Have you missed your favourite show last night? Here we offer you a complete written update

Here we offer you a complete written update
MUMBAI: Missed an episode of your favourite show? Well, we are here to update you. Read on for written updates on all the shows you love!

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naksh and Keerti Injured; Kartik and Naira Escape Unhurt

The episode starts with Naira and Kartik’s car almost about to meet with an accident. Aditya wants to avenge Naira and Keerti for ruining his plan. Keerti and Naksh also discuss Aditya and hope that they don’t come across him in the future ever. Incidentally, Naksh's car is also about to collide with a two-wheeler.

Later, Aditya’s car collides with Naksh and Kartik’s cars. One of the cars turns and falls upside down. Meanwhile, at the Goenka house, showpieces and photo-frames fall on the ground and break into pieces because of a wild storm. Dadi and Badi Dadi along with everyone get restless.

Manish and Akhilesh call on all four mobile phones but no one answers because they have met with an accident.

Naksh and Keerti are badly injured. Some people pull them out of the car and wait for an ambulance to come. Kartik and Naira’s car falls at a distance but the two aren’t injured much. They lie unconscious inside the car.

Naira and Kartik regain consciousness and are happy to know that their baby is also safe. But the moment they realize that Naksh and Keerti too have met with the accident, they rush to find them.

The police reach the accident spot and recognize Naksh and Keerti. Kartik calls Naksh but the police officer informs them that the two have met with an accident. Kartik hides the truth about Naksh and Keerti’s accident to Naira.

Kartik tells the hotel manager to take Naira to a hospital and then to their home. After Naira leaves, Kartik calls on Naksh’s phone again. The police officer informs him that Naksh and Keerti are critical.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Yug Makes a Call to Raman

The episode starts with Yug getting unconscious after inhaling the chloroform they had got to get Ishita unconscious. Ishita is in a dilemma and wonders how come her son Aditya is back.

She recalls how Aditya had died and comes towards him and tries to touch his cheek so that she is sure that she is actually seeing her son. But before she can check it, Yug puts the chloroform loaded handkerchief on her nose and says 'I’m sorry par mujhe yeh karna padega'. Ishita faints.

Raman is much worried at the Bhalla house and Ruhi and Alia calm him. Raman is worried about losing Ishita forever. One of the boys who have kidnapped Ishita on Rohan’s demand, see Raman talking about Ishita and the money offer on television.

Yug too sees the news and seeing such a lot of money as an offer, they decide to grab the offer. Yug tries to convince the other boy and Ishita hears them talking and notices Yug and  also thinks if Aditya has come back.

Ishita gets convinced that she had seen all of Aditya’s last rights and that this person cannot be Aditya. She then wonders if Yug is Aditya’s replica. Yug then finally manages to convince the other boy and says that he will call Raman and give Ishita back to him the next day and get Rs 20 crores.

Sudha hires a lawyer and request him to get Raman to agree to get Ruhi and Alia to sign the divorce papers so that her sons are able to come back to her and stay safe.

Ishita then recalls her happy times with Raman and hopes to meet him soon.

Raman gets a call from his phone and Yug tells him to come to an address with Rs 5 crores. Raman asks him if he is telling the truth and Yug convinces him by giving her the details of Ishita’s outfit colour.   Raman is convinced and Yug disconnects the call mentioning all the details of their meeting.

Ishqbaaaz: Shivansh Wins Over Sudha; Shivani's Wedding Is on Again!

The episode starts with Angad and his family paying the Oberois a visit. The whole of the Oberoi family is eagerly waiting for their arrival. Sudha is impressed that Shivansh decided to admit that their family was at fault regarding Radhika's eye and apologise for the same.

However, Shivansh digresses from the subject and states that they have the whole of the evening to talk about that. Shivansh wants to talk about her accusations on Radhika. He states that Radhika's eye wasn't an illness but an accident which the family does not want her to remember.

Shivansh then states that they have also hidden facts about their family health chart from the Oberois which could possibly be passed on to Angad or, worse, Angad and Shivani's baby. With that, Shivansh announces that they don't want to associate with the family. Sudha and the Ahujas get up to walk out. However, Angad does not follow them.

Sudha is upset with him and asks him why he won't come along. To this, Angad replies that he and Shivani have nothing to do with the problems the elders have. Hence, this should not affect the relationship they share. Sudha is touched by Angad's love for Shivani. She apologises to Shivansh and everything is back to normal. The wedding is called on again.  

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2: Mohini Announces Mishka and Anurag's Engagement

The episode starts with Mohini asking Nivedita to shut up. At the Sharma residence, Prerna is mad at Shivani and tells her to not lie about going to jail to meet Ronit. Shivani inquires about the riots and Anurag's state.

Prerna gets distracted and tells her how Anurag was stupid enough to care for her that he didn't bother about himself. Shivani is happy to hear this and reaffirms her statement about Anurag liking Prerna back.

Prerna then brings the subject of how Mishka was concerned about Anurag and starts crying. Shivani tries to console her. At home, Mishka can't stop thinking about the temple incident and gets all worked up. Anurag asks her to go home and sleep as he is also very tired. Mishka confronts too Anurag and asks him if he likes Prerna. Anurag is shocked to hear her ask such a question and wonders why she is curious to know.

Nivi suggests to Mohini that Anurag and Mishka should get married. Mohini agrees and decides to make an engagement announcement. Anurag freshens up and leaves the bathroom but Mishka is out there waiting to nurse him. He tells her that he doesn't need it but she is adamant. Just then, she receives a call from her father so she excuses herself.

Anurag video calls Prerna and inquires about her injury. They both ask each other to take care and cut the call. Both Prerna and Anurag are thinking about each other, in their respective homes.

At the Basu residence, Mohini asks everyone to assemble in the hall and announces Anurag and Mishka's engagement.

Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi and Pragya Play Peek-a-Boo during the Mehendi Ceremony

The episode starts with Neha and Tarun’s mehendi ceremony. Purab notices Disha and goes up to her and starts flirting with her. He even asks her to flirt back with him, but Disha acts very shy and gets distracted by Pragya, Tarun, and Chachi.

Abhi is looking for Pragya when Tanu walks up to him and falls on him. Abhi saves her from falling but tries to avoid engaging in a conversation with her. He walks away from her eventually.

Seeing Abhi’s bad behaviour, Tanu tells herself that no matter what she will not leave Abhi. Meanwhile, at the party, Pragya is also searching for Abhi. Abhi notices her searching for him and deliberately makes her wait. As the ceremony is moving in full swing, everybody starts asking Pragya about King’s whereabouts, she tells them he’s on his way.

King, who is on his way to the ceremony, is thinking about Pragya. He starts analyzing his feelings for Pragya again and thinks about what a good husband he can be to her. He decides to confess his feelings to her.

Meanwhile, Abhi wears a long dupatta to hide his identity to sit next to Pragya. Disha notices Abhi in his funny attire and asks Pragya about his whereabouts. Disha indicates to Abhi to leave as she talks to Pragya about him.

Abhi is awestruck by her beauty and is unable to take his eyes off her. Purab tells Abhi instead of admiring her beauty to go and talk to her.

Abhi finally walks up to Pragya in front of the guests and pulls her away from the crowd.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega: Akshat's Unexpected Move

The episode starts with Durga stopping Guddan’s parents from asking them the truth. Dadi wonders about it. Durga reveals that Guddan had kept the party to catch the kidnapper of Revati.

AJ tries to stop Durga but Durga reveals that they have got the kidnapper. All are shocked to hear that. Durga points out at Kaushalya. Parv feels relaxed with that. Durga blames Kaushalya for unplanned marriage of Guddan and Akshat.

Durga asks AJ about whether he heard Kaushalya about it. Durga says that she heard their discussion. Kaushlya accepts that she made Guddan marry AJ. Guddan gets shocked with it. She does some emotional drama to explain why she got AJ and Guddan married to each other.

While Durga tries to stop her drama, AJ stops her and says that Durga must be having some misunderstanding, pretending that he believes her. He joins hands and apologizes to Kaushalya. Guddan gets shocked with it.


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