Kundali Bhagya: Robbers put Rishabh on gun point

MUMBAI: The episode begins with Ramona telling Prithvi that Sherlyn is the person who might be knowing where Preeta is. Prithvi gets very tensed as Sherlyn will get very upset with him if she learns that he was asking for Preeta. He sees Ramona taking Sherlyn there. Prithvi gets even more tensed. Sherlyn doubts that it must be Prithvi. But Prithvi tries avoiding Sherlyn. When he is about to leave from the hall, robbers enter the hall. They keep everyone on gun point which creates havoc in the hall. Rishabh and Sameer try to make the guest calm down but people start running away from there. Prithvi also hides himself under a table. Robbers put Rishabh on gun point which makes Luthras present there. Meanwhile Dadi scolds Shrishty as she taunts Dadi about Karan and Preeta’s wedding. Rakhee intervenes and makes them calm down. Rakhee also asks Shrishty to continue with the work of removing Mahira’s mehendi. Shrishty asks Dadi to check the Neelgiri oil she has brought for Mahira’s mehendi. Dadi checks it and approves it to be perfect. Shrishty then removes Mahira’s mehendi. She finds that the colour of Mahira’s mehendi is light.

Shrishty tells Dadi about it as Kareena had told her that Mahira’s husband will love her more if the colour of mehendi is darker. Dadi gets angry but leaves from there. Outside Preeta and Karan hear the sound of gun shots. Shrishty also hides under a table. Robbers steal all the mobiles of all the people present in the hall. Preeta tries to enter the hall to check the issue as she worries about the guests. But the door is locked from inside. Karan stops her and takes her out. Karan makes her understand that she will not be able to handle the situation alone as the goons have guns. So they decide to enter the hall from the window at kitchen. But Karan asks Preeta to stay back as he will handle the situation alone. Both of them have a cute fight for the same. Karan enters the room. Preeta gets angry and decides to enter the hall. But Karan comes back. He asks her not to come with him giving his swear. Preeta stops. Karan also gives his mobile for her help. On the other hand robbers make everyone hostage. Prithvi finds that Sherlyn is hidden under the table right next to him.

Robbers steal all the jewelleries that the ladies in the hall have worn. Rishabh notices a mobile lying on the floor. While the robbers are discussing among them, he asks Kritika to pass on the mobile to him. Sameer also helps her in the same. Kritika passes the mobile towards Rishabh but it goes straight under the table where Sherlyn is hiding. She gets scared as the goons might catch her with the mobile so she again throws it away. The mobile comes near Rishabh’s feet. Rishabh wonders about it but sits down to take the mobile. But he gets caught by the robbers. Sherlyn feels that she should have called the police with the mobile so she starts looking for the mobile with her hand. But she also gets caught by the robbers. Rishabh gets tensed to see that Sherlyn is in danger now. Robbers disconnect all the CCTV camera and uncovers their faces. Rishabh requests the leader of the robbers to leave all the guests as it was a mehendi function. He also assures them for giving them whatever they demand. But the robbers also intend to steal the jewellery from the bride’s body too.

Rishabh asks the goons to return all the jewellery to the guests and promises to give even more money than the cost of those jewelleries online. Prithvi secretly escapes from there. Robbers tell Rishabh that they don’t have a bank account for online transfer and refuse to take money from him. Rishabh gets very angry. They put Rishabh on gun point. Kareen tries to intervene but the goons threaten to shoot her. Robbers tie Rishabh to a chair. Kareena, Sameer, Kritika feel very helpless. Some of the goons go inside in search of Mahira. Meanwhile, Prithvi decides to hide in the groom’s room. But by that time he notices two goons looking for something. He hides behind a table. He finds that the person coming towards him is the leader of the robbers. The leader leaves his mask on the floor and moves ahead.


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