Sindoor Ki Keemat actor Meena Naithani: The best thing about this industry is that an actor has no religion here

Sindoor Ki Keemat actor Meena Naithani: The best thing about this industry is that an actor has no religion here

MUMBAI: Meena Naithani is very fond of the title of her show, Sindoor Ki keemat. The actor plays the role of Bhagwati in the drama that has been produced by Four Lions Production.
“I am really fond of the title and how Mishri wears sindoor as the sign of her marriage with Arjun. Later on, how she goes through so many difficulties and still manages to stand for her family and she starts feeling for Arjun together makes the narrative all the more interesting,” she says.
About how much she relates to her character, Meena says, “I like my character ‘Bhagwati’ a lot. Bhagwati loves Mishri because she’s the one who thinks that the latter is very honest. She believes that Mishri knows what is right and wrong. She’s strict with everyone but is very loving. Maybe the love and respect she has for everyone makes me relate to her.”
Meena bonds with everyone on the set but the ones she is really close to are Annapurna  (Kiran Bhargava) and Mishri (Vaibhavi Hankare).
Speaking on the landmark shows of her career, the actor shares, “I don’t think there’s anything like that. You should work nicely, have a good role and earn a good reputation. I have been working in this industry for over thirty years and I am so grateful. My only intention is to work more and more in life now.”
Over the years, the entertainment industry has evolved a lot, she feels. “The best thing about this industry is that an actor has no religion here. Also, wherever we work, the people on set, the cameraman, AD, director, they all become our family as we spend more time on that set than at home. We get to celebrate a lot of things here and we are together in good and bad times. This industry brings us together. I believe that if you do your work wholeheartedly, you will receive much love and appreciation. Also, respect is utmost important here. Once it is earned, success always follows,” she explains.
Meena agrees that competition has increased. “This is why you should just believe in yourself and continue with your work with utmost love and honesty. One thing about this Industry is that you get to learn every day,” she adds.
All praises for Dangal TV, the actor say, “I have just started working with Dangal TV and the experience has been amazing so far. Having seen the other shows on the channel I have understood how professional they are and how much they take care of every minutest things. It’s a very good channel and I hope it gets more and more success in the coming time.”
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