New twist in Balika Vadhu; Gauri to be shown pregnant yet again

Earlier, had written about Anjum Farooki quitting Balika Vadhu as she is getting married in December this year. But before the pretty looking actress, who essays the role of Gauri, leaves the show that has given her all the fame, there will be a twist in the tale.
Anjum Farooki

Earlier, had written about Anjum Farooki quitting Balika Vadhu as she is getting married in December this year.

But before the pretty looking actress, who essays the role of Gauri, leaves the show that has given her all the fame, there will be a twist in the tale.

A little birdie whispered to us that Gauri will soon get the shock of her life when she will get to know that she is pregnant with Jagya’s (Shashank Vyas) kid.

While the engagement of Anandi (Pratyusha Banerjee) and Shiv (Siddharth Shukla) is in progress, Jagya decides to apologize to his family and get back to Anandi. It is during this time that it will be revealed that Gauri has conceived for the second time (the first time wherein she had suffered a miscarriage).

Will Gauri be able to tell this to Jagya on time? Will Jagya get back to Gauri?

There’s lot of drama in store for viewers in this Sphere Origin’s long-running show on Colors.


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This is disgusting. Gauri is evil slut, she should never be again with Jagat
angel85's picture

oh no! another twist.
Monalli's picture

That Jagdish should get a proper lession from God. He is just an useless person. He can't give happiness to anybody.
aishwarya kk's picture

if gauri is slut what we say to jagya .yes she is bitch and i think jagya and gauri will burn down together in a hell they created and both will get humiliation togather and left alone in world like jagya tourched anandi 4 four long year .if this serial want to show something jagya and gauri two selfish bitches happiness will be snatched like they did to anandi and now iam feeling what anadi character they want to show she is remembering jagya everytime she is with shiv. is she leech who still love a man who spend his night with a another woman when wife is in same house where anandi self respect and the person who gave shock to her family and hurted and humiliated them. because of him her mother died she still thinking about the time she spent with that unworthy can they show that? what anadi said she will never get married if her mother didn't took the promise and as i remeber she started that concept of punar vivah in village and she told rehablitation is neccessary god what they want to show anandhi a double faced leeach who can only do lecture like our hounerable leaders but in real she is one idiotic leach who want to clung with past and want everyboady pity. anandi is idol for real society so they want to show marriage with divorcee only invited a struggle and she is one idiotic lady who will never forget the past and react like a women under duress on her wedding or engaement day it means they r now want to collect some point point with old school so they can gain some more trp because what they r showing utter nonesense in some truth sheet
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aishwarya kk's picture

jagya a user have no right to insult any woman
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Gauri and Jagiya should get back together and try to rebuild their relationship. In more than one way, they are very similar - selfish, arrogant, immature and irresponsible. They should try to learn from their mistakes and work towards a better future together, all the while leaving Anandi and Shiv alone.
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I dont want Gauri back in Jagya's life please.. I can never forgive that girl as she spoiled everything.. I want Jagya to stay alone and serve as doctor.. Why can't people live an independent life without the need of a wife or husband..?? Please BV Team show Jagya as a stronger character now who learnt from his mistakes like we all do!.. He should come out as a strong man now... stronger than Anandi... Plus I dont think Anandi will be happy for long as main leads of the show are DADISA and her family along with Anandi n Jagya.. if Anandi will leave haveli and settle with Shiv.. the focus will shift to that family and BV can not ignore Dadisa n family.. so the story has to come back to the haveli in the end.. I dont know how they r going to do but They will.. Right now BV team is making Shiv-Anandi lovers happy.. but soon some upshagun will happen and Shiv might die and Chhoti maa will be dead against Anandi's apshaguni entry at home.. and send her back soon! :D
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