get the news.

The site of the accident is sealed. Prithvi recalls when he spoke to Sherlyn the last time and recognizes the spot.

The police inspector informs Prithvi that victim is admitted in the nearby City Hospital.

Kumkum Bhagya: Mitali Steals the Engagement Ring

The episode starts with Abhi praising Pragya for uniting Tarun and Neha’s relationship. Pragya acknowledge Abhi’s support and praises him that she couldn’t do it without him.

The panditji is doing the puja. Dadi asks Disha to bring the ring. Disha tells Dadi that the rings are not found.

Disha suspects Mitali has stolen the ring. She comes to the room and recalls Mitali locking the cupboard. Disha tries to check the cupboard but Mitali stops her and gets scared by Disha that she will reveal the truth.

Purab calls Disha to come with him. Mitali takes advantage of the situation and hides the ring at a safer place.

Aaliya and Tanu blame Pragya for not handling the responsibilities in Tarun and Neha’s engagement. Disha complains that nobody is searching for the ring and instead blaming Pragya.

Disha sends Purab to buy a ring. Mitali sees Pragya wearing the ring that Abhi gifted her on Karwa Chauth.

Abhi and Pragya make each other wear the ring and promise each other to never to take it off. Aaliya, Tanu, and Mitali hear them and ask if love happens like that.

Ishq Subhan Allah: Zara Refuses Kabir’s Love

The episode starts with Zara seeing Zeenat on a call talking with the forensic department.

Zara asks about it. Zeenat challenges Zara that she will create situations where Kabir won’t be able to divorce Ruksaar.

Shahbaz calls everyone and says the forensic report is here. He reads it and says Zara was right and there was poison in the juice. Meanwhile, they find a valid reason for Kabir to divorce Ruksaar.

Zara insists that Kabir divorce Ruksaar as now they have a valid reason for it. Kabir is about to do so, but Zeenat stops Kabir and comes with Irfan for justice.

Irfan says to Kabir that you can divorce a person who can hear and understand you. Ruksaar is in a coma so you can’t divorce her. Zara is upset and leaves from there.

Kabir start romancing with Zara. Zara complains that in spite being a priest he didn’t provide her justice.

Zara states him clearly that she wishes to have him completely and wants Ruksaar to get away from their lives. Kabir agrees with her and goes to ask the doctor about Ruksaar’s recovery.

In the morning, Zara and Kabir meet the doctor. Zara says to the doctor that Ruksaar liked Kabir the most. The doctor says then Kabir has to do something for her.

He informs Kabir and Zara that her brain cells can trigger if Kabir is close.

Zeenat asks if he talked to the doctor. Kabir says Zeenat that they need to do everything to trigger Ruksaar.

Kabir discuss a plan with the family. Kabir is eating ice cream and says Imran used to say that ice cream stops sleep.

Kabir reveals his act to Zara that he needs to pretend that he is in love with Ruksaar. Zara fights to get Kabir’s love and refuses to see them together.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Mauli Excited About Kunal’s Return

The episode starts with Kunal crying looking at Nandini’s ring. He splashes water on his face.

The next morning, Mauli recalls her past Karwa Chauth when Kunal used to wish her early in the morning and fast with her.

This time she is upset and wonders if this Karwa Chauth is still special, as it brought him back to her.

Mamma and Dida comes to Mauli with her Sargi. Mamma and Dida ask Mauli to not harm her child by keeping the fast. Mauli requests them to let her fast and assures them that she won’t harm her child. Mamma and Dida agree.

Nandini keeps a fast for Kunal. Kunal questions her why she kept the fast when she wishes to leave him.

Nandini questions herself that why she is having Sargi when she broke her relation to Kunal. Nandini realizes that not meeting someone doesn’t result in a broken relation. Her and Kunal’s relation is unbreakable.

Mauli makes the arrangements of Karwa Chauth excitedly. Sweety asks the henna girl to write Kunal’s name in Mauli’s design.

Kunal spots a lady in a saree and feels it is Nandini. He walks closer to place a hand over the girl’s shoulder. He withdraws himself at once as it is someone else. He looks towards Mauli who smiles while lost in her thoughts.

Nandini is getting henna applied in her hand. She asks to write Kunal’s name in the design and prays that in the next birth she is Kunal’s companion. Kunal prays to stay with Nandini in his afterlife.

Mauli comes to the room. Kunal stands in front of the wardrobe lost. She recalls her past with Kunal. Kunal turns around and finds Mauli silently staring.

Mauli comes to the dressing table. Kunal helps her tie her hair.

He smiles watching Nandini’s face in the mirror. He soon realizes Dida has come inside and is calling Mauli. Mauli happily goes outside to give flowers to Mamma.

Dida cautions her to walk slowly. Dida advices Kunal to take great care of Mauli and his child.


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