Have you missed your favourite show last night? Here we offer you a complete written update

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MUMBAI: Missed an episode of your favourite show? Well, we are here to update you. Read on for written updates on all the shows you love!

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala – Amyra’s New Year party plan

The episode starts with Kulfi encouraging Sikandar to celebrate New Year. Amyra comes to discuss about New Year party with Kulfi, to which, she says ‘what did your grandfather say to them that they are so upset’. She also tells her not to cry.

Rohan too walks to them and apologises, and Amyra discusses her idea with them.  

According to the plan, she convinces Sikandar about New Year party at their place. Sikandar talks about the party with Lovely. Gunjan hears kids discussing about New Year party. Lovely agrees with Sikandar.

Amyra tells Kulfi, ‘Dad has convinced mom, we will have party at our place.” Gunjan signs Tony and calls him and shows him chits.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay – Komolika’s open challenge to Prerna

The episode starts with showing Prerna and Anurag giving emotional support to Shivi. They encourage her to fight for herself. Komolika puts claims over Shivi that she traps rich young men for cash.

Prerna had taken test against Komolika and put a war on. Komolika tells Prerna that this will turn expensive for her. This war between Prerna and Komolika will turn terrible.

Komolika says that she will discharge Shivi’s pregnancy news to media and will make inconvenience for Prerna’s family. Komolika challenges Prerna to get her sibling Ronit out.     

Prerna denies Shivi and Ronit’s alliance. Siddhant Chaubey proposes Shivi and Ronit’s union to get him out of prison and settle the matter and yet Prerna rejects it. Komolika tells Prerna that this is the beginning, now her family will be left with no alternative but shame.

Prerna reassures her family and Anurag guarantees Prerna that they will together deal with everything.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai - Naira feels that Kartik doesn't find her pretty anymore

The episode starts with Kartik appreciating Naira for confronting those who were poking fun at her pregnancy. Naira leaves for the examination hall to appear her exam. Kartik wishes her all the best. Dadi calls Kartik and asks if they have reached the temple.

Keerti talks to her unborn child and tells that they will have to enjoy at the godbharai function. Naira comes out of the examination hall and finds out a few girls recognize Kartik and appreciate him for his lecture videos on the internet. This makes Naira jealous.

Kartik and Naira reach home for the godbharai, Naira’s ID card falls and she goes to get ready for the function. Kartik compliments by saying that she is looking cute. This upsets Naira as she wants to hear more from him.

Kartik showers flowers on Keerti when she arrives for the godbharai ceremony. He also receives Naira and takes her in his arms. Everyone celebrates the Godbharai ceremony.

Dadi asks the men to leave so that the women can start celebrating. Kartik tells Naira to tell Dadi to allow him to stay back.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein - Raman involves media to help find Ishita

The episode begins with Raman calling media and giving a sympathetic speech and the goons hear Raman saying that he is ready to give anything to anyone who helps them get Ishita back.

Ishita hears Raman’s voice from another room and motivates her to stay alive. One of the goons tries to plan and kill Ishita but another falls in the trap of money. Ishita hears them talking and thanks Raman for trying to save her life.

Param and Sudha watch television and get to know about the news. They blackmail the goons saying that if they try to double cross, they will put them in trouble.

Mr Iyer comes to senses and Madhu gets happy to see him and tells him that she will take good care of him and that he will get well. Madhu then calms him down.

Raman then gets the call and someone then blames him for kidnapping his own wife. Raman loses his calm and goes to his room and recalls all his best moments with Ishita. He gets emotional for not being able to get to know anything about Ishita.

The goons give Ishita food and she asks for water. They give water and then untie her hands so that she can eat. They also tell her that they need to keep her alive or else they would have killed her long back. Sudha comes to meet Rohan and sees Rohan’s changed mind and decides not to force him with anything for some time.

Ishq Subhan Allah - Kabir feels insulted

The episode starts with Ruksaar finding cash in Zara’s grasp, she takes it yet slips and it tumbles down in water drum.

Kabir goes to Zara’s home and sees all her cash wet. Ruksaar says, ‘I am sad, she doesn’t have cash and I placed these in water.’ Ayesha comes there. Kabir brings iron and dries her notes.

Kabir and Zara wrap endowments. Zara imagines that he is thinking all the more pleasantly far from Shahbaz. Kabir says, ‘you look great in this dress.’ Salma comes there and welcomes Zara. She says, ‘I am glad to see Kabir here with you.’ Kabir says, ‘I just came to pack presents for guardians.’

Zara and Kabir unwrap endowments. It’s their piggy bank, they break it. Zara says, ‘I constantly spared these coins and we did it after marriage with Kabir. Kabir says, ‘this is identified with our devout deeds.’ Zara composes ‘Cheerful Anniversary’ with coins, and everyone applaud.

Kumkum Bhagya - Purab and Disha again make a plan to unite Abhi-Pragya

The episode starts with King telling Pragya that had he been Kiara’s father he would have been a good father. Pragya gets tensed and says, ‘I can’t give answer to this question.’

Disha comes to Abhi and teases him as he is lost in Pragya’s thoughts. Pragya thinks about talking to Kiara. King comes to Pragya and says he will come for clothes rehearsals. Pragya asks him to come for final programme. King says ok.

Disha calls Abhi and tells her that they are going to Pragya’s house and tells that Kiara had told them that Pragya is taking Kiara to school.

King looks at Pragya’s picture and thinks of moments spent with her. Purab and Disha come to King’s house. King asks who are they, Disha and Purab show their Indian Embassy ID cards and asks him to show the passport and says there is a complaint that you are over staying.

King says he will not show and says if there was any complaint then the embassy would have called them. Abhi asks Purab to tell King that rules have changed. They say the same thing.

Ishqbaaz - Aditi doubts

The episode starts with Shivaansh being available to come back to work and approaches somebody to leave for airplane terminal immediately. He says, ‘I am extremely cheerful, simply come soon.’ Khanna also moves cheerfully. Dhruv tells shayari.

Nani comes and asks what happened. Shivaansh says Shivani is getting hitched. Nani becomes happy and says if Shivaye was here, he would have arranged nourishment, and Om and Rudra would have helped him.

Shivaansh says we are here, in the event that I can’t cook, they both can. She giggles. Shivaansh, Radhika and Dhruv prepare to cook. Shivaansh says the shades make me look hot. They cook the nourishment. They have a ton of fun in the kitchen. Nani comes to them.

Shivaansh goes to see Aditi. Nani, Radhika and Dhruv stow away and look on. Shivaansh’s hand hits the vase. He ventures on the broken pieces and strolls to Aditi. Radhika says he isn’t harmed.

Aditi says, ‘I was attempting to reach you since long, you didn’t answer the call.’ He sees Nani, Dhruv and Radhika in the mirror.

Shivaansh lies to Aditi and says I get your untruths so please don’t lie. Radhika and Dhruv bother Shivaansh and inquire as to for what reason did you go to New Year party with Aditi.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega - Durga agrees to help

The episode starts with Durga asking, ‘what does that Guddan need? Guddan comes and holds her hand and says, ‘you have to see this video.’

She says somebody did that and constrained her to wed and she knows AJ can never do that so, who did this. Saru comes in and says not to anticipate any assistance from them.

Guddan says, ‘when did I say you require my assistance. I just required assistance from Durga.’ Durga says she will encourage her.

Durga goes to wake Guddan up and gets terrified and says, ‘what are you doing in my room’. She takes Guddan outside and many individuals came in that wedding.

Ishq Mein Marjawan - Abhi and Deep detained

The episode starts with Opasna capturing Deep, Abhi and Guru mama. Arohi embraces profound and cries. He makes her wear mangalsutra and says keep it with you and leaves.

Arohi tells Opasna that corrupt individuals like her can’t win for long. Opasna says they will see who wins and then leaves.

Arohi gets a letter and reaches the location that was mentioned in the letter. Virat hits profound. Tara comes to Arohi. She says on the off chance that you will execute Deep, you won’t live any longer either so I am here to send you where profound would go.

Arohi attempts to take the remote from her. Tara tosses in water. She says it is no more.

Profound grabs a firearm and puts it on Opasna. He says your diversion is over Virat. They tie Opasna and Virat and exit. Virat says our arrangement fizzled we need to leave here and opens her ropes.

Arohi goes but finds nobody. She sees blacked out policemen. Arohi surges out. Deep comes and embraces her from behind. Arohi says I can do anything for you.


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