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Naagin: New Entrants Bring More Troubles for Mahir and Bela

The episode starts with Mahir saying that someone wants to ruin him. He asks Yuvi and Bela to hang a DND sign outside the room. Vikrant comes in his avatar and asks Bela to keep away from moonlight. Bela thinks that she has killed Poulomi.

Bela is about to tell Mahir about Poulomi and blames herself that she tries to make things right, but the opposite happens. Vikrant packs Poulomi’s body in the cover and thinks that Bela will be trapped in an illusion and doubt herself.

He thinks Bela will kill Mahir, and after losing her strength, he will get Naagmani to rule this world.

Mahir asks Bela about her problem. She tells Mahir that he is not aware about a secret and if he gets to know he will not accept her. Bela is about to tell him about Vikrant but she sees Yuvi, and in sign language, he tells her that he has disposed of Poulomi’s dead body.

In the night, Bela is sleeping when she wakes up and sees Poulomi standing in front of her. She switches on the lights but can’t see her. Bela sees someone’s reflection and she wonders who he is. She becomes half snake and her eyes become brown. She is about to bite him but just then Mahir moves his head.

Bela sees his face and becomes human fully. She turns herself. Mahir says you woke up and says he came to see her being worried about her. She recalls Vikrant’s words and wonders if she is worried about Mahir. She thinks if Mahir sees her in this condition then what will happen.

Bela tells him that she has a migraine problem. Mahir assumes Bela has fever so he asks her to show her eyes. Bela thinks that Mahir will get to know that she is a naagin as her eyes’ color is changing.

Bela’s skin gets scaly. Mahir turns his face towards her. He says that his friend came from New York and wanted him to meet him. Bela insists that Mahir go and meet his friend. Mahir refuses, and Bela wishes that her eye colour doesn’t change in front of him.

Bela comes to the room and sees Vikrant. He shows her someone’s dead body. Bela asks him if she is Poulomi? He tells her that it the servant Jamuna’s dead body, and blames her for killing her. He accuses her that she might have thought her to be Poulomi and attacked her.

Bela swears on Vikrant that she didn’t do anything. Vikrant asks her not to take his false swear and that he will dispose her body also. Vikrant takes Jamuna’s body and tells her that she did wrong by trusting him. She tells Vikrant that she knew he will harm her and that’s why she wore a trishul so that she can get the truth.

Vikrant tells his mum that he is proud of his both tongues and takes out his snake tongue.

He tells his mom that today is puranmashi and Bela will change her kechwi. He thinks she will be very weak if anyone bites on her third eye and then she will be in that snake’s control and will do whatever they want.

Bela thinks that she is not in his control and is just acting as he is acting with her. She wonders about the person with whom Vikrant is involved. She doubts if her mum is alive.

Vikrant tells his mum that Bela will kill Mahir in the mandap in front of everyone and asks his mum to go and bite Bela and fulfill their dreams. Vikrant’s mum comes to Bela’s room.

Bela hears a snake’s sound and thinks she is ready to face Vikrant’s plan. She thinks about letting the snake come near her and using the magical ring to find out who is Vikrant’s mum.

Vikrant’s mum as a snake is about to bite Bela. Bela jumps and falls off from the bed. Just then, Mahir comes there and asks her what happened? He switches on the lights. The snake vanishes.

Bela asks him to get cold water from the kitchen. Bela switches off the lights and thinks only old Naag or Naagin can have powerful strength.

Vikrant’s mum comes to him and tells that she couldn’t do the work. Bela fails Vikrant’s plan of killing him and rescues Mahir.

Meanwhile, Vikrant plans to get Mahir killed by Bela on sangeet day.

Mahir brings water and is coming towards Bela. Bela hides her face and hands as she is changing her kechwi/skin.

Few men are riding on their bikes and see someone taking dead bodies for funeral. They go separate ways and become bats.

Bela pushes her fallen skin behind the bed and realizes that her ring has fallen out of her hand. She searches for and picks her ring, but just then, Mahir comes and asks what is she doing? Bela gets up.

Mahir doubts that Bela is facing the problem because of Vikrant. He complains to Bela that she doesn’t let him come close to her. She clarifies him that she is doing this to know the truth. Meanwhile, Mahir is scared to lose Bela and asks her to never leave him.

The bike riders/bats come to Sehgal house. They take out their helmet and show their faces. There are two ladies among them. They sit down, become bats, and knock on the door.

Andy wonders who has come in the night. He asks Bhushan to open the door, but then opens the door.

Andy sees the bats family in casual clothes as humans. Vyom introduces his brother Amit, mom Anita, and sister Rinki.

Andy asks them to enter. They all smirk and go inside. Bela tells Mahir that already so much bad happened to them and nothing more should happen. They hear Andy calling Yuvi.

Mahir says it seems they have come and tells Bela about Vyom’s family. Andy calls Yuvi and Mahir. Vyom looks at Bela.

Anita hugs Bela. Bela senses something. Vyom shakes hand with Yuvi. Yuvi senses something.

Mahir takes them to guest room. Vikrant and Bela suspects that they are not humans and that senses something is wrong.

Ishq Mein Marjawan: Wasu Comes Back

The episode starts with the inspector saying that Deep’s mom will be found in next 24 hours. Aarohi looks for key of the closet. The inspector starts interrogation from Virat. Aarohi breaks the lock.

Aarohi sees the trunk and tries to break it. Deep peeks into Wasundra’s room. Aarohi hides. Aarohi’s wig is on the bed. Deep gets a call and runs downstairs. Aarohi comes out. She picks her wig.

Deep comes to the temple and sees Wasundra there. He is dazed.

He asks her whether someone kidnapped her. Wasundra tells him that someone gave her prasad and she fainted and found herself in temple when she woke up.

Deep shouts at Abhi. He says you failed to keep this house secure. Meanwhile, Guru ma and Abhi make Deep faint.

Wasundra takes the key out from her necklace. Aarohi sees it. She learns the place where she hides the key. Wasu is about to open it. Aarohi comes in. Wasundra shuts the key.

Tara asks Deep for celebration for winning the deal. Meanwhile, they decide to throw a party next day and Deep decides to find who Manpreet is.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Kullfi Tries Convincing the Principal

The episode starts with Sikandar and Tevar defending Kullfi. Tevar suspects Amyra has done this. The principal refuses to give admission to Kullfi. She catches Kullfi cheating. She reprimands Kullfi and Tevar.

Lovely seeks help from Mohendar. She asks him to call Sikandar home. She wishes Sikandar to leave with Gunjan or else things may get spoiled.

Amyra informs Lovely that Kullfi won’t study in her school now. Lovely gets excited. Sikandar calms down an angry Tevar. He asks him not to talk to principal rudely.

Kullfi isn’t aware of Lovely and Amyra’s plan. Tevar suspects Amyra. Kullfi tells Amyra that she has done a mistake and failed everyone’s hard work. Amyra tells Kullfi that she should think of Tevar, not Sikandar. Kullfi wants to get admission at any cost, so that she can go to Chirauli to meet her uncle. She requests the principal to rethink in her decision.

Kullfi sings out sorrowfully. They get emotional hearing her emotional song. The principal finally gets influenced on hearing her emotional song. Kullfi requests the authorities for another chance. Principal agrees to give her a final chance.

Kullfi goes for her re-test, while everyone wishes her all the best. Sikandar gets nervous for Kullfi’s test. Tevar thinks Amyra will get also upset if Kullfi fails. He falls in Amyra’s planning.

Kullfi passes the test. She breaks the good news to them that she passed the test. Principal tells them that she was wrong about Kullfi. Tevar apologizes to her for the rude talk.

Sikandar and Tevar get happy for Kullfi’s admission. Amyra gets overwhelmed and doesn’t wish Kullfi to snatch Sikandar.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Madhuri Proves Anurag Wrong

The episode starts with everyone getting shocked of seeing the picture of Navin with a woman. Anurag asks Navin what he will say about the picture now. Anurag tells Mohini and Prerna that this woman was with him in hotel.

Everyone starts to question Navin but he doesn’t answer to anyone and tells them that he wishes Prerna to ask this question. He thinks Prerna won’t ask him anything as she needs money from me and that she is ready to get engaged with him.

He laughs on Anurag and taunts him. Meanwhile, Prerna also asks him who is that woman. Anurag gets glad.

The lady comes and tells everyone that she will answer and her name is Madhuri Chandra Chattopadhyay.

She tells everyone that she is Prabhod’s wife and the person in the picture is her husband not Navin. She tells that Navin is her brother-in-law and when she got married no one supported them except for Navin.

Anurag tells Madhuri that he saw her with Navin that day in hotel. She tells him Navin had called her to show her the ring that he had got for Prerna.

Mohini tells Madhuri that Navin didn’t tell about her marriage with Prabhod. She tells her that she had asked him not to say.

Mohini resumes the party. Mohini ask Prerna that she must trust Navin.

She takes Anurag along. Meanwhile, Mohini gets angry on Anurag and warns him to not saying anything against Navin again.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira Is Jealous

The episode starts with Kartik and Naira wanting to know the reason of issue between Samarth and Manish. But they decide to focus on Akhilesh once to bring him back in the family.

Kartik decides to help Akhilesh with his new business venture so that he may achieve whatever he wants soon and return to the family.

Samarth tries to know more about Goenkas and asks Akhilesh about Kartik and Naira. Akhilesh tells him about their loving nature and also their importance in the family.

He also expresses his guilt for using harsh words against Naira in the Dandiya event. Further, they start discussing the company. Samarth asks Akhilesh if he planned to discuss investments with Kartik.

Samarth points towards the underestimation of Akhilesh to stop him from asking Kartik’s opinion and his policy works. Akhilesh refuses to share anything about his project with anyone.

Naira and Kartik listen to him saying so and go back. Akhilesh decides to start the venture with the amount of 5 crores and goes out. Samarth calls someone and asks him if the information of bankruptcy of the company is sure?

Naira is busy in the kitchen. Luv and Kush comes and reminds her about the nurse. Naira asks them why she came? Luv Kush tells her that she came several times. Naira starts feeling jealous and asks them if the nurse meets Kartik every time she comes.

They tell her she talks to Kartik for hours and maybe she likes Kartik. Naira feels insecure and asks several questions about the nurse.

Dadi and Manish are worried about hiding the truth from their family. They don’t want their past to trouble their family. Dadi is worried about Samarth’s entry in Goenka villa.

Akhilesh demands a huge sum of money from Manish and asks him to give the money till 5 PM. Manish wants to help Akhilesh but it’s hard for him to manage such a large amount in such less time.

Samarth expresses fake concern for the family to Dadi and Manish and also warns them indirectly. Manish has a major challenge in front of him to arrange Akhilesh’s demanded amount.

Naira sees Kartik with the nurse. Luv and Kush encourage Naira’s doubts. Naira expresses her doubts to Kartik.

Meanwhile, he gets annoyed by Naira’s misunderstanding. Naira expresses her fear of losing Kartik. Kartik assures Naira that he will always be with her.

Ishqbaaaz: Anika irritates Shivaay; Shivaay’s Nani's Entry

The episode starts with Shivaay waking up from the sleep and being dazed when he notices something written on his hand.

He reads ‘Anika meri beewi hai’ written on his hand. Shivaay asks Anika what’s this? Shivaay forgets his decision once and pulls Anika.

Anika reads and starts praising Shivaay for writing the statement over his hand. But Shivaay knows that Anika wrote this on his hand.

Anika accepts that she wrote and ask Shivaay to prove it if she wrote. Anika goes out of the room and before Shivaay could do anything Khanna enters the room with some files and asks Shivaay for his signature.

Shivaay tries to wash off his hands but it doesn’t erase. Anika tells Shivaay when he can’t erase his name from his hand how he will be able to remove her from his heart? Shivaay tries to calm down himself.

Shivaay reaches the dining table. In the kitchen, Anika prepares something with excitement and sends the dish for Shivaay. Gauri and Bhavya ask Anika the reason behind her excitement.

Anika ask them to wait for Shivaay’s reaction. Shivaay gets a sandwich with ‘Anika meri beewi hai’ written on it. And he shouts at Anika.

Everyone bursts into laughter. Om and Rudra meet Dadi.

Shivaay moves ahead and touches Dadi’s feet but she avoids Shivaay and turns. Shivaay ask Dadi to forgive and give blessings to her Billu. Meanwhile, Dadi replies that if he was her Billu then he wouldn’t raise a hand over his brothers.

Shivaay receives a courier and gets impatient to open it. It contains a paper with ‘Anika meri beewi hai’ written on it. Shivaay gets angry on Anika. Meanwhile, she apologizes to Shivaay twice in advance for her upcoming mischief.

Shivaay goes to the conference room for his meeting. He starts the projector but the slide displays ‘Anika meri beewi hai’. Shivaay has to face extreme embarrassment in the meeting because of Anika.

Anika requests Dadi to help to reunite the family and Shivaay Om and Rudra to celebrate Diwali together with any trouble.

Rudra implements his plan to target Shivaay and creates a scary atmosphere in his room to remember him about his past. Shivaay panics. A lady enters Oberoi mansion.

Kundali Bhagya: Karan and Rishab Are Fascinated by Preeta

The episode starts with Sherlyn’s mother yelling at Prithvi for entering Sherlyn’s hospital room. She asks him to leave her alone.

Preeta and Srishti get ready for Karan’s engagement with Monisha. Karan and Rishab wait for the Aroras to enter. Meanwhile, Preeta and her family enter and Karan and Rishab admire Preeta’s beauty.

Beeji hints to Mahesh that Rishab is having feelings for Preeta and Mahesh agrees on it.

Preeta looks after the preparations when she bumps into Karan. She tries to divert his attention. Meanwhile, they two get into a romantic moment.

Rishab then comes later and Karan tries to talk about Preeta. They see Prithvi entering the party and they ask why he had come. Prithvi makes excuses. Rishab then ask him why his face was swollen.

Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi and Pragya Romance During Karva Chauth

The episode starts with Pragya entering the Mehra house along with King and Tarun. Dadi tries to make Pragya and Abhi together but she gets disappointed when King comes along with Pragya.

She then asks Pragya if she has kept fast for Karva Chauth. King assumes that Pragya must have kept fast for him.

Disha and Purab are romancing in their room. He tells her that he has also kept fast for her so that they can grow old together. They come close and Alia notices it she drops her phone by mistake.

Alia tries to break down their relationship and make Purab hers forever as she loves him.

Pragya is helping Dadi and Dasi. Meanwhile, Abhi comes in and Daadi uses her trick to let Pragya and Abhi spend some time in alone.

Abhi flirts with Pragya and admires her beauty, her personality, and presence.

Tanu is debating whether she could break fast or be like Pragya. She finally leaves her room and starts searching Abhi. She observes Disha is laughing at something.

Tanu finds Abhi and Pragya are romancing with each other. By seeing their romance, she fumes with rage. Meanwhile, King comes towards them.

Ishq Subhan Allah: Zara Plans to Make Ruksaar Conscious

The episode starts with Zara and Kabir faking fight in front of Ruksaar.

Zara insist Kabir to not spend night with Ruksaar. Kabir in defense of Ruksaar tells Zara that tonight is the justice night for Ruksaar and that he will celebrate the night for her victory. He winks at Zara. Zara tells Ruksaar that she has won Kabir and leaves from there.

Zara and Reema hides and watches from window. Kabir sits on bed with Ruksaar. He plans to get Ruksaar’s reaction so he brings poison bottle and makes her recall of the poison bottle where she wished to make Kabir drink the poison. Kabir pretends to complete her wishes and ask her to make him drink the poison bottle.

Ruksaar recalls how she wanted to kill Kabir. She moves her hand slightly. Kabir insists her to make him drink poison. Ruksaar recalls how she dreamt to die with him. Suddenly Ruksaar’s hand collides with glass and pushes it away. she throws it down. Zara is stunned and comes inside.

Kabir and Zara tell Ruksaar that you listened to us. Ruksaar doesn’t move. Zara tells Kabir lets take her to hospital. Kabir lifts her and goes.

In hospital, doctor checks Ruksaar. Doctor tells them that her process of her coming out of coma ha started.

Zara is in Ruksaar’s room and recalls how Ruksaar threw glass, then Reema’s words that she will create chaos.

In the wardroom, Ruksaar close her eyes and moves her hands. She gets up and sees Zara sleeping on couch. She recalls Zara saying that Kabir will divorce her when she becomes conscious.

She evilly looks at Zara and tries to get down but falls from her bed. She crawls to Zara and strangles her.

Zara screams but realizes it’s only her dream and Ruksaar is still in coma. She calms down and looks at her. Meanwhile, she turns and sees Kabir standing there, he claps for her.

Reema is in the car with Imran and tells him that they are going to free Miraj on bail. She plans to take Miraj’s help in order to recue Kabir’s relationship with Zara by making Ruksaar away from them.

Nurse comes to Ruksaar’s room. Kabir and Zara hide and watch her. Zeenat tells Ruksaar that being a first wife of Hamdaan her marriage with Kabir has been nullified.

Ruksaar starts crying. A man holds Ruksaar’s hand but Ruksaar jerks and sits up, she heaves. All are happy to see her awake.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Six Years Leap

The episode starts with Dida being upset as Kunal is not around to celebrate Diwali with them. Mauli comes home with aarti thaal filled with the candles. She insists on Mamma and Dida to get ready Diwali is the function.

Mamma insists on Mauli not to pose tough, she surely hasn’t recovered. Mauli breaks into tears but compels the ladies to celebrate first Diwali of her baby to be.

There, Kunal watches Nandini decorate the roof and burst crackers. Mauli, Dida, and Mamma do the pooja together and light crackers.

6 years later, the house is decorated and Dida praises Mamma for it. Dida is worried for her child and asks Mauli to call him. Mauli makes a call. The other person calls her a sweetheart and asks her to open the door. The young man claims that he is Ishaan Khanna, and always has a backup plan. Mamma and Dida discuss this is God-gifted love that returned to Mauli’s life.

Ishaan irritates Mauli and Dida supports him. Mauli leaves to help Pramila for the decorations and while helping her she remembers to pick up Mishti.

She gets a call about Mishti and rushes to pick her up and Ishaan follows her.

The kids were playing in the garden. The weather goes terrible. The teacher comes to hurry the children inside and watch a girl help her fellows who cried. The same girl indulges the children in collective games.

The girl then walks out of the tent and finds Mauli standing on the entrance. Mauli holds her into her arms and swirls around playfully. Mishti offers Mauli a hug after sensing she was upset.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman and Ishita's Karva Chauth

The episode starts with Bhalla house. Ishita reaches home. Everyone is worried about her. Ishita’s mother feels that she is tired as she is fasting for Karva Chauth.

Shagun also tells her that she has called her so many times. Ishita tells that she didn’t know that they called her. Ishita seems tired and helpless.

The boy who works for Vijender tells him that how he allowed Raman to go easily in spite of Ishita’s complain to the police. Vijender tells him that Raman has to finish their work first.

He asks the boy whether the work is properly done. The boy assures him that he has put the dead bodies of the couple by cutting their body parts into pieces inside Raman’s car.

Vijender appreciates the boy. He makes laugh of Raman as he doesn’t even know what is there inside his car. He knows that if the police get to know about the dead bodies then he will be caught.

Sudha is shocked to know that the shareholders of Raman’s company are not ready to sell their shares. She cannot figure out the matter. The informer informs Sudha that Raman has promised his shareholders to give higher dividends.

 Sudha gets shocked again as she knows that Raman doesn’t have much money left for running his company. She also remembers how Ishita had to sell all her jewelry for buying the shares of the company.

Sudha comes to know that Raman has invested few crores in his company and he has enough capital in his hand. She wonders who’s the person behind Raman’s back up.

Mr. Bhalla tells Raman that Vijender is not a good person and he has also ruined the environment of Aliya’s mehendi. So he asks Raman to stay away from Vijender as there are two wedding ceremonies in the house.

Raman says that Ishita over analyses things and Vijender is his business client, which he cannot avoid. Ishita comes to talk to Raman and asks him his connection Vijender. Raman asks her to stay away from Vijender’s life as she has gone to his house with police.

Ishita gets irritated when she comes to know that Raman has taken Vijender’s side and told the officer that nothing has gone wrong there.

Ishita tells Raman that Vijender has kidnapped a couple and doesn’t know if they are alive. Raman feels sick and tired of Ishita.

Ruhi comes to call Raman as Tina has arrived. Ishita calls Romi. He asks her if she could get any pieces of information. She asks Romi to take all the information of Vijender and find the connection of him with the couple.

Ishita senses that something is not right. Romi informs her that her car has been sent to the mechanic for repair.

Finally, the moon is seen. The rituals of Karva Chauth are followed by every couple.


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