Have you missed your favourite show last night? Here we offer you a complete written update

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MUMBAI: Missed an episode of your favourite show? Well, we are here to update you. Read on the written updates on all the shows you love!

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Tevar Asks Tony Chadda for Help

The episode starts with Sikandar cheering Kullfi up and teaching her through a song. Meanwhile, Tevar is struggling for work and prays to God.

Akad Bakad couldn't find the books, so Sikandar walks towards Amyra’s room. Amyra hugs Lovely and starts crying. Sikandar walks in and asks what happened.

Lovely says cold coffee fell on her dress. She is fine. Sikandar promises to get her a new dress and takes Amyra’s old books. Lovely manipulates Amyra against Kullfi.

Sikandar shows Amyra’s old books to Kullfi and says now practice how I taught you and show it to Tevar in the evening.

Tevar asks Tony Chadda for help, but he refuses. Tevar feels bad and is lost thinking of Kullfi. Kullfi misses her Maa and says I can’t memorize. Tevar tells her to write it down and memorize.

Kullfi with her burnt hand tries to write and memorize, and her hand starts bleeding. Tevar goes to a bar and asks to sing and earn some money.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Dadi Slaps Akhilesh

The episode starts with Kirti talking to Akhilesh and saying please don’t split my maika into two parts and requests him to change his decision. Naksh also comes and listens to Kirti. Akhilesh gives a rude reply and disconnects the call.

Samarth continues to instigate Akhilesh against the family and the whole family gathers for Dhanteras Pooja. Manish gives the papers to Akhilesh. Kartik and Naira make signature a little bit different from the original sign so that any other can’t notice the difference but the signature will not be scanned.

Akhilesh asks them to celebrate Diwali there. Naira stops him and returns the gold coin he gave to her when she came to Goenka villa as a bride and says that I am returning it as you are starting new, so you need this. Akhilesh accepts it.

Samarth makes the next move and has involved a few ladies in his plan. They tease Akhilesh by asking your wife doesn’t have such jewelry? Samarth encourages Akhilesh to get jewelry for Surekha. Akhilesh asks Suhasini that Surekha is also the Lakshmi of this house, give ornaments of Surekha’s share, in spite of knowing that they are kept in the bank and it’s a holiday today.

Naira, Suhasini, and Suwarna start taking off their jewelry. But instead of feeling guilty, Akhilesh gets irritated and hands over their jewelry to Surekha.

Luv and Kush also come there with the ornaments they bought from the market for Dhanteras and give them to Naira, Suwarna, and Suhasini and express their will to stay with the family. But Akhilesh gets angry and starts pulling Luv and Kush away from the family. Suhasini slaps Akhilesh for forcing Luv and Kush.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita Slaps Sudha; Reveals Rohan and Karan's Truth

The episode starts with Ishita reaching the spot to see Raman drinking whiskey. She tries to stop Raman from drinking but Raman doesn’t stop as he has to save Rohan and Karan. Sudha tells Ishita that like Rajat was proved to be a drunkard in the court, Raman also became a drunkard today. Sudha thinks Raman and Ishita to be the reason for her brother’s death. So she gives the gun to Ishita to shoot Raman.

Shagun and Mani give watches to the girls so that they have a good time from now. Both of them like it and thank them.

Sudha gives the option to Ishita to kill Raman and save Rohan and Karan. Mani calls Ishita but cannot connect. Simmi covers up and tells him that Ishita has gone to bring gifts for Ruhi and Aliya. Mani gets a call and is surprised to know something about Raman. Sudha pressurizes Ishita to kill Raman. Raman asks Ishita to shoot him. Sudha enjoys and asks Ishita to save her love or her daughters’ loves.

Mani gets to know about the shareholders’ meeting and loses his control and says that he will not leave Sudha. Simmi stops him and tells that Sudha has kidnapped Rohan and Karan. Everyone is in shock.

Ishita apologies to Sudha as she cannot bring her brother back. Sudha asks Ishita to shoot either Rohan and Karan or Raman within that time.

Raman keeps on telling Ishita to shoot him. She tells Sudha that she is prepared to shoot. She points the gun towards Raman and then points the gun to Sudha and decides to kill Rohan and Karan instead of Raman. Mani and Simmi along with Ruhi and Aliya reach the spot and stop Ishita.

She gets up in the crane pushing Sudha back and controls the crane where Rohan and Karan are being hung. Sudha requests her not to kill the boys as they are her sons. Everyone is in a great shock.

Ishita brings Rohan and Karan down. The boys come and hug Sudha. Ishita slaps Sudha and insults her to be a shameless woman for playing with her sons’ life.

Ishqbaaaz: Shivaay Makes Anika Feel Special

The episode starts with Shivaay expressing his concern for Anika. He says I was looking for you madly in the whole city and you were hidden under this bed. Anika says you did many stunts to take me away so I did one to bring you close and asks Shivaay why you couldn’t breathe without me? Shivaay replies because I… But he cannot complete his sentence.

Anika says you can’t do this. You don’t even make me feel special. Shivaay asks are you challenging me and apologizes to Anika for hurting her. Anika makes him understand. Shivaay gets overwhelmed and hugs her tight. Twinkle sees them together and appreciates the couple again. She asks Shivaay so Bhaiya I don’t need to act anymore and tells Shivaay that she wants to marry Chintu and requests him to help her. Anika compels Shivaay to help her.

The next morning, Anika wakes up but finds Shivaay missing. Gauri calls Anika for breakfast and serves her with her favorite breakfast cooked by Shivaay. Shivaay calls her and asks you felt special? Anika replies good try. But I felt special just 10%. Later, Shivaay compels Annika to drink bitter gourd juice and then she reads a note that says ‘Poolside’.

Anika reaches the poolside and gets many dresses there and Bhavya asks her to choose any dress of her wish. Anika picks up a yellow dress of Shivaay’s choice and further gets a setup of a variety of jewelry

 Shivaay calls her and asks if she felt special but Annika replies only 40%. Rudra decides to say sorry to Shivaay but before he could complete his confession Roop comes there and stops him. Shivaay invites Anika for further surprises.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2: Navin Tells Anurag That Madhuri Is His Wife

The episode starts with Anurag saving Prerna from the goons. The police arrive there and catch holds of the goons.

After the party, Anurag is seen with his damaged cellphone in his room. He thinks now what will he do now as he has no proof. He goes near the window and sees Navin hugging and seeing off Madhuri.

He makes Navin aware that his eyes are always on him by switching lights on and off. Navin understands that Anurag has seen him with Madhuri.

Anurag goes downstairs and confronts him. He also tells him that he has seen him making Madhuri wear a mangalsutra. On this Navin, says that he won’t be able to do anything and confess that Madhuri is his wife. Navin says he would prove Anurag wrong.

Anurag accepts the challenge and tells him that three days are enough to figure out why he is marrying Prerna.

Meanwhile, Prerna’s sister says that Anurag is a prince who saves everyone and wants Prerna to marry him and gives credit to him for saving Prerna life.

The next day, a thief comes and snatches the purse of a lady at a bus stop. Anurag sees this and manages to take that purse away from the thief and returns it to the lady and Anurag offers to drop her as they are going the same way.

A ceremony is going on at Anurag’s friend’s place and Prerna is already there. She brings haldi from the kitchen and the haldi falls on Anurag’s kurta. Prerna cleans his Kurta and apologizes to him. The duo shares a romantic moment.

Later, the lady whose purse Anurag saved tells Prerna that her husband tried to sell her and is here for her divorce proceedings. They both get shocked and Prerna asks her the name of her husband.

Ishq Mein Marjawan: Wasu Slaps Tara

The episode starts with Wasu slapping Tara and saying you said you lost your child because of Aarohi. Your report says you could never be a mom. You told me all lies. You said Aarohi was unfair to you. Deep says how dare you lie to my mom. Tara goes to her room. Wasu express her disappointment and says go from here Deep.

Deep questions Tara and she says Ma was asking me about baby. I couldn’t her about me never being a mom. She would be so hurt, Deep says she still is. I will kill anyone who hurts my mom. Tara says someone is doing this. Deep shoves her and says everything is another person’s mistake and asks her to apologize to mom.

Araohi says thank you Abhi. Maaji won’t trust her again even if she forgives her. Tara would do some mistake in anger and everyone will see her reality. Deep calls someone and learns that he lost a deal and realizes that everything is going wrong. Is Aarohi behind all this?

Deep comes outside Aarohi’s room and asks her to show her face but she says I am not wearing clothes. I will only see you when I am ready. Abhi comes. Deep says what are you doing here? He says Maaji was calling her. Deep leaves and calls someone and plans to catch Laila. He says find out where she goes. I want all her details.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Mauli Decides to Marry Ishaan

The episode starts with Mauli coming home after having dinner with Ishaan, Mishti, and Kunal. She tells Mamma it’s good she met Kunal. She realized Kunal had a happy family and says I am ready to marry Ishaan.

Mauli says to Ishaan that she accepts his three-year-long pending proposal. Everyone gets happy and enjoys the moment. Ishaan dances around and goes to hug Mamma and Dida. Mauli lose the balance of her heel. Ishaan is concerned but Mauli says she is completely fine.

At home, Kunal speaks to Nandini’s photo that he met Mauli, Mamma, and Dida, and Mauli is happy with a caring husband and a daughter. Pari is excited and comes there and says if her Mamma was here, she would have been best friends with Mauli Aunty. Kunal takes Pari to sleep.

Mauli asks Ishaan if he doesn’t want to marry her. He says he has been behind her for three years then why her decision came right after meeting Kunal. Mauli replies Kunal has nothing to do with her decision. She wants a happy married life and a father for Mishti but only after Ishaan’s willingness. Ishaan jokes and says yes. Everyone is excited, but Mauli looks disturbed.

Kunal sits in his bed with Nandini’s photo and says Mauli has moved on in life. Mauli is lying in her bed and decides she can’t let Kunal affect her so badly and will not give enough importance to let him ruin her present. She holds a photo frame of herself and Mishti with Ishaan and says Kunal might be Mishti’s biological father, but her real father will only be Ishaan.

The next morning, at the breakfast table, Mauli tells Mamma and Dida to continue their relation with Kunal, but Dida disagrees, as Kunal wronged her; they have lived without him for long now and will continue to live without him.

Mamma says Mauli has been a very good daughter and a commendable daughter-in-law. Ishaan is lucky to have her as wife. Mamma, Dida, and Mauli vow not to tell Kunal about Mishti’s identity.

Kundali Bhagya: Karan and Monisha Get Engaged

The episode starts with Dadi going into her room. Monisha asks Prithvi to come out, and he asks her to go and get engaged and he has to give her the property. Mahesh and everyone are looking for the reports, and Mahesh gets angry on Karina because she was not able to keep a single report safe.

Preeta and Karan bump into each other and start arguing when Rakhi comes. The pandit has asked Karan to also come. Srishti is constantly saying to Rishab that because of him that they are doing nothing worth mentioning otherwise they would have caught Monisha. Srishti gets nervous when Rishab says that sometimes she is really irritating.

Karan asks Preeta to come with him. They all leave. Monisha is very nervous and Prithvi asks her to smile. Karan and Preeta come together to the party, Prithvi gets very jealous and it is very difficult for him to control his emotions. Karan goes to the stage.

Rakhi start to cry, Mahesh clams her and says that nothing will happen to Karan. Monisha also asks her what the matter is and why she is crying. She makes an excuse saying that they are the tears of joy, the engagement then proceeds.

Prithvi comes to Preeta and make her wear the ring. Janki feels that Monisha is just playing a game with Karan.

The pandit asks Karan to make Monisha wear the ring. The ring drops from Karan’s hand. He apologizes and goes to pick it up. Preeta and Karan thinking of the times they both have spent together.

Prithvi reaches for Preeta. Karan gets very angry. The driver advises Sherlyn that they can a take a shortcut if she wants to reach the house early. She agrees and prays that no one should see the reports.

She remembers what she saw and wonders that if Rithwik is working with Luthras then the engagement will never succeed and gets worried. The pandit asks him to also give her the ring. Everyone starts to cheer. Kartika is amazed to see that it is not the ring that she gave him.

Rishab asks Srishti to go and announce the dance and She invites Karan and Monisha and also Prithvi and Preeta. Karan asks her why she called Prithvi. She explains that she did this to make her sister come and dance with Karan after he pushes Monisha towards Prithvi.

When the dance begins, Prithvi is sure that Karan has taken the ring because of his cleverness. Preeta asks Karan why he is smiling; he answers that they should make Prithvi get engaged with Monisha.

Preeta ask Karan to stop saying bad things regarding Prithvi because he is to be her husband Karan asks for proof, she says that she has the ring that Prithvi gave him, and Karan says that she no longer has the same ring. Preeta is shocked to see that Karan changed the ring.

Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi and Pragya Caught in Fire

The episode starts with Abhi and Pragya looking towards each other hopefully recalling their past moments. Pragya thinks that she can’t see Abhi and Kiara in problem again. She refuses to hold Abhi’s hand.

Kiara is passing across the corridor and the curtains around her catch fire. As soon as Disha comes there, Kiara says she wants crackers from her. Pragya tells Abhi that she doesn’t feel for him anymore. She is furious over Tanu and pours that fury over him.

Abhi says he knew only Tanu could say so. Abhi doesn’t let Pragya leave as her eyes and words say different things at a time. He holds himself further close to her face and asks if she doesn’t feel for him, why her heartbeat is racing and eyes are closed? Pragya steps back and says it’s all useless. Abhi is about to tell Pragya about his marriage with Tanu, buy they sense smoke around.

Aaliya hurries to Tanu. Tanu tells Aaliya she planned the fire. Aaliya is angry with her. Aaliya is afraid what if the fire spreads across the house. Poorab and Disha look for Pragya and Abhi. King sends Kiara home with the driver, promising to bring Pragya home.

Abhi and Pragya are in the kitchen and try to put the fire off and make way for them. Poorab calls Abhi and he asks about the kids. Poorab replies that he sent Kiara home and Sunny is also not home and disconnects the call.

Aaliya and Tanu are tensed as the look for Abhi. King has called the fire brigade. Disha goes to bring the bucket.

Pragya and Abhi indulge in an argument and cough due to increasing smoke as both shout at each other. Soon, Abhi falls into Pragya’s lap and she promises to tell him everything and feels afraid of losing him and asks him to wake up, no one can part them. She had promised to stay besides him in life, how she could move on.

Ishq Subhan Allah: Zara Pacifies Kabir

The episode starts with Zara pulling Kabir’s head on her lap and massaging it. She thinks I can’t imagine my life without Kabir but don’t know how I will fulfill both duties.

Zeenat comes to Amaan’s room and sees cartoons made on his face. She asks who did it and asks for Ruksaar.

Kashan shows Zara and Kabir’s project news in newspaper. Alina tell we were aware about Kabir’s project but Zara’s project has given us a surprise and says I pray for their success.

Zeenat comes there and says I searched everywhere but she is nowhere. Kashan says I will go and check.

In the morning, Zara is sleeping on Kabir’s chest. He wakes up and finds her like that. She wakes up and says sorry. He nods. Kabir gets Zeenat’s call and says Ruksaar.

Ayesha takes the phone and says Shahbaz told you to not tell anything to Kabir about Ruksaar and asks her to tell Kabir that Ruksaar is fine and will be coming home soon. She tells the same and ends the call. Kabir smiles and prays to God.

Zeenat questions Ayesha why you made me lie? Ayesha shows Kabir and Zara’s photo in newspaper and says they are working for this nation. We shouldn’t make them worry.

Kabir takes Zara’s feet and massages them. Zara says why are you so nice and asks what happened after the call came?

Kabir says Zeenat called and said that Ruksaar is awake and she will be home soon, I will divorce her. Zara says give me a minute. She leaves from there and brings her contract file and then they both get into an argument. Zara is sad and Kabir leaves from there.

Kashan calls Zeenat and says Ruksaar is nowhere. Zara is in cafe and sees Kabir sitting on another table and glances at him. Kabir comes to his hotel room and looks at Zara’s project file. Zara is in cafe and recalls what the priest said. Ayesha gets a call and tells Zeenat that we have found Ruksaar.

Kabir says to the manager that we have to submit project file at 12. Zara comes there and says I will go with you. I have to submit my project too. Kabir glares at her and goes with her. Zara smiles.

Kabir says to Zara that you proved your stubbornness is more important than my love. Zara makes him understand her point.

Kabir says if you think you are right then I won't stop you, submit this file. He sits in the car. Zara is tensed. Zeenat comes to school and sees Ruksaar playing with kids. Zeenat thanks the teacher and thinks about talking to a doctor about this.

Zara and Kabir are on the beach. Zara says let’s be happy and we can separate our professional lives from personal lives, like when we are at home, we will live like husband and wife deeply in love but when we are at work, we will work as per our thoughts, this way we won’t fight. Kabir looks on. Zara tries to enjoy with Kabir. She hugs him and tries to make him smile. He finally smiles and hugs her.

Kabir and Zara are sitting in a cafe. Zara says you will divorce Ruksaar? Kabir says I have promised you already and kisses her hand and says then I will be yours completely. The rain starts and they both enjoy the rain.


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