MTV Roadies Season 19 : Exclusive! "During the Sushant Singh Rajput case people only knew one side of story and hence a judgment was made but she did wrong with me by not giving me the immunity in spite of being injured” - Rajveer Dey

Rajveer Dey was one of the strong contestants of the show, but he was eliminated from the show. TellyChakkar got in touch with Rajveer and asked him what are his thoughts about Rhea in regards to the Sushant Singh Rajput case and why he thinks he was targeted by eleven contestants to vote him out.

MUMBAI: MTV Roadies is one of the longest-running and most-viewed reality shows. This youth show has an immense fan following and many dream about becoming a Roadie.

However, being a Roadie is not a piece of cake. Right from group interviews to personal interview rounds, it takes a lot to be on a journey of becoming a Roadie and winning the title.

Last season, the concept had been changed. The ‘life’ of the show, Rannvijay wasn’t a part of it. The actor was replaced by Sonu Sood.

Sonu Sood has returned as the host for the new season and he is doing a fantastic job!

This season, the concept of gang leaders is back; Rhea Chakraborty, Prince Narula, and Gautam Gulati are the new leaders of the season.

The show is doing exceptionally well and is grabbing the headlines for the continued fights between Prince, Gautam and Rhea.

Rajveer Dey was one of the strong contestants of the show and he impressed the audience and the gang leaders.

He belonged to Rhea's team and he did play the game well. His elimination came as a shock as eleven contestants voted him out of the game and he came out with a positive attitude.

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TellyChakkar got in touch with  Rajveer and asked him what are his thoughts about Rhea in regards to the Sushant Singh Rajput case and why he thinks he was targeted by eleven contestants to vote him out.

Rhea Chakraborty was always judged in the outside world but when you met her on the show what was your perception?

Whatever happened during the Sushant Singh Rajput case whatever he did was wrong as he had committed suicide and people became very emotional and no one wanted to hear about Rhea and hence an image was created against her which was wrong as no one heard her side of story. But after meeting her I didn't feel that what people were saying was right or not. For every story there are two sides, the audience heard Sushant Singh Rajput's side but Rhea's side of story was not heard.

She is very genuine person and she encourages everyone to perform the task, with me she did wrong as I was hurt and she didn't give me immunity and the last task she didn't allow me to do as I had hurt my knees. She felt that we would lose the task and I did feel bad about that. The rest of the people will judge, let them do it, it doesn't matter.

From all the gang leaders who is the coolest, who were you scared of and who looked very confused?

I am scared of Prince Narula because at any time he can say things on your face and you need to have the answer for it. His mind during the task is very sharp, nothing can skip his eyes. If he catches any mistake in the fight then he won't leave you, he will say it's wrong and call his foul.

Guatam is the coolest gang leader whatever he says he thinks and talks and he has always supported me and I can relate to him because he keeps quiet and he is calm and he is quiet and plans and plots.  He is a good listener. In all the tasks I did I have always done it well. It was only when I got hurt that I slowed down a bit.

I didn't get much time to interact with Rhea as in the pit round also she hit the buzzer but she said that she didn't get the good vibe from me and hence after being in her time also I was the least liked person by her and that's why I was voted out.

Why do you think you were the least priotised person in Rhea's gang?

Vashu is not a strong contestant and he hadn't done the task well still Rhea and Rishabh felt that he was very good. Mogli and Tanu had an emotional connection and even with Pallavi there was a good bond and thus I was the least priotised person. Just because I got along with Prince and Gautam during the vote out I was the target.

Well, there is no doubt that Rajveer Dey was a strong contestant of the show and unfortunately his journey came to an end.

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