Have you missed your favourite show last night? Here we offer you a complete written update

Have you missed your favourite show last night? Here we offer you a complete written update

MUMBAI: Missed an episode of your favourite show? Well, we are here to update you. Read on for written updates on all the shows you love!

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naksh Returns Home to Surprise Keerti

The episode starts with Naksh calling up Kartik to tell him that he won’t be able to make it for the Godhbharai ceremony. Keerti almost overhears the conversation.

Dadi tells Devyani that she isn’t happy with the preparations for the Puja. Naira tells them not to worry because she has replaced the dried coconuts with fresh ones.

Everyone gears up for the Puja but Keerti misses Naksh, and he surprises her. Keerti is delighted to see him. Naksh gives the gift sent by Naitik for Keerti and Naira. Naira gets her gift in a black box, while Keerti gets it in a white box.

The rituals begin. The women start filling Naira and Keerti’s jholis with gifts. Naira’s jholi overflows and the gifts are about to fall. Dadi is miffed with Naira for not being able to care of her jholi. Kartik helps her.

The rituals end and everyone is happy. The men and women make separate teams to play a fun game. The men win the challenge.

Ye Hai Mohabbatein: Param to Kidnap Ishita Again?

The episode starts with Raman talking to his father and telling him that he just had a word with Ishita and that she is safe now. Karan hears them and Ruhi catches him and takes him to kitchen and loads him with work.

Karan wonders how to call up Sudha and tell her about Ishita calling Raman from captivity.

Simmi takes the divorce papers and goes to Alia. Alia at first isn’t convinced and asks Simmi how she can trust Sudha after all the trouble she has put them all in. Simmi brings out Rohan’s behaviour discussion and Alia too agrees that Rohan seems to be a changed man now.

She then goes to Ruhi and asks her to go with her to the room. Ruhi, while in a hurry, forgets her phone. Karan calls up Sudha from it and Param decides to call the goons and confirm.

Param calls the goons and is now sure that they are double-crossing him. So he tells Sudha that he has to go to the place where Ishita is kept so that he can get Ishita with him.

Sudha, at first, is reluctant and wonders how she is going to fool the police waiting outside. But Param blackmails her.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Anurag Decides to Confess His Love to Prerna

The episode starts with Anurag conducting a meeting and Prerna walking in. Anurag’s colleague thinks he and Prerna are a couple. The other employees leave the meeting room, leaving Anurag and Prerna all alone.

Anurag tries to reach for a pen on the table but he gets exceptionally close to her. Prerna feels uncomfortable and leaves for the washroom. She then questions herself about controlling her feelings for Anurag. Meanwhile, Anurag too is unable to understand what is happening to him.

Just then, Moloy enters and Anurag indirectly tries to speak to his father about his feelings by asking love advice for a ‘friend’. Moloy pretends to not understand what Anurag is saying but eventually makes him realize that he might be in love with Prerna.

At the remand room, Shivani is still crying and fighting with Ronit as she points out how she was a fool and that he used her for physical needs. Ronit defends his sister Komolika saying she can never say anything like that.

Ronit sees Komolika outside the room and says how Shivani has always fallen for his lies. Shivani then sees Komolika outside the remand room and feels like a fool.

Komolika enters the remand room and asks Shivani what is she doing here and if Prerna has sent her to convince Ronit. Komolika then says that she likes to hurt people but she is going to love to hurt Prerna more than anything. Shivani defends her sister Prerna by saying how she’s different from Komolika.

In the office, Prerna is searching for Anurag to tell him about her feelings so that she can get over it and stop feeling the same way. Anurag is unable to believe his own feelings but decides to confide in Prerna anyway.

Ishqbaaaz: Shivansh Frames Aditi and Gets Her Suspended

The episode starts with Shivansh entering Dadi's room to pacify everyone and lighten the mood of the household. He tells them to chill and not worry and to instead figure a way to get Shivani's lover back to her. Shivansh then reassures Dadi and Nani too.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Aditi asks if any news was leaked to the media. They deny speaking to anyone about any news. Aditi then receives a call from the journalist who thanks her for the tip and notices a bag with heaps of money.

Aditi reaches the office to give back the money but is falsely accused of taking bribes and publishing false stories about Shivansh Singh Oberoi. The anti-corruption bureau shows up to arrest her. She tries to explain to them that it is a big misunderstanding.

However, the journalist accuses her of threatening him to publish the story. The commissioner then comes to Aditi's rescue. She tries to explain to the anti-corruption bureau officers that Aditi is innocent and that she is being framed.

Aditi is hurt but knows that there is nothing that can be done, so she obeys her superior and hands over her gun and batch. She knows that it is all Shivansh's doing.

Just then, Shivansh walks in and states that she should simply apologize to his family for it and the proof of her innocence will be handed to her.

He tells her to go inside and tell the Ahujas that Shivansh is innocent. Basically, he wants her to convince them to not break the engagement. Aditi does the same.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Mauli Leaves Kunal’s House

The episode starts with Mauli almost about to meet with an accident. Ishaan finds her on the road, and Mauli, who is heartbroken, tells Ishaan about what Kunal has done to her. Ishaan is extremely angry with Kunal for asking Mauli to leave his house at night and separating her from Mishti.

Meanwhile, now that Mishti knows about Kunal’s plan to unite her mother and Popsi Ishaan, she bonds with him by hugging him when he comforts her and Kunal promises Mishti that he will do all that he can to see her happy.

Ishaan, who is furious after seeing Mauli in a helpless situation, reaches Kunal’s home and beats him up. He misunderstands Kunal’s intentions and threatens to teach him a lesson for hurting Mauli. Although Kunal is injured, he is happy to know that Mauli is with Ishaan.

Mehak and Radhika treat Kunal’s injury and appreciate him for his selflessness. The next morning, Ishaan comforts Mauli and tells her to cheer up but she leaves Ishaan’s house soon after waking up.

Kunal tries to cheer Mishti up after she misses her mother. Mauli reaches his house and tells Mishti to join her. Kunal refuses to let Mishti go with Mauli because he does not want his daughter to roam around shelterless.

Kunal tells Mauli that he wouldn’t let Mishti stay at Ishaan’s place until Mauli marries him. He does not want his daughter to be raised by a couple sharing a nameless relation. Mauli tells Kunal not to preach what he doesn’t practice.

Mauli hints at Kunal and Mehak’s relationship and reminds him of its impact on Pari. Kunal tells Mauli to not lecture him and tells her that there’s no difference between him and her.

Mauli tells Kunal that she sticks to her values and conviction and will never do things that he has done. She tells him that she will stay in a hotel with her daughter Mishti. She leaves his house after asking Mishti to join her.

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah: Taarak Recites Poetry to Pacify Anjali

The episode starts with Taarak feeling guilty for having broken Anjali’s trust. He wants to make a confession to get rid of his guilt but imagines Anjali leaving the house in anger. Fearing the reaction, Taarak decides to keep quiet and his friends tell him to remain silent.

Anjali comes out of the kitchen with Taarak’s favourite food items that she had ordered for him and his friends. She tells everyone to have all that she has ordered.

Jethalal, Bhide, Sodhi, Iyer, Dr Hathi, and Popatlal give lame excuses to avoid eating, because they have already eaten beyond their capacity at the restaurant.

Taarak finally tells the truth to Anjali and tells her that he doesn’t deserve her love and apologizes to her. He genuinely feels guilty of having broken her faith.

Taarak tells that he deserves punishment, but his friends tell Anjali that they are the real culprits. They were the ones to force him to eat unhealthy food.

Anjali tells that she is sorry for imposing her decisions on him. She is so heartbroken that she doesn’t want to impose her love on him. Anjali tells that she was wrong. She shouldn’t have trusted him.

Taarak pacifies her like a true poet and genuinely expresses his feelings for her. Anjali’s heart melts and she starts yelling at Taarak with full authority when he says he will die without her.

Kumkum Bhagya: King Confirms That He Isn't Married to Pragya

The episode starts with King bringing over all the required documents that Disha and Purab have asked him to get as disguised embassy officials. Chachi is very suspicious of them as she believes them to be some kind of con artists.

Disha then prods further over the subject of Pragya and asks King who she is and how come her passport doesn't have his name. King maintains his silence.

Disha then states that perhaps she must've forgotten to change her name but there must be some marriage certificate that he has which would validate their marriage.

King finally opens up and tells them that he and Pragya aren't married. Disha and Purab are over the moon to hear this revelation.

Abhi is happy to hear this news. He becomes emotional as he talks about how nothing can stop him from bringing home his wife Pragya and daughter Kiara.

Abhi and Sunny go to the temple in school to pray. Pragya is surprised to see them pray. To this Abhi tells her that it is all because of her. Kiara then walks in and states that she will get something for them and rushes into the corridor.

Kundali Bhagya: Kareena Bua Insults Preeta

The episode starts with Preeta telling Monisha that Sherlyn had been seen hugging another person that too on her engagement party. And as soon as Preeta went, they started giving more love to Sherlyn only because they only believe in giving so much love.

Monisha then taunts Preeta by saying that Luthra family is very bad and that they killed him for their benefit and Preeta again asks her who the mastermind is. Monisha screams at her and says that she is very insensitive.

Preeta then twists the entire thing and says that she had planned about all the things they had planned to expose the mastermind and that she is responsible for all and that she is responsible for all the bad things. She even agrees that Ritwik got into the picture and contract only because of her.

Preeta adds that if Monisha truly wants to give Ritwik justice, she must stand in their favour at the court the next day and help them find out his real killer. She then leaves giving Monisha the charge of all the decisions. 

The co-prisoner asks Rishab if he is thinking about Preeta. Rishab asks him how he got to know and he says that he has a very strong observation and that his truth is visible on his face. Rishab then gets lured in Preeta’s thoughts and blushes.

Karan then thinks Rishab has come and wakes up from his dreams. Preeta reaches Luthra house thinking in her mind that no matter what, she will never let Karan and Rishab suffer. She reaches Luthra house and everyone there is happy to see her and Rakhi asks her where Rishab is.

But Preeta tells her with a sad and disappointed face that Rishab hasn’t come with her. Rakhi asks her to come in anyway but Kareena Bua shocks everyone by saying that Preeta will not enter the house.


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