I had promised my sister (Kajol) that I will not lose my dignity in Bigg Boss and I did not: Tanisha Mukherjee

Tanisha Mukherjee

Tanisha Mukherjee is a name that will be remembered for making Bigg Boss Season 7 more interesting with her in-house love chemistry with co-contestant Armaan Kohli and her cat-fights with Gauahar Khan, the winner of this season of the show.

But, she will also be known as someone who was so close to winning the Bigg Boss battle; after all she has been named as the first runner up of this controversial show.

So, is Tanisha sulking at her loss? “I did not expect to be here (in the finale) as I was nominated eight times. Reaching to the top was great, especially because a lot happened with me in this house. But then I did get a lot of appreciation from both inside and outside the house. Winning is mostly about money while reaching here is an honour. Winning too would have been about earning a lot of respect but, it’s ok! What’s the big deal! In fact, right from the beginning I felt Gauahar would win this show,” said Tanisha.

The actress definitely did not win the trophy or the prize money but she was the winner for her mother Tanuja. “When my mother said that you’re a winner for me I felt like truly I had won the show,” she quipped.

In fact, she wanted to run up to her mother when she saw her at the finale, “Yes, when my mother looked at me I felt like crying. Later I felt like running down and hugging her but that’s when Salman caught me and said you have to be on the stage,” Tanisha added.

We are sure that Tanisha wanted to hug her mother as none of her other family members (sister Kajol and brother-in-law Ajay Devgn) showed up even once during the course of the series. When asked if she was upset about this fact she stated, “Yes, I was sad but sincerely did not expect my family to be here. Therefore my responsibility towards them is more. I wouldn’t have wanted them to come unless it was for a specific reason. Yes, since I was missing them, Bigg Boss sent me their photographs and letters,” she informed.

The actress’ family must have not shown up on the show but then this star kid did manage to build a relationship in the house. When asked if she sees a future with Armaan she promptly replied, “Honestly, Armaan is my friend who supported me in the house.” Now, that’s completely different from what we watched on the show.

We told her that there were reports about her family being upset about her closeness with Armaan and she stated, “My family is not at all upset with Armaan. It’s all rubbish.”

We also went on to inform her about her brother-in-lw Ajay Devgn arm twisting Viacom 18 to get her out of the show to which she said, “I don’t think my family would ever do something like that. They are very supportive of me. They support my decisions and I love them.”

The word support reminds us of the support that Tanisha got from the host of the show Salman Khan. There were also reports about Salman being biased towards her. When asked to comment on the same, the lady averred, “Are you trying to say that Salam is biased because of a situation. For me he is a very fair person. I do not appreciate that insinuation. He knows Gauahar more than he knows me. So, I did not find him biased at all.”

The media was full of reports of Tanisha’s coziness with Armaan. When asked if she wasn’t worried about her image, she stated, “There were 85 cameras watching my move. And I have complete faith in my mother’s upbringing. I know that I am an insanely good human being. So, you have to take good with bad. If the media is going to write about such things, let them. After all they have every right to give their opinion on everything. It does not mean it’s true. Hence, I don’t look at it as a big deal. I take good with the bad.”

But wasn’t she being too affectionate towards Armaan? “I took part in this season of Bigg Boss to show my reality. I do not know what reason the others went with. I am physically affectionate towards my friends. I like hugging and kissing them be it Armaan, Ellie or Andy. What I am, I am! I have no regrets whatsoever,” Tanisha maintained.

Is Big Brother on the cards now? (There were reports about Tanisha being offered Big Brother) “I will not go for Big Brother because Bigg Boss rocked,” she answered.

Lastly, she exclaimed, “I had promised my sister (Kajol) that I will not lose my dignity and I did not.”

Well, we wouldn’t want to comment on that but we just hope Tanisha’s filmy career gets a second chance.


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watch her late night actions with arman on youtube.dinity ,.........joke
Anubhav Shrivastava's picture

go and see plz
Sharon's picture

And she still believes, after the whole world has watched these disgusting videos, that she has NOT lost her dignity?? Get real, Tanisha. Wake up and smell the coffee. People are laughing at you. At least stop giving such nonsense interviews when we all know what the truth is.
Sharon 's picture

This woman is delusional. Can she please not talk about Dignity?? What a joke. The woman
Saahil's picture

Girl, please... What are you up to? Are you really planning to write a book on "DIGNITY" or change its meaning in the dictionaries.
chanchal sam's picture

jst by repeating again n again about dignity u r nt dignified miss mukherjee....i think she doesnt knw any other word or she is tryng to tell herself tht she dint do anythng undignified bt if u dint sweetheart why would the whole world talk about it.
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ehmmbh lover's picture

Love ehmmbh
nam's picture

No dignity at all, cheap lady.
Zahra's picture

Well well she keeps on saying that a trophy doesn't matter because she is a winner according to her own thinking, well lady if that was the case then you were a winner outside the Bigg Boss house too, so why come in a competitive show then if winning was never a thing that you rooted for? We all saw how dignified you were so let's say she likes speaking about the things she is not - Winner NO, Dignified NO. Saying people should buy a Rs. 100 DVD to watch cheap romance, well why would anyone waste that money when they got to see your & Armaan's romance for free. Ah! She says she's very affectionate with everyone that's why we NEVER ever saw her getting chummy with anyone else except Armaan. SICK!

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