Lockdown extension: TV actors feel it’s necessary!

MUMBAI: Lockdown has been extended and here is what these TV actors are keeping busy. 

Vijayendra Kumeria: The lockdown has been extended and we all have to abide by it. I will pen down a few concepts that are running in my mind for short films. I like watching web series, so for sure I will finish a lot of new series. I’ll work out and stay fit and the biggest task is to keep my daughter entertained by playing with her and keeping her involved in learning. The fraternity and fans are waiting for the lockdown to end and so am I. But for our own safety, we have to be home. At this time, we need to be very positive and avoid any negative thoughts. We need to be mentally strong and healthy. 

Shweta Rohira: It has extended and I can totally feel everyone feeling the urge to go out but this is extension is for our good only. We have to stay positive and make the most of it at this time. So, I am going to continue to paint and post painting ideas and some fun painting stuff online, so that people can enjoy some painting while they are at home. I am going to meditate and stick to the mantra of living “one day at a time” because during this phase of life where there is so much uncertainty, that’s the best thing to do and that’s exactly what the universe is teaching us to do. My pet, Baller, seems to be the happiest as I am spending more time with him. 

Amal Sehrawat: I had already been expecting the extension of lockdown, witnessing the present scenario. In my opinion, this is a very brave and intelligent step taken by the government to prevent the spread of COVID 19. I believe this is the best time to realize the importance of all relationships, as not voluntarily but we all have been given a break from the materialistic world. Cherish all these moments to the maximum as it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to be with your family completely and also connect to your inner self through meditation. In our busy schedule, we do give importance to mental activities and physical activities but seldom give enough time to our inner self or soul. So be safe, be happy, look at the other side of a coin and am sure you all will realize the perks of this lockdown. 

Amrita Prakash: I am glad for the extension of the lockdown because I believe it is the need of the hour. We must definitely support our government in putting the health of the citizens above everything else. I believe we are extremely privileged to able to quarantine ourselves and keep our families safe. So, I don't see any reason for anyone to complain. My advice and message to everyone is that this is the time to show your patriotism- as opposed to posting Instagram pictures wearing tricolored clothes and waving flags-- twice a year. It's time to find your own way to be useful to your country and country-folk. There is so much you can do, even in this lockdown. Daily wage workers, migrant workers, homeless people and animals are deeply impacted. There are several NGOs and independent organizations working towards their relief. So whatever your capacity is, please donate either monetarily or volunteer your time, in whatever capacity you can. A lot of these organizations are looking for volunteers to help with soft-communication, so you don't have to go out on the field to help. You can continue to stay useful while keeping yourself safe and following lockdown rules. Please make your time worth something. 

Mrunal Jain: The lockdown has made me calmer and I introspected a lot. I value life and relationships more. I am watching a lot of web series and even working on my craft. I am practicing voice modulation and yes, I am exercising on my building roof daily. Spending quality time with wife and mother as we don't get much time to spend. We are playing games and I am learning to cook food but only healthy food as I don't compromise with my diet. I would like to say to the fraternity and fans in this situation, we need to be positive and calm, follow rules and stay at home and be safe. 

Kettan Singh: I think I'm liking it at home and the routine that I have started following is great. I have been working out and have so much time in hand to practice my guitar, keyboard and sing. I have been making funny videos for social media and radio voiceovers can be done from home, so I am happy. To my fraternity, fellow actors and friends, I would say, let's be strong and contribute in our own way to the society by doing our bit in whichever way possible to spread smiles and strength in these tough times. Stay Home Stay Safe. 

Parull Chaudhry: I plan to spend this extended period by being more productive and creative, to indulge more in things that make me happy, that takes my attention from negativity, paint more, read more, watch happy and motivating films and documentaries. Be fitter, eat healthy. It’s a good step, we were already prepared for this, we are still in the middle of the corona scare, and this is more than needed with the cases rising each day, we have begun community spread so lockdown is needed. It will help curb cases and allow the medical staff to treat the cases at present. I just want to tell everyone to stay positive, stay happy, keep themselves occupied with the things they love, hone their skills, enrol themselves with some exciting online courses, take care of elders and young ones, and eat healthy, build immunity. It’s important to stay positive if we all stay together and fight this, we will be able to resume our normal lives sooner. 

Rahul Sharma: Yes, the lockdown has extended. I will concentrate more on my writing stuff and reading. My message to the fans and fraternity is that this is the necessary step that our government has taken and we should follow this because this is what is needed right now or else this virus won’t be controlled. So, stay home, stay safe. We all are in a situation that we don’t know how it will turn out, how much time it will take and in this kind of time we just need to be mentally strong and take care of yourself mentally and physically both. 

Aparna Dixit: The lockdown has made me calmer and I have introspected a lot. I value life and relationships more. I am watching a lot of web series and even working on my craft. As with time, it is becoming difficult for people to cope up with the situation, I just want to tell them just hold on for a bit longer! We all have been brave I am sure soon all this will be over and we will emerge out as better human beings. 

Mohit Malhotra: Yes, the lockdown has been extended for another 20 days but I feel it’s only for the betterment of our country and to keep us safe from the deadly pandemic. I plan to continue spending my time wisely. I am catching up on my reading now. It’s really helping me a lot. Also, I have started listening to a lot of podcasts, so that’s something I’d love to follow up even more on. I’d like to say that please think of this time as a blessing in disguise to do some self-reflection and utilise this time to learn more skills, do some meditation and spend more time with family. Like everything in life, this shall pass soon so don’t hunker down but make the best of it and take it in a positive light. 

Rohitashv Gour: The lockdown has been extended till 3rd May which is needed as coronavirus is spreading more, so this is the right decision. It didn’t affect me as for a long time our shooting has stopped. Apart from all this, the most important thing is that we need to stand with our country. The message I want to share with my friends and fans is that whatever is happening is  being done just to save our country, Desh hai toh Jahan hai and now we need to save Desh and Jaan both. Corona is an invisible enemy that we need to fight together to come out of it. Till 3rd of May, we should get good news that we are improving and everything will be sorted. We will be living our life as before and this would be possible only when we will keep this religion hate red aside and fight together. 

Aniruddh Dave:  I am not such a big movie buff, just watching few shows and I am reading books, like Kamla Mishra Bereham Aansoo. I play chess online with my father whose locked down in Jaipur. Apart from this, I am praying to the Almighty to get the life back before this pandemic.


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