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 written update

MUMBAI: Missed an episode of your favourite show? Well, we are here to update you. Read on the written updates on all the shows you love!

Ye Hai Mohabbatein: Sudha's new plan to trouble Raman

The episode starts with everyone hearing a group of women protesting. Sudha claims that she was attacked by her daughters-in-law and shows her burned hand.

Ishita tells that they were not aware of this, else would never have let marriage happen. Sudha continues her drama and raises a voice on their upbringing. The media comes there.

Ruhi gets furious on this and Sudha shows everyone how Ruhi just tried to attack her in front of everyone.

Simmi comes and informs Raman. Raman says Sudha just wants them to do something wrong in anger. He calls the police.

Aliya says Sudha is just acting. Protesters tell Aliya and Ruhi must apologize but they refuse. Raman and Ishita try to control the angry Ruhi.

Protesters agree and say Ruhi is so rude, and she must be taught a lesson. Sudha says they should make her face black.

She shows a picture where Aliya slapped her husband. Aliya tells that she slapped because he lied to her and she will do in future too if required. Protesters say both are so rude. They need punishment.

Raman blocks protesters’ way to his girls and says if that’s what satisfies them, then they can put black paint on his face. Sudha agrees to this. Rohan and Karan are on their way and hope Sudha’s plan didn’t backfire.

Pihu comes and stops Sudha from making Raman's face black. Sudha pushes her and she cries. Ishita sees oil/color in Pihu’s hand and recalls Sudha had used her burned hand to move Pihu on the side.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Amyra Feels Jealous of Kullfi

The episode starts with Amyra telling Sikandar that he loves Kullfi as much as he loves her. Therefore, Sikandar asks the reason for hatred towards Kullfi. Amyra is about to speak and Lovely tries to intervene but Sikandar makes her quiet.

Sikandar gets restless and says to Amyra that he will not speak to her until she apologizes.

Tevar makes Kullfi study. Later, Kullfi sees Tevar sleeping and says that Tevar may not be her real father but he is the best father for her. Amyra asks Sikandar to go away.

Sikandar gets angry with Amyra and says that he will not speak with her until she apologizes to him for her behavior and goes to meet Kullfi and finds her asleep.

Kullfi wakes up with a bad dream and prepares for school. Sikandar asks Amyra to hurry up as Kullfi is waiting.

Amyra tells Sikandar that he is still worried about Kullfi. Amyra then asks Lovely to drop her to school. Lovely comes there. Lovely and Sikandar have an argument over Amyra. Amyra questions the same to Lovely but she manipulates her again.

Chadda tells DK to buy Tevar’s song and pay a less amount, which he takes as Kullfi’s fees. Sikandar takes Kullfi to school and motivates her and hugs her. Amyra sees this and gets jealous.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Manish Reveals Past

The episode starts with Kartik and Naira telling Akhilesh to believe them that Samarth has come here to take revenge. Akhilesh pushes Kartik but Manish saves him from getting hurt and expresses his anger on him.

Samarth tries to calm them down but Manish warns him to stay away and tells Akhilesh to do whatever he wants but not let any third person come in between us and tries to stop him but he keeps on shouting. Dadi tells them to stop.

Dadi slaps Samar and says that I thought you won't repeat the mistake begs him to not harm her family.

Manish decides to tell them everything and says Bauji left us because of worrying about his brother who kept making demands. When Dadi questioned Avdesh about it, he asked for his share and said that otherwise, he will blame them for his death. She expresses her anger toward him.

Dadi says he died because of what I said. Naira and Kartik makes her understand that she isn't at fault and tell that Samarth has come to seek revenge.

Akhilesh asks Samarth about the same and Samarth recalls how Dadi cursed his father who died in a car accident the same day.

Naira and Kartik discuss the incident and decide to win everyone's hearts.

Ishqbaaaz: Shivaay and Anika's Haldi; Roop's Evil Plan

The episode starts with the three brothers erasing the line and hugging each other. Thereafter, Aruna orders Shivaay that he cannot meet Anika until he gets married.

Om and Rudra come on the bride’s side and Gauri and Bhavya move towards Shivaay’s side. Rudra apologizes to Anika for behaving rude and hurting her. She forgives.

Roop stares at Anika with poor expressions. Aruna praises Anika for her kind heart. Unwillingly, Roop does aarti of the couple while carrying hatred for Shivaay.

Gauri and Bhavya challenge Om and Rudra to arrange jewelry and lehenga themselves.

Roop tries to instigate them against Shivaay by packing Tej’s things but gets a warning reply from Rudra.

Gauri and Bhavya represent #Team_Dulha. In response to them, Om and Rudra represent #Team_ Dulhan.

Aruna comes there to inform them about the Haldi function. Roop adds some chemical to the turmeric kept in the kitchen for the bride. Gauri and Bhavya take the Haldi. Shivaay is about to put turmeric on Anika. But before Shivaay does so, the turmeric starts changing color and turns red from yellow. Shivaay throws the bowl off and saves Anika from the threat.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2: Anurag Comes to Ronita's Rescue

The episode starts with Anurag tying the dori of Prerna’s blouse and feeling something strange while doing this. He says the same to Prerna. He then hands over the box to her that Mohini had given him.

In a different place, Ronita receives a call from Madhuri, who asks her to meet Naveen at bus stop number 79. She agrees and leaves. When she reaches there, she calls Madhuri and tells her that she can't see Naveen.

Madhuri instructs Naveen to drive the car fast and kill Ronita. As Madhuri sees the fast car approaching, she begins to run where there are students and other people around, which makes the goon stop the car.

Meanwhile, Prerna asks Anurag to attend and be there at all functions, unlike last time. He assures her he will be there. They hold hands and then he bids her goodbye.

Naveen decides to kill Ronita himself. He drives the car and hits Ronita and escapes from there. Shivani sees all this and is unable to catch Naveen but notes down the car number.

Anurag, who is on his way back, stops there and takes Ronita to the hospital and gets her to the Basu mansion. He further decides to take her to Naveen's room. As she gains consciousness, he asks her if her ex-husband responsible for the accident.

Ronita begins clearing up but faints again. Anurag calls the doctor and asks him to come over once. Mohini comes to Anurag's room and is surprised to see Ronita. Anurag tells her everything. She asks him to get ready quickly.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Mauli Learns About Nandini’s Death

The episode starts with Kunal and Pari doing pooja for Nandini. Ishaan and Mauli reach the temple and sit for their pooja. Kunal thinks moving ahead without Nandini is difficult and pray to be a good parent to Pari. Pari also prays to send someone like her mother.

A chunri that panditji had draped over Mauli head flies towards Nandini’s photo and she wonders where the chunri has gone and shocked to see Kunal and Pari in the havan. She gathers the courage to remove chunri off the photo and is about to slip but Ishaan supports her. They turn to see Kunal and Pari in the havan. Mauli cries and hurries down the stairs.

Ishaan asks her to be strong and realizes Kunal’s wife is no longer alive and feels bad for Pari. Mauli tells him that Nandini was her childhood best friend and Kunal fell in love with her.

Kunal’s attitude and their divorce flash in Mauli’s mind. Ishaan says this means he cheated on you. Mauli cries and says I was angry on Nandini but never wanted that she should die.

Pari comes to Kunal and makes him eat food by everyone’s names and claps cheerfully.

At home, everyone feels bad for Nandini’s death and Ishaan comes there and gets furious even at the thought that Kunal left Mauli and comes to Dida and salutes them for leaving their own son for their daughter-in-law. He assures Dida that she still has a son and promises that they will never face problems in their life and Mishti will never find out about Kunal being her biological father.

Ishq Mein Marjawan: Tara Tries to Kill Abhi

The episode starts with a girl dancing around Deep. Tara is about to hit Abhi with her car but Guru Maa saves him.

Deep tries to see Aarohi’s face but she hides and is about to fall but she holds him. He sees someone below but she runs. Meanwhile, Aarohi says you will beg for death Deep.

Guru Maa says that house is dangerous. I won’t ever leave Aarohi alone. I will find out who is behind all this. I am going to Aarohi. She needs me. Love makes a man weak.

Wasu comes to a room and sees someone in her room and asks him not to come until she say. She comes to her closet and takes the trunk out and hides the trunk so that Deep doesn’t see it.

Deep’s manager says our company is going really bad and this is because of that bar dancer. Deep says I have to do something. Aarohi calls Deep and says I am fine if you come near me you will burn.

Tara comes home and puts a knife around Abhi’s neck. Abhi finds that Tara only tried killing him.

Aarohi is walking on the road and Deep comes and says you can’t run away from me.

Ishq Subhan Allah: Zara and Kabir to Stay Together

The episode starts with Ruksaar suffering from mental illness and failing to recognize everyone except Kabir and Zara.

Zara and Kabir try to talk to Ruksaar. Kabir asks the doctor about Ruksaar’s behavior and is sad and recalls how he promised to divorce Ruksaar.

Zara comes and they are about to talk but Ruksaar takes Zara to play.

Zara, Kabir, Imran, and Reema are in a restaurant and Kabir is angry that the family lied to us about Ruksaar’s condition. Zara makes him smile.

Ruksaar laughs and asks Zeenat to not cry. Zeenat hopes that her sister to be fine soon.

Zara looks at her and Kabir’s photo and smiles and starts packing Kabir’s stuff. Ruksaar comes there and Zara tells her that Kabir and I have decided to live together. Zeenat drags Ruksaar from there.

Ayesha says to Alina that I am so happy that Kabir and Zara are ready to live together. Kabir comes to his room and is surprised to see a note and his and Zara photos and pulls Zara closer. They both share a romantic moment. Abruptly, they hear a noise and come out and see Ruksaar hanging to a wall plank. She is about to fall down.

Kundali Bhagya: Rishab Announces Ritwik as Luthra’s New Business Partner

The episode starts with Preeta hugging Monisha warmly. She asks what’s going on in her mind and says if she wants a ring and wonders that Karan said something to her.

Monisha says taking off one’s engagement ring breaks the engagement itself. Preeta recalls Karan words. Srishti hears this conversation and warns Monisha to stop insulting her sister.

Monisha comes to Sarla and deters her to control Srishti and turns to leave. Sarla holds her back and tells Monisha to control herself. When Sarla has left, Monisha is irritated.

Sherlyn tells Prithvi her reports have already been delivered at Luthra house. Monisha comes there and turns to see Ritwik enter the party and is tense. Rishab and Karan come to greet Ritwik. Sherlyn says this is what she wanted to tell them that day. There is something cooking between Ritwik and Karan as she spotted them together.

Preeta tells Srishti Monisha is wearing her engagement ring. Karan took it from her hand and gave it to Monisha. Srishti cheers that this means Prithvi is now engaged to Monisha, and Karan is engaged to Preeta. Preeta mocks her idea.

Rishab brings Ritwik on stage. He says there has been an addition of two members in their Luthra family. Karan brings Monisha to stage and says he got the freedom to love Monisha today. Rishab says even he got a new relation in business life; he introduces Ritwik as his new business partner.

Prithvi comes to the room and behaves hysterically as everything is over. Sherlyn comes to console him.

Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi and Pragya Together in the Restaurant

The episode starts with Neha and Abhi reaching the restaurant. Abhi forbids them to do any such activity before marriage. Neha and Tarun stand silently while Abhi heads towards Pragya.

Abhi and Pragya are happy that they met each other. Both want to speak and then, argue giving each other the chance to order what each other likes.

Abhi asks Pragya what she said to him in the kitchen while he was suffocating with smoke. Pragya asks if he doesn’t remember. Abhi says he wishes to hear it once again, with an eye-to-eye contact.

In the office, Aaliya argues with King. King thinks about Pragya and tells Aaliya not everyone is like her. There are responsible girls like Pragya as well. Aaliya is hurt over this.

Abhi asks her to say directly and is annoyed and disheartened by Pragya words. He asks the waiter to bring his bill but forgets his pin. Pragya guesses the pin correctly. Abhi is shocked and asks how she guessed it.


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