Rajkummar Rao spills the beans on No Filter Neha season 4!

Rajkummar Rao spills the beans on No Filter Neha season 4!

MUMBAI: When Rajkummar was beaten by 25-30 boys for his ‘Anjali’

I was in class 11th and there was this girl and I just saw Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. I went to this new school in class 11th and I saw this girl playing basketball, I was like Anjali!!! Yeah she is my Anjali and I was a big SRK fan. So I said I found my Anjali, and then of course she was seeing somebody else at that point of time. So of course we ended up seeing each other but her boyfriend who must be 3-4 years older than us, he came one day outside our school and he asked me to sit, said come I need to talk to you. So I went with him, as I said you know, I didn’t care. We went somewhere and there were some 25-30 boys, standing there waiting for me and I could sense okay something is going to happen today. And of course they started thrashing me and bashing me. It’s so funny when I look back, I was just sitting holding my head and telling them ki ‘jitna maarna hai maarlo par mooh par mat maarna, mujhe actor banna hai’ I was really saying that. ‘MOOH par koi nahi marega, mujhe actor banna hai’. I think it was a subconscious thought which was coming out because of the shock. That was a last big fight I ever got into.

When Rajkummar didn't eat for 18-20 days!

Well, never say never. I’m a vegetarian, I’m a pure vegetarian. And Shaurya my character was also a vegetarian. So for Shaurya when the pigeon thing came, as Raj also it was very tough for me. It was of course not a real pigeon, he can’t do that but as Raj if I ever get into that kind of situation I think yeah maybe, maybe I’ll do that. So Shaurya was in that flat for almost 18-20 days, so I also like, I decided that this is the only way I can see playing this part and I really have to stop eating and live Shaurya’s life to the fullest. I love doing that, I think that’s the only fun of being an actor where you really get deep into your character. So I stopped eating for 18-20 days, I was having a black coffee and two carrots for lunch. But it was fun. I really enjoyed the process of playing Shaurya.

Rajkumar and his early days of struggle!

So I landed in Mumbai in 2008 February. I was pretty sure that I knew why I came to this city. So everyday I would go to this place called ‘Shreeji’s’ in Andheri West. There were lot of like ad auditions happening, really small like you know 15*20 ka room and 100s of boys you would see standing outside that door. Somebody would open after half an hour and would just select 5-6 of them and rest he would say not fit and then we move on to the next one. I have seen all that but it’s fun doing that also, you feel that you know once you come back home at night you fell that okay it was worth my effort that’s the reason I came to the city, not to sit in my house waiting for someone to call me one day, that’s not how it works. I have done that guys. I have done that a lot so hang on!

Who would Rajkummar recast for DDLJ

Ofcourse I’m gonna cast myself, my name is Raj you know. When I was growing up and I would watch any film and would be that character for 2-3 months and it happens even now. I saw joker and for the next 4 days I was laughing like Joker.

For Kajol maybe Suhana now that she is going to make her debut.

Who would Rajkummar recast for Aligarh

Irrfan Sir as professor Sirus and for Deepu’s part, also I’m thinking as a producer because I think Ranveer Singh might not do it because it is a small part. I’ll cast my friend Vijay Varma 

Who would Rajkummar recast for Baazigar

Baazigar, of course, I’ll cast myself. Shilpa’s part, Kriti and for Kajol’s part, Jahnavi



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