A Mother's Vengeance: Tavleen returns to take revenge on Mandeep in Sony SAB's Dil Diyaan Gallaan

Dil Diyaan Gallaan

MUMBAI: Deep-rooted emotions and misunderstood circumstances can fracture even the closest of families, leaving behind a trail of unresolved feelings and strained relationships. Such is the story of Sony SAB's Dil Diyaan Gallaan which focuses on a family torn apart by misunderstood circumstances, hurt emotions, and deeply ingrained beliefs. Spanning across three generations, the story revolves around the first two generations who cannot forgive and forget the past, thus perpetuating a cycle of pain and resentment.

In the upcoming episodes, as Mandeep (Sandeep Baswana) meets Tavleen (Jayati Bhatia), a rush of emotions overwhelms him. Her presence is a haunting reminder of his dark past concerning Prabhjot and his decision to reject their marriage alliance. In Tavleen's anguished expression, he recognizes the pain borne out of lost possibilities and shattered dreams. Mandeep realizes the profound impact his past choices have had on the lives of those involved. 

How will Mandeep react to Tavleen’s comeback? Will he feel guilty about his actions?

Jayati Bhatia, who portrays the character of Tavleen, said, “As I step into the character of Tavleen I am immersed in a world where the weight of the past becomes a burden. Tavleen's journey is fueled by her pain and anguish, holding onto the remnants of a shattered life. Despite Mandeep's honesty and sincere intentions, the ruins of her daughter's life linger, leaving Tavleen with a hatred for the entire Brar family. My portrayal aims to capture the depths of her emotions, as Tavleen's sole purpose is clear—to exact revenge.”

Sandeep Baswana, who portrays the character of Mandeep, said, “Playing the character of Mandeep has been a transformative experience for me. As Mandeep, when I first come across Tavleen, the flashes of my character's past come rushing in, bringing forth a cascade of emotions. Tavleen's angst showcases how actions profoundly impact people’s lives. Through this character, I aim to portray the complexities and the enduring impact of unspoken feelings.”

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